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Events can never be recreated… they can only be captured. Wedding moments have fun, romance and excitement and we capture them beautifully, with emotions and style using our vast experience. We specialize in preserving your happiest moments of life in a manner that is beautiful, relaxed, creative, stylish and on top of all emotive with in the photographs. We guarantee to give you same smile, joy and happiness today and years later while viewing your wedding photographs.

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We specialize in creating a wedding film rather than a wedding video, we capture beautiful moments in a stylish way that are watchable and re…watchable. Our style of capturing moments for a wedding film is natural, and defines itself through various cameras at various positions, big screens, cutting edge equipment, lovely and passionate fun music and of course our experienced & creative editors. We would make sure to provide you with stunning cinematic experience of your most valuable days in life.

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Pre-wedding shoot is entirely different from a wedding photography which is time bounded and instant. This gives an opportunity for both couple and us to know each other, be comfortable, get confident and enjoy the photo session. Remember, more confidence couple has on photographer, more natural they get and final products is a fantastic collection of their best moments. Our experience will transform your pre-wedding photographs into a very personal and beautiful photographs that revolutionize into a classical love story!

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Perfect Moment Photography is a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals that are very serious on their jobs and on the same time they know how to keep a couple relaxed, comfortable and smiling on wedding day, so they can get natural smiles captured all over.

We care

Our team will love to have a meeting with you so we understand your expectations and create a master piece for you that you will cherish whole life. We enjoy working with new couples and we know they want a unique style, and we guarantee that uniqueness in their photographs and videos.

Above and beyond

Our team keeps on investing to improve our work flow, turnaround time and delivering delights with surprises. We work very hard on technology, ambiance, creativity and of course fashion trends in order to beat your expectations by huge margins, thus winning thousands of hearts.

Happy customer approved

Perfect Moment Photography is proud to have won Happy Customer Approved: 2014 Service Award. We focus on timely deliveries, top notch quality, use of right technology and last but not the least customer satisfaction. We make every possible effort to bring smiles for our clients.

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Our Story

Who we are

Perfect Moment Photography is an innovative professional’s team that has the aim to transform the wedding photography to an entirely new shape that captures your natural movements. We trust every couple has a unique style, and we spend time to get their vision and understand them better. And we have a great team that is compiled of graphic designers, digital media masters, video editors, cinematographers and professional photographers and videographers. We use the latest technology and equipment that enables us to create a master piece for every wedding. And in the last, we proudly say, “We do not capture only photos, we capture emotions in them”.

What we do

In short we capture emotions... Emotions that express your happiness, joy, love, affection, care, and even happy tears. Our aim is to capture every precious moment of your wedding day and frame it in a beautiful manner that brings a smile whenever you plan to watch it. We plan and design every single wedding shoot in a unique style, and strive very hard to use right combination of latest technology and techniques, yet keeping your show very natural. We make sure that every emotion captured tells you the story right from the photographs itself. Out of our planning and hard work, we produce a show that is honest and truthful, and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Business concept

Our photographers and videographers are dedicated professionals and are very serious at their jobs, however they have those great skills to keep you comfortable and natural so your photographs show real depiction of yours. Our business concept is unique and our entire team works on only one fundamental, “let the photos define your entire wedding”. Your photos and wedding videos will be passed down to your generations and they will feel and understand your emotions even after years. Our inspiration is the number of our happy clients and we work very hard to increase the same in numbers.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a masterpiece out of every wedding we do, to create photographs that tell their emotions/sentiments by themselves and to capture moments that tells you the story by itself. Photography/videography is our passion, it is in our blood and soul. We work day and night to preserve memories. We love working with new couples, understand their mindset and expectations and strive hard to stand far beyond their expectations.

It's not about us, it's always about you!