4 Little-Known Photography Secrets from a Professional Photographer

When it comes to photographing weddings in Australia, there are some secrets that professional photographers keep. Fortunately for you, I’m an open book. I’m sharing some of the best tips in the industry so you can prepare for your wedding day photoshoot. By divulging the details, I’m hoping you can have the best wedding photos you dreamed of having taken.

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A Wedding Photography Pro’s Best Advice

This guide prepares you for your celebration. It highlights some of the most important considerations to make when having your photo taken. It mentions some of the things professional photographers do to make your pictures perfect. It also reminds you of the important things in life, which is to enjoy the moment because it goes by very quickly.

Four little-known photography secrets from a professional photographer:

Take advantage of the Golden Hour.

One to two hours before the sun sets is ideal for outdoor photography. There is a warm, natural glow that the photographer cannot capture with artificial lighting. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or taking photos outside because you want to include nature in the background, this is one tip that can transform the photographs that you have taken quickly. Speak to the photographer about the Golden Hour so that they can plan your photoshoot between your ceremony and reception. There is no recreating the sun’s golden glow, so don’t miss out on this unique photo opportunity!

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A boutonniere makes the perfect prop.

Often, couples focus on bouquets and seldom consider the impact a good boutonniere has on photographs. If the males in the wedding party wear them, allow the photographer to document them. It’s something you may struggle to remember the details of as you age. Having pictures that you can look back on is incredibly beneficial. It sparks your memory and allows you to complete the story of your wedding day. It’s an inexpensive and effective prop.

Love up your significant other.

The fast-paced schedule of your wedding day doesn’t allow for a lot of personal time as a couple. That’s where your photoshoot comes in! Get a little closer by snuggling up with your partner. Let your love for one another shine through the images captured by the photographer. You’ll love having an assortment of photos to display throughout your home. More importantly, you’ll be mindful of the unique relationship you have with one another because of the time you spent together having your photo taken. The images are ones you’ll use a lot on social media and for future celebrations.

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Honor your family and friends.

When else will you have the opportunity to photograph all the people near and dear to your heart? If you haven’t thought much about candid photos, hire the photographer for the day and allow them to work their magic. Ask that they capture as many people as possible during the ceremony and reception. You’ll cherish the memories that you had with the most important people in your life.

The right photographer welcomes feedback. They answer your questions and provide you with the insight needed to document your special day successfully. They take into account your personalities as a couple as well as your desire to be together and photograph the people that you’re closest to in life. A photography expert is a valuable resource that can significantly impact your ceremony and reception.

Other Considerations to Make When Hiring a Photographer

When hiring a photographer, there are many things to think about. The first is availability. You want someone that can give your event the time and attention it deserves. Having a photographer available for the entire duration of your ceremony and reception is essential because it allows them to photograph everyone in attendance.

Next, you want to enlist the services of someone who shares your creative vision. After all, you want your photographs to look like you. By selecting a professional that sees your perspective, you’re able to have pictures that you enjoy the duration of your lifetime. You’re proud to display them in your home because of how well they capture your love for one another and the people who were part of your special day.

Finally, you want to hire a professional within your price range. Working with a professional that is willing to stay with you while you get ready and follow your wedding party around while the events unfold is imperative. You can discuss pricing with the professional when you first make contact with them to inquire about their services.

Being upfront and honest about what you can and cannot afford and what you hope to see from the photographer sets the expectations high from the start of the interaction. That way, there aren’t surprises when you get proofs of your photos back. Instead, you know exactly what to expect from the professional. Your level of satisfaction is far higher because you didn’t settle for less than what you deserved.

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Celebrate Your Love Story with the Right Photographer

Your wedding day is special and deserves for you to commemorate it in ways that feel authentic to you. By following the tips listed above, you’ll make excellent use of your photographer’s time, talent, and perspective. The wedding photographs that you have to show for your efforts will be satisfying in every way imaginable.

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