navy blue dress for a wedding

Choosing a dress for a wedding is the most fun part! There are so many options to choose, so many cuts and colors… But if you’re here, you’ve probably already settled on a navy blue dress. That’s such a great choice! It’s timeless, it’s classy and royal. It’s one of the best choices of color for dresses for wedding guests. Or any formal occasions for that matter. Besides, the color looks great on all shapes and sizes, so your bridesmaids will be happy too. To keep them even happier, make sure and pick navy blue bridemaids dresses that can be worn after the wedding, like the ones in Sherri Hill’s bridesmaid collection.

If you’re a bride who chose this color for your bridesmaid’s dresses or your entire bridal party, again, smart choice! Their dresses will provide a great contrast to your gown. That’s a great trick to make you and your dress stand out even more. After all, it’s your day! Besides, the color looks great on all shapes and sizes, so your bridesmaids will be happy too.

Even though it’s gorgeous, navy blue is one of the more difficult colors to style. But no worries! I’m here to give you some ideas. Read on and choose an option you feel suits best to your wishes and needs.

Accessorize a Navy Blue Dress with Silver or Gold

Navy blue is such a royal color! No wonder it looks so great when paired with the rich shine of silver or gold. It’s perfect for a black-tie wedding.

The choice of metal will depend on your preferences and your skin’s undertone. Whatever you choose, pick just one! If you like shiny things like I do, it might be a challenge to not overdo it. (We’ve all been there!) Being mindful about how much silver or gold you add to your look means you’ll be able to create a well-balanced outfit that simply breathes elegance.

Silver strappy stilettos look gorgeous with navy dresses, especially when paired with a silver colored purse and dangling earrings. Adding some shiny diamonds to the silver will really bring out the elegance of the look. If you’re going with gold, try out some statement golden bracelets or necklaces. You might even try wearing a gold belt to accentuate your waist.

If you want to feel like a princess among the other wedding guests, this is the classic combo to go with!

Pair It With White

Now, we all know that wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no and stealing the bride’s spotlight isn’t exactly a classy thing to do. But no worries, I’m not trying to go there!

White and navy blue traditionally form a very lovely pair. Remember all those cute sailor outfits? They look good for a reason! The two colors make a very nice contrast that catches the eye.

Your navy blue dress will make your white accessories pop, so if you have stunning white pumps or a fancy white hat, this is your chance to rock it. Oh and, depending on the cut of your dress, a white bow around your waist can really add a fairytale twist to your wedding outfit. And don’t forget about jewellery! Imagine pearl earrings gracefully falling around your face like raindrops above the sea. Add to that some beautiful white hair pins in your hair and the look is complete!

White-and-blue combo can be a really nice touch if you’re going to a wedding in a seaside resort. Otherwise, if you’re going to a winter wedding, adding a white faux fur coat over the dress might give you some extra sass. However, this move might be too bold, so make sure you check in with the bride well before the wedding to be certain it’s okay with her.

A tip for brides: if your bridesmaids will be wearing navy blue, give them wrist corsages or small bouquets with white flowers. It’s a nice way to tie their look with yours!

Make Your Navy Blue Gown a Centerpiece with Beige Accessories

If you fell in love with your navy dress so much that you don’t want any accessories to take away any attention from it, then beige is the way to go. Or, even better, use the color of your skin!

It might be difficult to find accessories that exactly match your skin tone, but trust me, it’s very well worth the trouble. Especially when it comes to shoes! Wearing a skin tone pair of shoes will elongate your legs. This will be particularly effective if you’re wearing a dress with a slit. If you have a particular someone who you know will be at the wedding and you want to make him drool – this is your stop.

If you can’t find accessories that are close to your skin tone, or if you don’t want to bother with such details, then the color beige or a neutral color similar to it will do the job just fine. However, try to find accessories that are all of the same hue.

Play with Different Shades of Blue!

A charming way to accessorize a navy dress is adding other shades of blue, especially light ones. This works best if you choose just a single shade. Doing this can add a little playfulness and class to your look if you’re going to a black-tie wedding.

Imagine adding a baby blue pendant necklace and baby blue strappy heels. How cute is that?

There’s a lot of room to play here! If you choose an item of a different shade of blue, a hat for example, you can add to it a streak of navy blue to go with your dress. This will tie the look together and add a little twist to your wedding guest attire.

Color Bock with Yellow or Orange

Now, this is a magnificent combination for anyone who likes to go bold with fashion. It’s playful, it’s bold and it’s bound to catch some eyes. This is a great combination to choose if you want to show off your energetic personality and feel like a queen!

Navy blue is usually a color which is difficult to match with other hues. But, for some reason, bright yellow or orange looks really good on it. Why not take advantage of that if you like to have fun with your outfit? But be strategic about where you choose to place these strong colors. If you add too much, the dress will get lost.

A great idea is to pick a yellow necklace to go with classy yellow shoes. It might even be fun to add some yellow nail polish as a final touch.

Make it Your Own

In the end, the accessories you choose will depend on what you like, the type of wedding it’ll be and the bride’s preferences. We all want her to have a perfect wedding day.

You can go classy with white. You can go bold with yellow and orange. Or you can stick to the timeless elegance of silver and diamonds. Sometimes playing it safe can be the best option. No judgement here!

You can accessorize with shoes, belts, jewelry, hair decorations, hats, shawls, nail-polish, purses… You get the point. Play with the options and the above suggestions, but keep the balance to stay elegant.

Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel gorgeous!

For all the brides, it’s up to you whether you’ll let your bridesmaids choose their own accessories or if you want them to match with this too. Either way, send your bridal party this post as a guide to help them choose the right accessories!