9 Wedding Ring Ideas For Modern Couples

Wearing wedding rings is one thing that’s never been out of style when it comes to marriage. This symbolizes the couple’s unity and allows them to be as one. It also acts as a reminder of their marriage whenever they’re tempted to fall out of their vow. However, as time passes, the trend for wearing wedding rings has been a bit different as it adjusts to the modern world today.  

Before, couples were satisfied with wearing traditional wedding rings, like a plain band. While they might do the job perfectly as they instantly look like a wedding ring, modern times today allow the couple to be more fashionable in this sense. It’ll enable them to be more creative with their ring and further symbolize themselves as who they are. To give you ideas, listed below are some wedding ring designs for modern couples: 

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  1. LGBT Ring 

If you and your partner are part of the LGBT community, then it’ll be absolutely more meaningful if you could have LGBTQ Rings by Joseph George or from other designers. This way, you won’t just be tying the knot but also letting the whole world know that you’re loud and proud of your sexuality and how you’re married to one who’s within the same community. Fortunately, there are plenty of LGBT rings you could choose from that’ll surely fit your and your partner’s personality. You could choose between a minimalist to heavily-detailed ring that’ll surely be a head-turner.  

  1. Multiple-Tone Ring 

A traditional wedding ring only uses one colour for the entire band, and it’s usually a choice of white or yellow gold. While they provide a classic look, modern couples aren’t opting to be more creative by adding as many colours as possible. That’ll help to give their rings more personality as they mix white, yellow, and rose gold all in one band. With the right design, they should be able to incorporate those three colours in a single band while still allowing for a beautiful finish. Alternatively, couples can opt for a two-tone ring instead to explore the mix of creativity and simplicity at the same time.  

  1. Engraved Ring  

A customized wedding ring would always be something that’ll never be out of style, simply because the design would be up to the couple’s decision. One way you can customize a wedding ring is by engraving special thoughts into it. Some people engrave their partner’s name into the ring’s outer surface, while some choose to add them on the inside. Alternatively, some couples write a short message for their partner, which they’ll engrave on their rings. However, if you plan to be more creative with what you carve, you might want to choose between using the fingerprint or heartbeat of your partner in your ring. That’ll be something like no other as it’ll be uniquely from your partner. 

  1. Wedding Ring Wrap 

Some people still choose to wear their engagement and wedding rings. Apart from the added sparkle, it also helps to make the ring finger stand out from the crowd as they’re beautiful and plenty stacked in one finger. For those who would like to continue wearing their engagement ring, it’d be great if they could choose a wedding band that’ll complement the beauty of the engagement ring. However, if the ring’s stone is too big, you’ll need to look for a wedding band that’ll sit perfectly around this. Luckily, a wedding ring wrap allows people to wear their engagement ring and add a little more sparkle with its hugging design. That’ll help to add shine to your hand while also helping to complete its look.  

  1. Minimalistic Ring 

While some people like to live a fancy and glamorous life, some couples prefer a lowkey and laid-back life. For those couples who aren’t too fond of jewellery but would still like to wear something that symbolizes their marriage, a minimalist ring would be a wonderful idea. In most cases, a minimalist ring would use a thin plain band. Some can add a small diamond for an added sparkle, but the rest of the ring would remain simple and unembellished. You’ll most likely see this on stackable ring options, but this time, on a modern couple’s wedding ring. 

  1. Birthstone Ring 

If you’d like to add a pop of colour and personality to your wedding ring, then using your partner’s birthstone as your centre gemstone would be a great idea. Instead of the traditional diamond, you can use your spouse’s gemstone as the centre of your ring. Alternatively, you can combine your birthstones together to signify your unity further. You can just decide what kind of shape or size you’ll do so you can allow the ring to look beautiful and still has a touch of a wedding into it.  

  1. Twisted Ring 

A wedding ring usually has a rounded exterior for a smooth finish. While there’s nothing wrong with staying with the classics, it’ll be great if you could add a modern touch to your ring by adding a twisted design. This way, you can imitate the appearance of a twist on the ring and allow it to go all around the band. For a more creative touch, you can fill in one layer of the twist with diamonds to make it look more sparkly and sophisticated.  

  1. Hammered Or Matte Finish 

Most wedding rings have a shiny finish to make them look fancier and cleaner. However, modern couples are now looking for ways to make themselves unique. Apart from using a polished finish, couples can now opt for a hammered or matte finish for their wedding ring. A matte finish removes all of the shine but still lets the band look fancy. A hammered finish helps to add style and sophistication while adding depth to the entire ring.  

  1. Tattoo  

A wedding ring is what someone wears on their ring finger to symbolize their union. However, some couples prefer to wear one that they can’t remove as it’s embedded in their skin forever. Apart from purchasing wedding rings, couples are now opting for wedding tattoos. This way, they’ll wear their ring forever and will have no other choice but to keep them on their skin forever. It’s a creative way to show commitment by doing things that’ll remain with you as long as you live.  

Takeaway Modern couples are now opting out of wearing traditional wedding rings as they’d like to be more updated with the latest wedding trends while also having that unique style on their hand. With the number of options they can choose from, they’ll surely find a ring that’ll match their personalities while adding a modern touch to their bands. At the end of the day, couples should choose one that makes them happy as that’ll be something they’ll wear forever. 

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