7 Secrets to Picking Perfect Wedding Day Accessories

When picking out wedding day accessories, you’re free to go for anything that creates the right feel and atmosphere you’d like your special day to carry. That means hair accessories, jewellery, a veil and anything else that tickles your fancy is an option worth considering if it appeals to what you’re envisioning.

There’s more to it, however. And these seven secrets can guide you along as you decide what accessories to choose for that aspect of your wedding day to be just perfect.

Trust Your Judgement

Before starting to think about wedding accessories, you’ve likely already settled on your dress, decorations and other important elements of your special day. Your accessories shouldn’t veer too far from these in style, so you can maintain a wonderfully patterned and consistent look.

As long as those other elements are a true reflection of your true sense of style, they can also provide inspiration for how the rest of the accessories should turn out.

Your basic styling preferences also factor in. If you’re into flowers, a floral theme can be your starting point before you progress from there. If bling is more your thing, that can also be what unifies your choices.

Likewise, if something doesn’t appeal to your tastes, despite how well it’s spoken of out there, don’t feel pressured to pick it. Your instinct for style is the best guide.

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Be Sparing

The less attention-demanding features you have, the more the central pieces of your accessories can really shine through. An example here is that if you decide to go for a heavy beaded necklace while your wedding dress is also full of embellishments, the two may compete, each blunting the effect of the other.

Instead, choose one feature — the one that’s most important to you. It can be your necklace or earrings, for example, and make sure that it’s not struggling for attention with other accessories you’ve chosen.

You can play around with different accessories, coupling them and changing the pairings to see which ones don’t play friendly with each other. You may also find some that complement each other, adding more grace to your look.

Keep Your Dress and Veil Balanced

For a wedding dress with a lot of detail, you’re best off going with a veil that’s simple and non-distracting. That way, your dress can command as much attention as you’d like it to, and that kind of balance tends to produce a more striking effect.

If, on the other hand, you’ve gone with a simple dress, you’re totally free to go all out with applying detail to your veil. The simple dress, dazzling in its own unimposing way, can still have the effect you’re looking for while the veil produces more of the sparkle.

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Make Sure It’s The Right One

You wouldn’t want to buy an accessory only to realise it doesn’t match the ultimate look you have in mind for your wedding, let alone your dress. So make sure to try all your accessories before you actually purchase them, paying very close attention to them. While they may seem right at first sight, it’s only when you try them on that you get a clear picture of whether they fit the right tone.

You might not have your dress with you when you go shopping for accessories, but you can work around that by having a sample of the fabric with you. Holding it next to the accessories you’re thinking about going along with, you can see whether the colours and overall styles truly match.

Remember Your Neckline

When you’re at the stage of picking out undergarments, remember to consider your neckline just as much as the rest of your body. While most people think a bra is the only option, there are many more choices for you to consider.

Shapewear is one alternative you might want to think about. Once you try out a couple, you’ll start to get a sense of the kind of accessory you really want for your neckline.

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Pick Between Corset and Cups

If you have the option to go with a dress that has a custom-built corset or bra-cups, that might be the best option for you to go with, since it cuts out one extra process in your wedding planning. Without that option, though, you can have one made to complete your wedding dress.

The best person to visit for this is a bra fitter whose specialty is bridal bras. Having the right kind of upper body support greatly increases your sense of comfort, so you can focus on enjoying your wedding.

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Keep Your Comfort Top of Mind

While style and the right tone are important for your accessories, comfort is as crucial for you to think about, if not more so. Photos from your wedding will remind you of how everything looked, but your memories will focus more on how you felt during your special day.

Once you find an accessory that’s just perfect for how you’re picturing yourself looking on your wedding day, make sure it’s also in the right proportions. If not, there are often options to get it adjusted so that it becomes a more natural fit.

Brides-to -be have a lot to think about as their wedding day approaches. Accessories are part of that, since they play a huge role in creating the atmosphere of the wedding. Luckily, you won’t have much worrying to do, since you now have seven secrets that will make it much easier to pick the right accessories for your wedding day.

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