10 Perfect Photography Poses For Your Wedding Album

Every couple wants to look back on their wedding day with the fondest of memories. Following the heady blur of the big day, photographs represent a snapshot of the day, and they can trigger memories and capture moments you want to treasure forever. If you’re counting down the days until your wedding day, and you’re eager to ensure you end up with a stunning collection of shots, here are 10 wedding poses for your wedding photo album.

1. The first glimpse

Is there anything more special than the moment heads turn, the groom spots the bride for the first time and she proceeds to glide elegantly down the aisle to join her partner? That moment is a second to cherish, and snapping away at the exact point that friends and family, and particularly the groom, catch sight of the bride for the first time is guaranteed to provide incredible photos.

The first look


2. The first dance

After a whirlwind day of greeting guests, listening to speeches, and enjoying the first meal as a married couple, it’s time to take to the dancefloor and revel in 3 minutes of intimacy, fun, and togetherness. The first dance is a momentous occasion for most couples, and whether you’ve chosen an upbeat number to get the party started or a slow jam to sway to, first dance photos usually combine unbridled joy with authentic looks of love.

SamandAlyssa 1578


3. The first kiss

Most couples look forward to that moment when the ‘I dos’ are done and it’s time to celebrate the fact that they are now married and can seal their fate with a kiss. Take your time to enjoy those few seconds and don’t be afraid to have a word with each other, giggle or even high-five. Whatever your natural reaction is, go with it.

photo 629 min


4. Wide-angle shots

Many brides and grooms choose wedding venues due to their aesthetic appeal. If you’re getting married in a castle, you’ve tied the knot by a lake, you’re on top of a mountain, or you’re hosting a festival in the middle of a wildflower meadow, you want to show off the scenery that surrounds you. Wide-angle shots are perfect for capturing landscapes and for group photos.

20170903 0394 min


5. The understated, romantic forehead kiss

Some people don’t want full-throttle kissing shots in their wedding album. For those who want romantic snaps that are classy and subtle, the forehead kiss pose is ideal. This is a really sweet statement that offers just the right balance.

NeelPippa 1040 min


6. The off-the-cuff, natural gaze

Many wedding photographs are staged, but it’s always good to have some natural shots in your album too. Take some time out with your photographer away from your guests, and interact with each other without paying too much attention to the camera. Gaze at your new spouse and move around and take in the scenery and the setting.

SamandAlyssa 570


7. Walking together

Movement shots often produce spectacular results, and there’s nothing quite like that first walk as a married couple. Whether you’re walking back down the aisle of a church, you’re strolling across a beach, or you’re about to be covered in confetti, enjoy that time, look at each other, and take in the beaming faces around you.

NeelPippa 0725 min


8. Props

If you’re looking to sprinkle some magic over your wedding album, why not have some fun with props? Once you’ve taken all your group shots and the more serious photos, add in some personalised signs, frames, hats, or fancy dress items to create quirky, unique snaps that will make you smile for years to come.

SamandAlyssa 882


9. The shoulder lean

Getting married can be a tiring process, and sometimes, you need a second to take stock of everything and take a break. The shoulder lean, when one person gently rests their head on their partner’s shoulder and nestles into the nook in their neck is a gorgeous pose that captures the romance of the day perfectly.

20170903 0962 min


10. Blinded by love

For couples who want to have a bit of fun with their photography poses, this is a brilliant option that is easy to carry off. One person simply stands behind the other, with their hands covering their partner’s eyes. This is ideal for couples who want to have a few photos before the ceremony starts.

photo 970 min

Wedding photos are hugely important for most couples. After the excitement and exhilaration of the big day, images are an incredible reminder of the magic of the occasion and they can trigger all kinds of emotions. If you’re getting married soon, why not use some of these poses to ensure your wedding album is absolutely perfect?

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