10 Beautiful Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

So, you have a wedding coming up, and you’re stressing out about the style of wedding guest dresses or outfit that you should go for? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of ten wedding guest ideas to inspire you. And yes, they’re dress code appropriate too. Let’s take a look.

Cocktail Dress

When you’re invited to a black-tie wedding, you need wedding guest dresses that are formal. Think cocktail dresses that wow, or even a floor length gown paired with heels to make the right impression.

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Black Tie

For the guys, you’re of course going to want to go with black tie itself. Yes, that means a tux! So drag it out of the closet or get fitted for a new one – even a white jacket could work for you here.

Summer Dress

If the wedding isn’t overly formal, but it’s casual, during the summer, or even abroad, then go ahead and choose a sundress. Teamed with wedges, strappy sandals, or pretty flats, you’ll look and feel amazing!

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Dress Pants + Sports Coat

Guys, if you’re in the same predicament as the women above, then your wedding guest outfit of choice can easily be dress pants or khakis. A simple shirt is great, or even something tropical if you’re heading to a beach wedding can be fun here.

Pant Suit

If you’ve got something semi-formal to attend ladies, you can definitely rock a pantsuit if you wish. Wedding guest dresses aren’t the only option for you. Especially something edgy and elegant – it can make quite the statement.

Formal Suit

For the men, a great dressy casual option for you is the formal suit. It should be dark, worn with a shirt, and a tie too. That way, you fit in with the formal aspect, but you’re not trying too hard (or overdressed).

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Skirt + Top Combo

Ladies, another great alternative to the basic wedding guest dresses, is a skirt and top combo. Take a smart skirt and pair it with a pretty top and heels to give it a dressy finish.

Simple Suit + Tie

Gents, your wedding guest dresses alternative for something semi-formal or smart casual is a suit that fits. The occasion, not you! You can even go with something light if it’s daytime and the right time of year.

Formal Full-Length Dress

And if you’ve been invited to a white-tie wedding, forget looking at average wedding guest dresses. You need a formal evening gown. Floor-length and fabulous!

White Tie

Men, you’re then going to have to follow suit and go with tails and a white vest, gloves(!), and a good old-fashioned pair of formal Oxfords too. But hey – it’s fun to go all out every once in a while, isn’t it?

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And that’s the full list of wedding guest dresses. Just make sure that you know the dress code and have fun with what you wear, and you’ll have a great time. Happy Shopping!

Have a look at our wedding portfolio for more inspiration on how our wedding guests dress.

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