10 Creative Ways To Photograph Wedding Rings

Being a photographer for any wedding-related theme would always be a fun niche to explore. Aside from photographing the love and romance that surrounds the day, your photographs will be used for eternity as they’ll remember the day by. With that, you need to ensure that you try to be creative and skilful as much as you can. 

When it comes to wedding photography, there are plenty of things that you should capture. Aside from the lovely couple, you also need to photograph everything they have at the wedding, especially the wedding rings. 

As you use a Macro Photography Guide to help you take a shot with every single detail, below are some creative ways to photograph wedding rings:  

  1. Bridal Bouquet As The Backdrop  

One great way to photograph a wedding ring is by using an element present on the wedding day. And as for everyone’s knowledge, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without any flowers present. While you can use any flower on the venue, using the bridal bouquet provides a more sentimental value as everything on the photo is a part of their wedding that they’ll surely love to see. This can also help to stay in touch with the colour gradient of your wedding photography as you’re using their motif colours. 

  1. Going Into The Forest 

If you’re participating in a garden or forest wedding, you should take nature to your advantage by going into the forest and using your surroundings as your beautiful backdrop. You can play with various shades of wood and green and lay your ring on any flat surface. You can even try to manipulate which branches and twigs you’d like to be present. Additionally, you can even place the rings on one of the tree’s branches for a more earthy look. 

  1. Maximizing Reflection 

A wedding ring is usually shiny, especially if you include the engagement ring in the photographs. You should maximize their reflection by placing them on top of a reflective surface to help enhance and magnify their beauty and sparkle. This will help imitate a mirrored effect that could help to emphasize their beauty and glow. You can even set it on a blue background to make it look like they’re on top of natural water.  

  1. At The Wedding Shoes’ Heels 

If the bride’s wearing a stiletto, you might want to consider borrowing their shoes first so you can take a good photograph of the wedding ring that you playfully insert on their shoes’ heels. That’ll help bring the element of playfulness into your wedding photos while still making the image look very bridal and classy. You can use a plain background or other patterns for a structured effect. Alternatively, you can lay your rings flatly on the ground and use the wedding shoes as their background.  

  1. Using Wedding Invites 

Using wedding invites as your wedding ring’s photography backdrop would never fail to look beautiful and classy. It’ll help to bring out a romantic mood, as you’re emphasizing the wedding ceremony of the lovely couple. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking for a good backdrop but allow their wedding invites to do the thing. You can surround it with their names or initials or place the rings on top of their wedding info so that you can use as many texts as possible.  

  1. Having String Or Fairy Lights 

Something about string and fairy lights sets a relaxing and comfortable mood. If your couple’s wedding theme is rustic, classic, or romantic, using string or fairy lights as their wedding ring’s backdrop would surely be a jackpot. You can easily bring a small batch of fairy lights and place your wedding rings in front. Just ensure that you distribute the lights well and focus your point on your rings, as playing with light in photography can be tricky.  

  1. When Worn 

Apart from photographing the wedding rings on any flat surface that you find, it would still be great if you could take photographs of them when the couple is wearing them after the ceremony. This will help to immortalize what their hand looks like on their big day. Moreover, you can always use the couple as your background. They could either be hugging or kissing or maybe both. With the couple as the main background for the wedding photos, it’ll surely help to bring a romantic mood.  

  1. On Top Of Sand 

Having a beach wedding allows you to play and explore various photography styles that’ll help to incorporate the theme into the wedding. Since you’re at the beach, you should use the sand to your advantage. You can try to create a small pile and place the rings on top of each other. You can even put their invitation as a part of the background for a romantic mood. Alternatively, using the waves as the backdrop would surely be the best way to capture the moment. 

  1. Tying On A Knot 

One playful and creative way to photograph a wedding ring is by placing it on a tie with a loose knot. This will help emphasize the most used term for wedding, “tying the knot”. It’ll be a great way to capture wedding rings and explore various backgrounds that go with the theme. You can use the countryside surrounding your wedding venue or look for decorations that’ll go well with the theme.  

  1. Play With Sparkle 

If your couple’s wedding and engagement rings are sparkly as they’re full of diamonds, you shouldn’t put them to waste and take their sparkles to your advantage. The number of diamonds on their wedding ring only calls for a sparkly photo-op. With that, you should try to emphasize their glow by pointing a soft light in their direction and allowing your camera to capture its glitter. However, if you’re opting for this method, you should use a plain and dark background to emphasize its colour and avoid making the photo too busy.  


Taking photographs of wedding rings should be fun and creative, especially since it’s the couple’s symbol of love and commitment. As you explore various ways and styles, ensure that it’ll match well with the couple’s theme. Moreover, using a macro lens would help you capture their flare, making your photography extraordinary. 

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