13 Tips To Personalize Your Pre-Wedding Photos

Are you getting married soon and want to make your pre-wedding photos unique and special? You surely want to plan everything out because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day when you celebrate your love with family and friends. 

One of the best ways to capture memories of your wedding day is to take pre-wedding photos. These photos will help you remember all the little details that made your wedding unique. Furthermore, it provides a snapshot of your love story and documents your journey to marriage. But they can also be so much more than that! 

Here are 13 tips to help you personalize your pre-wedding photos:

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  1. Choose A Unique Location 

One way to make your pre-wedding photos unique is to choose a specific location for you and your fiancé. Maybe there’s a park, lake, or garden where you send plants on Valentines day that holds special meaning for the two of you. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take your photos in a different country or city? The possibilities are endless!

  1. Consider Hiring A Professional Photographer 

Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to ensure that your pre-wedding photos are high quality and capture the essence of your wedding day. Professional photographers have years of experience capturing beautiful moments in film. They can help you capture the magic of your journey to your wedding day in a way that you will cherish forever.

  1. Think About Your Wedding Theme 

If you have a specific wedding theme in mind, make sure to incorporate it into your pre-wedding photos. For example, if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding, dress up in retro clothes and take pictures of an old abandoned building or park. If you’re having a beach wedding, take your photos near the water with sand and seashells in the background.

  1. Tell A Story 

Another way to make your pre-wedding photos special is to tell a story with them. Maybe you and your fiancé met at a certain place, or your first date was something memorable. Capture these memories by telling the story of how you two came to be in your pre-wedding photos. 

  1. Use Props 

If you want to add an extra element of fun to your pre-wedding photos, use props! Props can help personalize your pictures and add a touch of character. For example, if you’re getting married on a beach, why not bring some seashells or a parasol to use as props in your photos?  

You can even use gifts as props! If you’re getting married soon, why not give your fiancé a subscription gift ideas like flowers or chocolate every month leading up to the wedding? It will create a fun and unique photo opportunity on your wedding day.

  1. Use Your Wedding Colors

If you have chosen specific colors for your wedding, use them to add a touch of personality to your pre-wedding photos. For example, if your wedding colors are pink and green, include some flowers or plants in the background of your photos. Or, if you’re having a black-tie wedding, wear black and white clothes for your photos.

  1. Wear Something Special

Wearing something special in your pre-wedding photos is a great way to capture the feeling of the day. If you’re wearing a unique dress or have sentimental value, make sure to wear it in your photos. You could also choose to wear a family heirloom such as a necklace or bracelet.

  1. Have Your Hair And Makeup Done Professionally 

Having your hair and makeup done professionally for your pre-wedding photos is a great way to look your best. Professional hair and makeup artists will be able to help you create a look that complements your wedding dress and style. Moreover, they can help you feel confident and beautiful in your photos. 

  1. Coordinate With Your Fiancé 

If you want your pre-wedding photos to look cohesive, make sure to coordinate with your fiancé. For example, if you’re wearing dresses, make sure they have the same neckline or wear suits, make sure they’re the same color. It will help create a unified look in your photos.

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  1. Get Creative With Your Poses 

Don’t just stand there and smile at the camera! Be creative with your poses and show off your personality. The best way to make your pre-wedding photos unique is to be creative and think outside the box. 

For example, if you’re a playful couple, try doing some funny poses or jumping in the air for a few shots. If you’re more romantic, try sitting in a park or holding each other close for some sweet shots. Maybe you want to take a photo of the two of you kissing in front of a fireplace or holding hands while walking through a beautiful garden. 

  1. Use Natural Light 

One of the best things about pre-wedding photos is that you have plenty of time to take them. It means that you can experiment with different settings and lighting. If you want your photos to look natural and beautiful, try natural light. It could mean taking photos outdoors in the morning or evening light or finding a spot near a window where the light is shining in.

  1. Add Your Pet To The Mix

Don’t forget to include them in your pre-wedding photos if you have a pet. Pets can add a touch of personality and fun to your photos. For example, if you have a dog, try taking some shots with them running around in the background or eating using a slow feeder dog bowl. Or, if you have a cat, try using it as a prop in some of your shots.

  1. Relax And Have Fun

The most important thing to remember when taking pre-wedding photos is relaxing and having fun! The best shots come when you’re feeling comfortable and natural. So, don’t stress out about the photos. Just enjoy your time with your fiancé and have some fun.


These are just a few tips to help you personalize your pre-wedding photos. Be creative and have fun with it. The most important thing is to capture the feeling of the day and show off your personality. So, get out there and take some amazing photos!

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