A Mark of Lasting Union: Celebrate your Special Day with a Unique Wedding Tattoo

Your wedding day is the most meaningful day of your life. You’re celebrating your love, exchanging vows and sealing it with a kiss. So why not honour your special day with something more? A unique wedding tattoo will capture that moment forever and serve as an enduring symbol of your bond with your partner.

To help you, we’ll explore some creative ideas for customising a meaningful design to commemorate your new union – from inspirational quotes to graceful symbols. Let’s get started by diving into the world of tattoo trends today.

6 Tattoo Trends That Will Make Your Wedding Day Unique

Wedding tattoos are a wonderful way to display your love and dedication as a couple. Whether you want the same design or something unique for each of you, getting inked is the perfect way to honour your special day. Here are six tattoo trends that will make your wedding day even more unforgettable:

1. Couples Tattoos

Have you and your significant other been contemplating getting a couples tattoo? It’s a perfect way to express your feelings without saying anything. While many partners choose to get matching designs, whether it be hearts or interlocking rings, there are many options to make it more personal.

You can get creative and brainstorm a unique design representing your personalities and styles. Plus, for those new to the tattoo world, plenty of beginner tattoo stencils are available to help you nail down the perfect design. So go ahead and make your mark as a couple.

2. The Date of Your Special Day

The most unforgettable days of your life include your wedding day. It’s a day of love, joy, and excitement as you become one with your partner. Wouldn’t it be amazing to always remember that moment?

By permanently etching the date of your special day into your skin, you will always have a reminder of the love you share. Whether on your wrist, finger, or elsewhere, your wedding date will always be dear to your heart.

So why not keep it with you for life? It’s a simple but meaningful way to commemorate your union and show your love for your partner.

3. Symbolic of Your Love

Symbolic tattoos are a lovely way to express yourself and commemorate your shared link. Whether it be an infinity symbol, two hearts intertwined or even a lock and key, symbols are timeless. These designs give you endless possibilities for customising with colours and detail. 

For instance, traditional Celtic knot patterns represent the intertwining of two souls – something perfect for a wedding tattoo. Or you could even opt for the popular “love birds” design with two birds entwined in an embracing pose. There are so many possibilities, so get imaginative and personalise it.

4. Matching Initials

Matching initials is a great option if you’re looking for something more subtle. It’s an intimate and romantic way to keep your love alive. Whether it’s your initials or a combination of yours and your partner’s, you can craft  something truly unique to the two of you.

Plus, if you’re in for an extra special touch, try incorporating the date or place of your wedding day into the design. It will be something you’ll both treasure forever. So why not make your love story part of you for eternity?

5. A Shared Quote

It’s no secret that words have great influence. Incorporating a meaningful phrase or quote into your wedding tattoo perfectly captures your bond and mutual sentiments. Whether it’s an inspirational verse, a favourite song, or a personal message between you and your partner, these types of tattoos show sentimentality and emotion. 

It could be a quote from your vows – this way, you’ll be reminded of your promises to one another on that special day. 

6. Fingerprint Tattoos

Fingerprint tattoos are a unique and creative way to express the individuality of your  relationship. It’s an intimate way to show how intertwined you are, even in the smallest details. Not only do fingerprint tattoos look cool and stylish, but they also have an in-depth meaning behind them.

They represent two halves that makeup one complete person: no two fingerprints are the same, just like no two relationships are the same. It’s a beautiful way to show unity and capture your connection forever.


A wedding tattoo can be a great way to commemorate the special day and honour your partner for years. It can also add a unique touch of personality to an otherwise traditional ceremony, making it truly memorable.

Whether you choose something simple or intricate, having a permanent reminder of such an important event will always bring joy and happiness to both partners’ lives. So, why not make this moment even more unforgettable with a beautiful wedding tattoo? Happy wedding!

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