The bliss of engagement is genuinely sweet and exciting. During this time, couples get to discuss what they want to have for their wedding. And this includes conceptualizing a theme that both will have fun planning and relishing. After all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event celebrating your love for each other and will be immortalised in photos and videos. 

Experts have predicted that 2022 will be a momentous year for weddings because every couple who postponed their wedding ceremonies will make 2022 their wedding year. From 2.2 million weddings in 2019, there has been a forecast that 2.6 million weddings will occur in 2022. And, despite the impending post-pandemic inflation, these weddings will be lavish and costly.

Couples must remember that their weddings should be something both will enjoy. So, choosing a theme that favours only one of them wouldn’t be balanced. To give you an idea, this article will discuss wedding themes both couples enjoy. These weddings will be perfect for celebrating at Tatalia function venue. They can transform the venue into your dream concept effortlessly so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest. Here’s the list, as promised:

  1. Vintage Wedding

A vintage wedding screams style and glamour without being over the top. The colours are swoon-worthy, and the past is so inspiring and very captivating. Choose from the roaring 20s, 50s Hollywood glamour, or the hippies of the 60s. If you can’t agree on those decades, you can even go further and choose the Victorian era, the Impressionist period, or the Renaissance.

You and your future partner can surely agree based on your favourite style or aesthetic. You can play with the venue’s furniture and choose antiques, or even opt for a vintage couture gown and suit.

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  1. Rustic Theme

If you want a warm, cosy, laid-back event that incorporates the outdoors, choose rustic with its warm browns and woodsy accents. Then put a majestic naked wedding cake on top of a wooden trunk as a centrepiece of your VIP table.

To put a distinct vibe on your rustic wedding, you may incorporate modern elements that speak to your personality. Maybe add touches of metal and allow the shiny metallic sheen to blend with the floral accents of your venue.

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  1. Garden Wedding

A garden wedding concept will be the best backdrop for your blooming and colourful love. The delicate accents will not overshadow the essential parts of your wedding ceremony; instead, they will highlight them. Your grand entrance, made on a canopy of sheer lace and ivy, will be magical, whimsical, and truly captivating.

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  1. Art Deco Theme

You and your partner may have watched The Great Gatsby together multiple times. You may have been fascinated with the love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, the real-life love story of author F. Scott Fitzgerald and socialite Ginevra King. Set in the Prohibition era’s jazz age, lavish parties were mostly done underground.

The rich colours and the geometric designs can lend a lovely touch to your wedding. The luxury of this era can be excellently displayed in gold and black accents and sophisticated, slick hairstyles. With the right colour palette choices and embellishments, you can look rich, sophisticated, classy, and elegant on your wedding day.

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  1. Celestial Theme

This magical motif of paying homage to fate and how it has brought you together can be the most meaningful way to tell your love story to people. Celestial or heavenly bodies are the best way to depict destiny for most people. And a love story written in the stars can be best showcased through enchanting lights, a dark and glittering colour palette, and decorations that may include the stars and moon and your zodiac signs. 

You may use indigo on your backdrop, light up the dance floor with floor lights, and use plenty of string lights on the ceiling of your wedding venue to mimic the constellations. Use a lunar theme or a speckled galaxy design for your invitations, and choose star details for your wedding gown.

It’s best to make the celestial theme consistent, from pre-nuptial events to your wedding party reception. Another way to add this theme to your wedding is by using the galaxy as the background for your photo booth, so your guests will fondly remember this day.

  1. Romantic Eco-Friendly Theme

Suppose you and your partner value the environment and are eco-warriors. In that case, you may incorporate it into your wedding using eco-friendly materials like recycled paper on your invitations and décor. You may use green as the primary motif and transform your venue into a magical forest.

You can also use wood as accents on your venue, leaves with names written on them for place markers, and choose a thoughtful wedding giveaway like a journal made of recycled materials. Weddings don’t have to be a wasteful event, and it’s an opportunity for you and your partner to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. And the ripple effect of your wedding can significantly impact the very thing you stand up for.

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  1. Fall Wedding Theme

One of the best seasons to have a wedding is during the fall. The warm orange and brown tones from the fallen leaves provide a warm and cosy ambiance to the venue. Choose a mix of olive green and shades of brown for your wedding entourage attire, and use a lot of wood in your décor. 

Pick a menu that would remind you of the warmth of this season. The fall wedding menu is reminiscent of comfort, freshness, and colour. You may serve empanadas and grilled cheese sandwiches for appetizers and follow it up with a rich tomato or pumpkin soup. Serve roasted Brussels sprouts, wood-fired artisanal pizzas, meatballs on skewers, and lots of fresh salads.


Getting married and preparing for your wedding is probably one of your life’s most exciting and nerve-racking events. You want the day to be magical and stress-free because you want to enjoy it with the person you will devote your entire life to and with the most important people. 

It would be excellent to hold it in a beautiful place that could be transformed into whatever theme you wish.