A proposal is a major life event full of happiness with mostly crying and hope for the future. As one of the most important moments in your life, you want to remember as many details as possible. Pictures can help you do just that. 

Just like how you’ve taken the time to browse various engagement rings by Diamondport and other brands to find the perfect one for your partner and plan the day of your proposal, you also want to plan how you’re going to capture the magical moment. In this article, we’re sharing some pro tips for getting the best shots for this momentous occasion. 

  1. Hire The Experts

While you can ask a Gen Z friend of yours to take great photos during your popularity, in terms of getting the most memorable and professional-looking wedding proposal pictures, no one knows better than the experts behind the camera. 

Hiring professional photographers to capture surprised and authentic faces will be a decision you won’t regret. Partnering with proposal photography expert can give you access to their knowledge on what makes a great photograph, including the right poses, potential angles, and positions. They can also help you do a test run before the actual event. 

When hiring the right photographers, make sure to take a look at their experience and their portfolio. You want someone with experience in shooting a surprise wedding proposal. After all, you don’t want an amateur or inexperienced photographer sticking out like a paparazzi and ruining the surprise. 

In addition, it’s recommended to go with two photographers. One focuses on your every move and the other snaps the reaction of your partner. This way, they can tag-team the event and make sure that no detail is overlooked. 

Most photographers often work as part of a team, either with another photographer with whom they regularly collaborate or with a full-time assistant. When hiring your photographer, ask if they have a second shooter and if there’s an extra cost to include one in your proposal. 

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  1. Plan Ahead

The good news if you hire photographers when you’re proposing is that you’re not alone. You can plan it with your photographer to get the ideal light, positioning, and location. 

If your ideal backdrop is a public area, you can contact the space beforehand to check if they have a secluded spot or provide crowd control. That said, it’s recommended to choose more secluded locations. You don’t want distracting or busy backgrounds. You don’t want people photobombing while you kiss your partner. 

You can visit the location with your photographer at the exact time you’re thinking of proposing. This allows your photographer to visualize the scene at the moment and find the right spots to capture the moment. If you can’t do a walkthrough with your photographer, you can send a video or FaceTime with them. By the end, you should be able to know where you should be standing to propose and in which direction to face. 

In addition, you want to plan what happens after the resounding ‘Yes!’ You probably want to bring some props like a cute sign, a bouquet, balloons, or something to hold up for a portrait photo to officially announce that you’re engaged. 

Take note, however, that while props look good in engagement photos, bringing lots of items can be a recipe for disaster. For instance, the helium balloons pop or flew away before the proposal even begins can spoil the mood. So, make sure to plan for something inconspicuous and won’t ruin the surprise. 

Also, once the gang finally comes out from their hiding spot and congratulates you, it’s easy to turn your proposal into a sudden engagement session. That’s okay, but don’t overdo it, either. A few posed photos, some focusing on the engagement ring, should be enough. 

Ask your photographer to just document the whole thing, letting you soak in all the emotions, instead of getting the perfect portrait. 

  1. Wear Something Comfortable

This is one of the most important tips you need to know if you want the perfect proposal picture. While you may want to look your best for the special day, wearing clothes that you’re not confident or comfortable with will definitely show up in the photo. You need to think about how your outfit will look in photographs during your session.

If you wear tight-fitting or clingy clothes or something extravagant that makes you stand out and uncomfortable you could spend the whole session covering yourself up or picking at them. Plus, it could potentially spoil the surprise. 

When choosing the perfect outfit for a proposal, comfort is the key. You want to wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks, not something that will make you feel awkward. If you’ve never worn a suit but are thinking of it because it’s what you’ve seen, we suggest you skip it and wear that polo shirt you love. 

After all, your wedding proposal photos are representative of your personalities. So, you should dress and feel like yourself. 

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  1. Have A Signal Before Proposing

As mentioned before, you and your photographer will spend time chatting ahead of the proposal to work out the nitty-gritty details. However, when it’s time to drop on one knee, a quick visual confirmation of where your photographers are located can make all the difference. 

You need to make at least a quick eye contact beforehand. Making eye contact with your photographer confirms that they’re in the right place and serves as a signal that you’re ready to propose. Also, it gives you a brief moment to calm the butterflies and catch your breath if you’re feeling nervous. 

  1. Take Your Time

Proposing can be nerve-wracking. You could end up getting tongue-tied or rushing through your proposal speech. In this case, you want to stay calm by taking things slow and deep breaths. 

For instance, if you go down on your knee, you can stay there for a couple of seconds, staring lovingly at your partner before you ask the most important question. This allows your partner to soak in what’s happening. 

Plus, it also gives your photographer enough time to take the shot. While your photographer may have the best camera that can capture split-second movements, taking it slow can give them a better chance of capturing the best shots and all the little moments and emotions in between. 

Take Away

Pictures are the best way to preserve every emotion, moment, and memory of your proposal. It showcases the love, authentic connection, and a session full of excitement and emotion as you celebrate another milestone in your life. 

And with the above tips, we hope that you’ll be able to get the perfect snaps when it’s time to ask the magical, four-word question.