4 Best Wedding Videography Styles

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Perfect Moment

One of the best parts of wedding videography is watching the unique qualities of each couple come to life. While there are many traditional themes that are repeated from wedding to wedding, couples tend to put their own spin on common themes making them much more personalized.

The same can be true of wedding videography. In general, there are several common styles that couples ask for time and time again. Choosing your videography style upfront is very important so that your photography can record the right type of footage to match your request. However, every wedding unfolds in a different way, so even if you pick a standard style you can rest assured that your wedding video will stand alone.

The following are a few of the most popular wedding videography styles. Take a minute to peruse the list and think about what you want for your wedding. Your wedding video captures the entire event and is one of the most cherished wedding mementos of most couples. Choose a style that you can enjoy watching and proudly showing others for years to come.

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Given the style is referred to as traditional and romantic (the backbone of the wedding industry) it shouldn’t be too surprising that the second most popular style of wedding videography is traditional. These types of wedding videos limit the use of creative editing and instead concentrate on providing the highlights of your wedding such as the vows, speeches, introduction of bride and groom, and the first dance. The wedding videography is tasked with making sure all of the ‘top’ moments are on film and then edits them into one video.

Some social media savvy videographers will also create a wedding teaser video out of the footage that they compile for a traditional style video. The video contains short snippets of the biggest moments of your wedding. It is a great piece to share with family and friends on Facebook and is tailored to an acceptable social media length.

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In third place is the documentary style, which includes snippets of family and friends talking about the couple throughout the wedding future. The end result looks a lot like reality programming, with others sharing their thoughts in between shots from the actual wedding. Generally, this type of wedding videography will end up being longer in length but are a great way to see the emotion that encompasses the day.

Not only can you bask in the comments your friends and family members make about you, but you can watch yourself go through the emotions of the day from the wedding jitters to the calm of your vows to the romance of your first dance. Documentary style wedding videos are very straightforward and are always shot and edited in chronological order with sections for each major event of the day.

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Curious about the top wedding videography trend? Well, we aren’t there yet but we are getting close. First, let’s explore the new emergent vintage style. Vintage weddings themselves have become more popular over the last decade. Many brides and grooms love the special feel of a vintage wedding, and now you can complement a vintage wedding with a vintage wedding video.

Vintage videography does not work for every wedding, but rustic, boho, and vintage themes all look excellent when shot this way. During editing, videography uses special filters to create the old-style look of videos that were made in the 70s. This mood is created via the use of specific lighting, tons, and color. Candid shots are used a lot in this style to help create authenticity.

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Finally, we are to the number one style of wedding videography: cinematic. Cinematic videography is chosen by over a third of all couples. This style of wedding videography is very stylized and usually dramatic. Not only does the wedding videography capture important tape of your wedding, but they also interslice the segments with special close-ups and touches like pre-wedding activities, rings, decor, wedding cars, etc.

The focus of this type of wedding videography is to create a movie edit that tells the story of your wedding through an array of compelling videos and images. For instance, while reciting your vows in the video you may see an overlay in slow motion of your spouse cutting the wedding cake. If you aren’t sure whether any of these styles are right for you, talk to your wedding videography because most are flexible and able to create the finished product you envision.