If your wedding day and your honeymoon were personified as siblings, your wedding day would be the older one; thorough and confident on the surface, yet quietly hoping everything works out okay. Your honeymoon, meanwhile, would be the younger sibling; uninhibited, sassy, and ready to have as much fun as possible. And though it is true that weddings require far more planning and coordination than honeymoons, it can still be tough to decide where to spend that first trip together as newlyweds. 

The great thing about a honeymoon is that anywhere qualifies. If you’re getting married in the summer, the temptation might be to start looking at, say, some luxury Hamilton Island accommodation, and dreaming of embarking on long walks into the sunset, hand-in-hand along golden sands. Or, you may have something leftfield in mind, something that really has your friends and family talking. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as long as you both are invested in the destination. 

Still can’t decide? To help inspire you, here are six of the most romantic honeymoon locations for those looking to tie the knot this summer. 


When your cultural sites and timeless streets are so charming that they earn you the moniker ‘the City of Love’, then you must be doing something right when it comes to romance. And Paris, the bejewelled capital of France, barely puts a Christian Louboutin-made high heel wrong when it comes to romance. From fine art to five-star dining, and plenty of opportunities for indulging in retail therapy as well, few cities in the world provide such dazzling stimulation as Paris. The trickiest part, usually, is deciding what to do while you’re there, given how much is on offer. But honestly, if that’s your only issue, then you’re definitely all set to enjoy a pretty blissful honeymoon!

Lake Como

Few places in the world strike such a wonderful balance between relaxed and awe-inspiring as Italy’s Lake Como. While the cities, towns, and villages that crowd the banks of the river are pure-Italy — with their brightly-coloured buildings that match the bouquets lining the shore, lively piazzas, delicious wine and food extending in every direction — when you take a step back from it all, you’re greeted by the majestic Swiss Alps in the background. Talk about picture-perfect. And speaking of pictures, it’s little wonder that Hollywood is so enamoured with Lake Como as well! Yes, this iconic European setting has featured in some of the world’s most iconic films, including the 2006 remake of 007’s Casino Royale. Simply put, when you have your honeymoon here you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped onto the film set of your own life.

The Whitsundays

Whoever coined the phrase ‘tropical paradise’ must’ve been thinking of the Whitsundays, a selection of islands located off the northeast coast of Queensland in Australia. With the region’s crystal clear waters, flourishing coral reefs, and lush tropical rainforests, it’s safe to say that the Whitsundays set the benchmark to which all idyllic coastal getaway destinations must be measured against. 

Nowhere blends lush flora, abundant fauna, and sparkling sandy beaches the way the Whitsundays do. And what’s great about this set of islands is that they’ll cater to almost any kind of honeymoon you fancy. Whether you want to go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or hike through the rainforest or simply enjoy cocktails from the balcony of the Reef View Hotel, whatever honeymoon mode you’re in, the Whitsundays will be sure to deliver.      


They don’t call Bali the ‘Island of Gods’ for no reason. With its great beaches and surf conditions, delightful cuisine, and even more delightful locals, it would take some effort not to let yourself be won over by the mix of festive tradition and foot-off-the-pedal relaxation that Bali offers. Again, it’s a place that seemingly becomes whatever honeymoon destination you want it to. Whether you want to mingle in beachside bars that are filled with travellers from across the globe, kick back in a private villa that overlooks acres of terraced rice paddies, or find your zen in a holistic yoga retreat miles from the nearest motorcycle, a trip to Bali will be sure to leave you feeling fulfilled, present, and connected to the wider world. 

The Serengeti

If your idea of romance is spending your honeymoon where the population of wild animals heavily outnumbers that of humans, then perhaps the Serengeti is the place for you. Honeymoon aside, the pure and awesome display of Mother Nature on your doorstep that you get to experience here is unlike anywhere else in the world, especially if you happen to visit during the months of June and October, when The Great Migration of wildebeest occurs across the Masai Mara and The Serengeti. 

And while you are starring in your very own David Attenborough documentary, you’ll be able to spend your nights relaxing in some luxury bush resorts, some of which are situated far off the beaten track and in the very heart of the Serengeti National Park. Simply take your pick from any of the region’s many resorts to create your very own eco-friendly African getaway to enjoy with your partner. 


If you’re the kind of newlyweds who would rather get your fingernails dirty than admire nature from a safe distance, then the wild Patagonian region of South America is sure to be a highly enriching honeymoon destination for you. Whether or not you can consider it to be a summer honeymoon destination is up to you, however. But truth be told, Patagonia can be enjoyed across all the seasons, with unique activities and sights accompanying every change in the weather.

Your time here will likely include treks through forests and across glaciers, dining on cuisine that combines the wonderful cultures of Argentina and Chile—both of whom share this vast area—, and perhaps even opportunities to enjoy some adrenaline-inducing activities like spelunking or skydiving. All things considered, Patagonia is one place that will demand you stay present in the moment. Which, for anyone on their honeymoon, is exactly how you’re supposed to be.

While every destination on this list deserves to be a honeymoon destination, there are countless more that are just as enchanting. The most important thing when deciding where to honeymoon is choosing a place that makes both your hearts sing. So long as you’re able to find those destinations, all that’s left to do is make your final decisions. Be sure to check weather forecasts and peak travel times when finalising your honeymoon plans, just to make absolutely certain that your summer honeymoon can be enjoyed to its fullest.