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We understand exactly what makes a wedding shot special at Perfect Moment. Capturing the perfect shot that soaks up all the love and adoration a newly married couple has for each other takes skill, and it’s a skill that our expert wedding photographers have with us. You can trust that our wedding photographer sydney team will capture each moment in time, immortalising your wedding photographs for the rest of your lives.


Some of Perfect Moment Wedding Stories

2022 07 01 0121
Jessie & Justin

Sydney Rowing Club

2022 11 30 0054
Samantha & Eamon

Curzon Hall by Navarra Venues

elopement wedding 36
Victoria & Lachlan

Garden Hill Spa Retreat

2022 10 26 0036
Hayley & Brad

City Beach Function Centre Wollongong

2023 05 04 0032
Emma & Harish

Family Farm

melbourne carlton gardens wedding photography
Nana & Tom

Carlton Gardens Melbourne

2022 07 24 0086
Kay & Callum

Cockatoo Island

2022 11 24 0097
Sabina & Tim


2022 06 17 0080
Kayla & Michael


2022 07 31 0095
Hemani & Rumesh

Oatlands House & The Grounds of Alexandia

wedding photography sydney
Kristal & Mat

CIRCA 1876 Hunter Valley

2022 06 08 0058
Riv & Dan

Wildwood Kangaroo Valley

Malanie and Jacob's classic wedding at crowne plaza in hawkesbury valley in sydney

Melanie and Jacob’s Classic Wedding at Crowne Plaza in Hawkesbury Valley, NSW.

For Melanie and Jacob, aged 26 and 25, their modern classic wedding was a day of smiles, love and lots of tears. 

Having lost her father to Pancreatic Cancer in 2017, Melanie says it suddenly hit her that she would never have that beautiful moment of walking down the aisle with her father or having a father-daughter dance.

“Those are the moments that every father and daughter should experience together.”

Melanie and Jacob's Classic Wedding at Crowne Plaza in Hawkesbury Valley, NSW.
Melanie and Jacob 812
Melanie and Jacob 919
Melanie and Jacob 1369

Our Wedding Photography and Videography Services

A wedding can never be recreated, so you need to find wedding photography in Sydney that will capture that perfect expression of love – for now, and all time.

perfect moment photography and videography in sydney

Wedding Photography 

Our role as your wedding photographer is so much more than boring group shots. At Perfect Moment, we make it our mission to help you to revisit the moments in your day that you’ll want to look back on forever. The wedding photo album is going to be something that you treasure for the rest of your lives, and we use our intuition to snap the best shots that show how much your happiness has shone.

We’re not just about capturing unique, beautiful shots. We’re about capturing the essence of you as a couple in every single magic moment.

Wedding Videography

Our videography service captures all your perfect moments frame by frame. Our talented videographers work together to achieve the true spirit of your wedding day in a way that will allow you to feel it over and over.

At Perfect Moment, we go the extra mile every single time to deliver results that have depth, emotion, and clarity. Our services are tailored, and our wedding photography and wedding videography services tell your story in a way that no one else can see it. 


We’ve had the honor to photograph the wedding of many amazing couples through out the years, Their testimonials and gratitude are the fire that pushes us forward with our passion for the art of wedding photography. Read what they thought about working with perfect moment wedding photographer team.

Regine and Matthew 176
Regine & Matthew

My husband and I are so happy with Perfect Moment! We had to book last minute due to changes from our plans as we were affected by the covid restrictions. Jeffrey was so accommodating and so easy to deal with. He responds so quickly which is such a massive help to us. The photos are high quality and our photographer Mico was very good! He made us feel comfortable and was very friendly. He was so knowledgeable around Sydney city area so our photos turned out really well capturing the iconic sights! Great value for the price. Highly recommend. thanks Jeffrey and Mico Xx

Vanessa and Ben 29
Vanessa & Ben

had a prewedding shoot in dec last year! jeffrey and team were very professional throughout the whole process – pre-production to post-production! quick response, punctual, friendly, kind, helpful, generous and great quality 😉 (the photos and video were very very beautiful!) they were also very knowledgeable on photoshoot locations (very handy during that period of time due to the ongoing bushfire incidents) all in all, very thankful to them, my fiance and i were able smile, laugh and enjoy our time together with no worries <3 would definitely recommend them if anyone is in or wants to come to sydney for a photoshoot!

AmyandMitchell 1411
Amy & Mitchell

Jeffrey and the crew, From the bottom of our heart Mitchell and I would like to say thank a big thank you so much for all your beautiful work ,capturing our beautiful day ,The photos and the video & highlight was beyond amazing, My family from around the world love the pictures and the video,I would highly recommend Jeffrey and the crew,they are amazing, And Jeffrey your are such a great man how your greet us with a big smile it’s like you known us long time hehe ,Anyway all the best,Our prayers is that god will continually to bless your business and he will bring more people to you , Bless you Jeffrey and crew,Much love Mitchell & Amy ❤️❤️

AngelicaandMichael 524
Angelica & Michael

Jeffrey, Simon and the whole team was absolutely fantastic. They are very professional and sooo easy to work with. From our pre wedding photo shoot to our wedding day, they made everything smooth and made us feel comfortable. Our same day edit video was mind blowing. It was like a short film. For anyone that doubts or having second thoughts for getting a videographer, definitely do it! It’s worth it! I just want to say thank you again for capturing perfect moments on our wedding! You definitely live up to your name! 👍👍👍

20160826 376
Lorena & Simon

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Jeffrey and his dedicated team. We communicated a lot through email and Jeffrey was always so quick to get back to us, which made my life as a bride a lot easier. You can tell the team love and are passionate about the beautiful product that they presented us with. When we received our engagement shoot photos we were blown away. Then we received our wedding photos we were even more blown away. Like their name they really did capture every perfect moment from our day. We are so thankful and grateful that we went with this amazing company. We were very happy 🙂

NeelPippa 1040
Amy & Mitchell

Can’t recommend Perfect Moment Photography and Video enough! Jeffrey and his team photographed and filmed our wedding in October and they did the most incredible job. We have received our photos back and simply love them – even though my husband and I are not used to taking photos they helped us to relax and assisted us to pose naturally in order to capture stunning photos! They were so easy to work with and managed to get all the important shots without interrupting our day. Communication with the company is second to none – they are very quick to respond via email which was much appreciated during the stressful wedding planning period. Will recommend perfect moment any day! Beautiful photos and video, and prompt professional service.

You can read all the reviews here

Most Common Sydney Wedding Photography Questions 

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Sydney, Australia?

Capturing those beautiful shots during the wedding day has become an essential part of the event. This is something that every couple could always look back to whenever they want to reminisce about some remarkable moments in their wedding.

To achieve these astonishing shoots, every couple should hire experienced wedding photographers who can cover all the perfect angles of your special day. However, it’s also essential to have a proper understanding of how much a wedding photographer in Sydney will cost you. Typically, a professional wedding photographer in Sydney will cost you around $2500 to $4000 to cover a whole day wedding event in. The reason behind that is due to the tremendous leap of luxury weddings, not just in Sydney but in the entire New South Wales.

How much should you spend on a wedding photographer?

There is no exact amount that can answer this question since everything should depend on your allocated budget. However, if you plan to have your wedding day in Sydney, you can expect an average amount of $2500 to $4000 for a whole day wedding event. If this may seem a bit expensive for you and your soon-to-be spouse, you have the option to check on some photographers who have lesser experience but with good past client feedback. They usually charge less.

How do you price Sydney wedding photography packages?

This might be one of the most popular questions that engaged couples and even starting photographers are trying to ask. Apparently, there are no exact quotations that could answer this one. Hence, there are only guides they can refer to as their pricing formula.

To help you with that question, I simply recommend checking this formula. The price of a wedding photography package usually consists of expenses and profit. Expenses deal with the costs that the photographer charges before the wedding (transportation, planning, consultation, other meetings), during the wedding (professional fee per hour, extra request charges), and after the wedding (production, delivery, additional extra cost). On the other hand, profit talks about service improvement, equipment upgrades, and industry branding.

Can you negotiate wedding photographer prices?

A quick answer to that is YES. However, you need to fully understand that too much negotiation might become offensive to the wedding photographers. We know that weddings can be expensive, and trying to cut your expenses through negotiations is one way to expand your budget. But, you have to consider the fact that professional photographers are called professionals for a reason. Asking for a discount, whether big or small, is a way of degrading their value. Always check for the full coverage of a particular package before asking for a discount. If possible, let them explain the package first before heading to a conclusion that it’s expensive. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you can always check on a less expensive package. Just remember that your wedding album and coverage are something that you can enjoy forever.

Why do wedding photographers in Sydney charge so much?

Many factors can answer that question. Let us identify each so you can have a clear understanding of how wedding photographers come up with certain package pricing. Their Schedule is important. It doesn’t just talk about the wedding day but all the meetings during the wedding preparation and all other tasks such as editing and production after the event. They invest in honing their talents. Wedding Photographers did not become professionals overnight. They have attended various training and certifications and become involved in many event coverages to improve their skills. They have upgraded gears. Professional wedding photographers understand that it’s always worth it to invest in enhanced gears to produce quality results.

What is included in a wedding photography package?

This is a good question that every engaged couple should ask before hiring their wedding photographers. Since it will definitely answer the question of why a wedding photography package cost that way. Here are some inclusions that typically come in a package. 

  • Photography style
  • Working hours
  • Gears and Equipment usage
  • Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • Extra charges (Transportation, food, extra materials)
  • All included materials (post printed materials, usb, invitations, etc…)

Do you need 2 wedding photographers at a wedding?

The answer to that question depends on how your wedding event will be. There are some reasons why many couples considered getting a second shooter for their wedding day. The first one is because the wedding event is luxurious that it requires two professional photographers to cover every possible scenario of the event. The second reason is that the couple wants to have some “individual getting-ready shots.” Most of the time, the bride and groom are preparing too far from each other that a single shooter might have a hard time working those shoots. Lastly, is for emergency purposes, if something came up with the other shooter, such as an unexpected situation, not working gears, or transportation issues, the other shooter can immediately take charge. Again, having two Sydney wedding photographers during your wedding day is not required, but it’s always worth a dime.

What to Expect from your Sydney Wedding Photographers

Many engaged couples are looking for the right wedding photographers who can cover their much-awaited wedding day. However, most of them are usually stuck in the process of looking for the best wedding photographers to make their wedding day more memorable. Wedding photography is not just about taking candid moments and producing outputs. It’s more about teamwork, ethics, and the values of your suppliers. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to set some expectations before hiring one. In that way, you are going to maximize the photography service that you hired.


Here are some valuable pointers that you need to expect from your Sydney wedding photographers.


Professionalism – How should you expect professionalism from your wedding photographers?


Of course, they will never be tagged as one of the best wedding photographers if they don’t possess professionalism in their workplace. Apparently, the question is what kind of professionalism we should expect from them. They should be treating you with respect while making the process more fun and interesting on your end. They must also reduce your stress level by answering all your queries regarding their photography service. Another part of professionalism is their integrity and protecting privacy at work. If you have a chance, look for some reviews in some Sydney wedding photographers’ groups or pages to verify different claims regarding the photography service you are working with.


Customer Service – How responsive your Sydney Wedding Photographers should be?


Customer service is not just limited to technical assistance or support. It can also apply to the wedding industry. Wedding photographers are expected to have excellent customer service, especially when communicating through social media or online platforms. They are expected to respond within 24-48 hours regarding some crucial queries about your wedding preparation. However, you also need to consider some factors if they fail to respond during that timeline. At the end of the day, excellent customer service succeeds when proper communication is observed within both ends.


Availability – Do your wedding photographers need to attend planning and meetings?


This is one of the top questions engaged couples usually ask after hiring their desired Sydney wedding photographers. Apparently, the perfect answer to their question is yes. It is highly recommended that photographers attend planning and other meetings regarding the preparations for the couple’s wedding day. Though it is still best to join face-to-face meetings with the coordinators and planners, a virtual method is acceptable if it will cause too much hassle for your wedding photographers to attend onsite.


The reason behind why wedding photographers should attend preparation is for them to have a glimpse of the flow of your wedding day. It is vital that they have those ideas to position themselves well in taking creative shots and candid moments. Their voice is also essential. If they notice some loopholes and other unseen scenarios, they can immediately raise them to the team.


Flexibility – How should your wedding photographers respond to changes?


The wedding industry is quite tricky at times. Some different variations and factors could affect the budget, plan, and even your desired wedding day schedule. Therefore, your Sydney wedding photographers should be flexible enough to adjust their time frame to meet your wedding photography needs. However, you should also understand that your wedding photographers cannot accommodate every adjustment, especially changes in schedule or venue. As valuable as your wedding day schedule is, their time is essential as well since they might also have some booked plans on your second date. So it is highly expected for you to become considerate.


Flexibility does not only deal with schedules. This also talks about teamwork, professionalism, and service. Many times, they will be collaborating with other suppliers, so your wedding photographers must be capable of adjusting with the team.


Creativity – Are they creative enough to handle my desired style?


The primary reason why you hired wedding photographers on your wedding day is that you wanted to capture every single scene of your special day and preserve it on an album that you can look back at any time you want to reminisce. Isn’t it great if those memories in your album have the style and outlook you personally decide? I know for sure that even before the planning session started, you already have an idea of how your wedding day should look like. Make sure that your Sydney wedding photographers understand your concept. If possible, have them repeat everything you have discussed. Never hesitate to ask them if what you’re desiring is doable or not on their end. At the end of the day, your wedding photographers should meet the nearest possible photography service that you are expecting from them. Whether capturing candid moments or professional shots, it should always match your taste.


Excellent Output – Is it possible to ask for a revision if your Sydney wedding photographers don’t meet the planned output?


Yes, you have the right to ask for revision whenever you see something not part of your initial plan. Wedding photographers should coordinate everything with their editors to produce quality and excellent output materials. In fact, they will be sending you some drafts or preliminary outputs wherein you can check if there are changes that you want to apply. You must be keen on checking and raising revision no matter how small you think it might be. But make sure that everything should be within the bounds of your planning session. Remember, not everything is editable in the final output.


Transparency – Is it okay to ask for an official receipt of their photography service and other reimbursable costs?


The most honest answer for that is yes. Being professional means being transparent with all transactions and activities for their client. Your Sydney wedding photographers are expected to show integrity in covering your much-awaited wedding day. So don’t be shy about asking for every single receipt that they should be providing. If there’s a need for reimbursement, make sure that they provide an official receipt for that transaction. As part of your supplier for your wedding day, they should be there not to add but eliminate stress on your end. The wedding industry is not just a business industry. It is an industry dedicated to helping and serving.

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.

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