A Bride’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Getting married is everyone’s dream come true. Apart from fulfilling a fairy tale wedding, everything must be perfect, from the venue to the wedding dress. After all, everyone would be looking at the dress as it could help to highlight the bride’s glow during the big day.   

Going dress shopping can be delightful, especially since you get to try different dresses for yourself. However, if you’re planning to shop for online wedding dresses, things might be challenging, especially if you cannot fit any dresses personally. But if you exactly know what you’re looking for, it could arrive on your doorstep with the best fit and would help to highlight you as a glowing bride. Moreover, below are some bride’s guides to finding the perfect wedding dress:   

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  1. Research Thoroughly   

Whether you’re planning to shop for dresses online or in-store, you should save yourself time by filtering what kind of dress you’d want for your big day. You can quickly decide if you’re going for magical, bohemian, or formal wedding dresses. This way, you don’t have to go through all of the catalogues, especially if you exactly know what you want.   

You can begin searching for celebrity wedding dresses, or you can even browse through different bridal magazines so you can have an inspiration about what kind of wedding dress you’d want. The more options you have, the higher the chance that you’ll find your perfect wedding dress.   

  1. Consider Body Type   

Wedding dresses have various skirt fittings that would work best on specific body types. While you can freely wear any kind that you want, following a body type guide would help to give you the perfect wedding dress as it hugs your body perfectly.   

If you have an hourglass body shape, you should consider getting a mermaid, trumpet, or A-line dress. If you’re on a rectangular side, wearing empire and A-line would be your best option. For a pear-shaped body, exploring a ballgown will help to flaunt yet minimize your curves. If you have a triangular shape, going for a mermaid or ballgown would be the best option for you.   

  1. Try-On Various Designs   

Even with thorough research, you can never know which type of dress would work best for you. Even if you try to edit your photos and put dresses over your body, seeing the wedding gown in person will make a massive difference to your decision. To be firm about which type of dress you’d like to have, you should try on various styles as much as you can.   

Don’t be afraid to go to stores to try different wedding dresses. They’ll make your experience worth it and would even help you pick out the best style for your body. Who knows that your rectangular body shape might even look great with a specific mermaid design. It’ll look astounding on your big day.   

  1. Browse Early   

Most wedding gown suppliers and stores recommend you start dress shopping at least six months before your wedding day. As soon as you get engaged to your fiancé, one of the first things you should prioritize is looking for the best wedding dress. Unless you’re lucky enough to pick a dress that’s exactly your size, shopping early will allow for the perfect fit and bling.   

Most wedding dresses will take up to four to eight months to complete making the dress. It doesn’t cover alterations and accessories as it would usually only cover the base of the dress. Since the wedding planning industry is typically large, there would be plenty of brides looking for a dress, and some fabrics might be rare to find. Moreover, some sewist also custom-made their laces for a unique touch.   

  1. Visit Numerous Wedding Shops   

The best way to ensure that you have the perfect dress is by visiting as many wedding shops as possible. It will help widen your choices and see which would help highlight your curves and hide anything that you’d like to be away from the spotlight. While you can browse them on the internet, seeing them in actuality can affect your decision.   

You can begin by shopping for a wedding dress near your area and move farther away. However, try not to move way too far as you’ll need to come back for alterations and customization, which can be a hassle, especially if you have a tight schedule to prepare for your wedding. Moreover, no matter how great the first dress that you tried on is, you should never settle for that and still open yourself to trying other styles.   

  1. Incorporate Your Theme   

There are plenty of beautiful wedding dresses that you can see in various wedding shops no matter where you are. However, some might not look best at your venue, as you might have a conflicting theme that would not go well together. For a seamless look at your wedding theme and gown, you should always keep in mind your wedding motif and look for that in your dress.   

If you’re planning to have a beach wedding, going for a formal wedding dress might not be the best option for you. It’ll be best if you could go with flowy and light so you could still be comfortable as you walk down the sandy aisle. Moreover, going for a traditional wedding theme might not complement a bohemian wedding dress as it’ll make your gown look improper and out of tune.   

  1. Consider Custom Dress   

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect dress as it usually lacks one style that you’d want your dress to have, you might want to consider getting a custom dress that’ll be unique and made just for you. It will not only prevent you from having the same dress as other brides, but it will also be custom-fit just right according to your body.

When going for a custom dress, you should visit a wedding shop at least nine months before the wedding. Moreover, preparing extra cash as a custom dress can be expensive, especially if you’re planning to add plenty of laces and embellishments that are usually hand-sewn. While it might cost you more, it’ll surely help to give you the perfect wedding dress.   

The Verdict   

Finding the perfect wedding dress might be similar to finding a treasure without a map. However, with the right timeline, perseverance, and motivation, you’ll find the perfect dress that’ll help to highlight your curves and personality during your big day. While the process might be stressful, the result will be worth it once you’re on your dress and walking down the aisle.

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