Beachfront Wedding Venues in NSW: 17 Idyllic Locations for Your Dream Coastal Wedding

Beachfront Wedding Venues in NSW: 17 Idyllic Locations for Your Dream Coastal Wedding

Imagine experiencing the sea’s fresh breeze, the sun’s warmth and glittering reflections on the water. Then the splashing sounds of the waves, the breathtaking open ocean view, and its endless natural beauty will also add up. Now think of it as your backdrop as you say your I do’s during your wedding day. Romantic isn’t it?

Beachfront is one of the best venues to share your lifelong vows, promises, and passionate I-do’s with your loved ones. New South Wales to be specific is the best place to choose the best beachfront wedding venue, as it has over 892 coastal locations that suit your theme and budget.

You can recognize New South Wales for its catering beachfront weddings that accommodate any of your desired themes, from grand down to simple, classic or colorful, and indoor or outdoor. There are also plenty of beachfront wedding venues in NSW, which offer a private and luxurious approach. In case you want it to be more intimate and affordable, you may opt to choose cafes, clubs, halls, and restaurants. The choices are vast and that’s what we will dive on in a while.

If you want a perfect place to share your timeless testament of love in NSW, you stumbled on the right article. The list includes tips and breathtaking venues to help you choose the best place to fulfill your beachfront wedding.

The Appeal of a Beachfront Wedding

The warmth of the sun touching your skin allows you to glow most naturally, with fresh air caressing each part of your body and the raw sound of the waves touching the sand. Visualize the stunning picturesque backdrop for photos and videos you will keep forever together. Having your friends and loved ones feel relaxed while sharing each other’s hopes and promises will surely make you choose the sea in a heartbeat.

Beach weddings are the best way to tie the knot if you aim for a natural, simple, elegant place. Not to mention that you may get to give your guests a treat of vacation as they attend your special day.

Tips for Planning a Beachfront Wedding

We’re not surprised if you are already enticed to have a toes-in-the-sand wedding? However, beachfront weddings require much attention, in fact planning it is crucial compared to other types of weddings. Don’t be worried though, as we have your back to make your dream beach wedding cohesive and memorable. From permits, weather, accessibility and comfort of everyone during the ceremony, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the well-knitted tips, details and answered questions to make your romantic beach wedding come through.

Tip #1: Choose a Good Season

Weather plays a significant role in your wedding, so tracking good seasons will help you plan. Check the weather forecast using a weather map or ask the locals about the weather in the beachfront weddings venues in NSW, before and during your wedding day. With this, you can devise a terrible weather forecast contingency plan. But let’s cling to the thought that you won’t be needing one.

On the other hand, the sun is an expected guest, and if there is no canopy, advise your guest to wear something light and airy. If you plan to get married on the seaside, check the possibility of high tide to avoid the ceremony from getting dampened by the waves.

Remember, you are celebrating the start of something new with nature, and they can pretty mess around, so be ready.

Tip #2: Obtain Permits and Permissions

Another tip for you is to check if you need permits. Some beaches require permission before using it as a venue, especially if you have many guests or are aiming for a particular part of the beachfront. It’s also advisable to work in advance on the permit to secure the location you’re seeking for. Aside from that, you also have to remember that some resorts, hotels and clubs have a non-refundable application fee and charge for additional headcount, so better to count and plan ahead of time.

This might sound like work, but believe us, this will totally save you from all the hassle. In case you’re having trouble working with these permits, I highly suggest you hire your wedding planner to assist you.

Tip #3: Set a Beach-Friendly Theme

Set a beach-friendly theme for your friends and family, allowing everyone to have fun under the sun with their toes in the sand. The key here is to make everyone comfortable in attending your wedding. In addition, you must also prepare some burlaps and carpets to ensure that the space is convenient for everyone. Planning a destination wedding is sometimes tricky, but if you manage to secure your venue and set an appropriate theme, everything will slowly fall into pieces.

Tip #4: Inform Guests in Advance

It would help if you informed your guests about the location of your wedding so they can prepare their outfits and transportation in advance. Aside from that, you can also check if they can come a day before the wedding so registration will be easy. Another reason why you need to inform guests early is so that they can have ample time to buy gifts and reserve hotels nearby if they plan to stay the night with you.

The best part about arriving earlier is that you have time to take an IG-worthy picture that will surely be a core memory for everyone. So, invite your close friends to come earlier and let them help you shake all the wedding jitters.

Tip #5: Communicate with Your Vendors

Keeping your communications open with all of your wedding vendors would help you be in sync with them. Always ask for updates on your wedding venue manager, florists, photographers, catering services and host. This will give you peace of mind and allow the vendors to do their job according to your request. Please take note of the details and how you want to distribute it on the day of your wedding.

Remember, you are a team aiming for a happy and successful day. So, work with them accordingly and treat them as your partners.

17 Top Beachfront Wedding Venues in NSW

Now off to the most awaited part. Ready to browse for some beachfront wedding venues in NSW for your upcoming wedding? Below are the 17 beach wedding venues in New South Wales that can cater romance and luxury on your dream coastal wedding. Perfectly honed for nature-loving couples, we’re sure that you’ll be in love with a venue or two. Be ready to be surrounded by breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, and trees.

    1. The Cove Jervis Bay

Are you looking for a romantic and soothing venue for your wedding day? Say ‘yes’ on the seaside lawn with the crystal water lapping on the sandbar, and host the party with your cocktail drinks on the garden bar of The Cove Jervis Bay. Be surrounded by bushes, trees, and the ocean with your loved ones while sharing the start of something romantic.

The Cove Jervis Bay is located on Ellmoos Road, Jervis Bay, NSW and has a capacity of 200 people. The resort also has large houses, cabins, and glamping tents that can accommodate all of your guests. The price varies according to the season and add-ons you keep for your wedding.

You can check their brochure for prices and more information.

    1. Kullindi Homestead

Kullindi Homestead suits the elegant and intimate wedding that you’re aiming for. With its spacious lawns and wonderful waterfront, it can accommodate 20 to 200 of your loved ones and friends. They also offer a minibus for the comfort of your guests in terms of transportation. Don’t worry about hire fees because they already include them once they reach the expected final guests.

What makes it more magical is that you can have the venue all by yourself and hire additional staff if needed. If you love an intimate and private wedding with a beachfront view, you can visit Kullindi Homestead in Booderee National Park, Ellmoos Rd, Jervis Bay, NSW.

    1. Pavilion Kiama

Feel the romance in the air with the captivating waterfront wedding venue that Pavillion Kiama can offer. Exchange your vows and I-do’s in Kiama’s surf beach, with crystal water, sky and the sun as your backdrop. After the ceremony, you can share beautiful moments by setting chairs and long tables under the Norfolk pines.

Pavillion Kiama offers catering packages and accommodations which start from $125 per head. They also make their services stand out with stunning wedding inspirations and catering for all kinds of weddings to show gender equality. The best thing about Pavillion is that it can fit 40 to 400 guests, as it has broad and secluded areas aside from the venue.

    1. Fig Tree Park

Next on our list is Fig Tree Park, a new luxurious events place with 33 acres of leafy land, mesmerizing ocean views and European-style gardens. The place offers a serene feeling, ideally made for intimate weddings. You can also come for the honeymoon as they offer cottages with seaside views.

The venue prices include the bridal seaside cottage for two nights and three days. Fig Tree Park’s fees depend on the day, the number of guests and the season. They also offer a 10% discount on midweek weddings and winter weddings.

    1. Goolawah Retreat

For an ideal rustic venue for your special day, Goolawah Retreat is the best place to settle in. Set foot on its 28 acres of land filled with luscious leaf outlook and ocean views. Share your vows on their architecturally designed pavilion and courtyard that can entertain 90 people sitting and 120 standing.

Add the festoon lighting, fire pits, and outdoor furniture that can make your wedding night exciting. Goolawah Retreat has five gorgeous cottages that accommodate six people if your guest is one step away from a good night’s sleep. You can download their wedding and events guide to see the list of their trusted vendors, terms and conditions, and forms of payment.

    1. The Woods Farm

Do you want your wedding to be magical with a hint of South Coast vibe? Then The Woods Farm suits your romantic and elegant wedding venue as they offer 40 acres of land with a 120-meter isle, walking under the jasmine arches, perfectly made for your dream wedding march. The chapel also has an antique door and a soaring 3-meter high ceiling sufficed with a chandelier.

A luxe-rustic vibe shed with a fully furnished bar and glamorous chandelier is waiting for your wedding reception. It also has two sliding barn doors and four sliding glass doors that lead you to the large balcony, which allows you to have an open area to have fun and make grand memories. The price varies to the number of guests; there will be an additional $20 per head if the guests are above 120 persons.

    1. Beach Byron Bay

For a modern classic coastal wedding with a small number of guests, Beach Byron Bay is a perfect wedding venue. You can have the luminous sea as your backdrop. It also has a large outdoor deck for all weather, a retractable roof with fairy lights, and two bi-fold doors transforming the whole place into a large venue.

If you want a local team to help you achieve your unique and captivating beach wedding, you can rely on Beach Byron Bay’s team led by Belinda Kirkwood. They also offer catering services which reflect the restaurant’s menu using only seasonal ingredients. The restaurant also hosts a wedding recovery breakfast.

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    1. Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific

Set in a perfect location, Crowne Plaza Terrigal is an ideal place to put your luxurious coastal wedding come through. You can choose from indoor to outdoor ceremony venues and customize them according to your preferred theme. Aside from that, you can also imbue tones to add warmth and details to make it more stylish.

The venue comes with wedding packages. You only need to request their price range. The best thing about the Crowne Plaza Terrigal is that it can hold 50 to 350 guests, with 199 guest rooms and suites if your family and friends plan to stay the night. One thing you might love about Crowne Plaza is its special wedding offers.

    1. The Sebel Harbourside Kiama

Next on our list is the overlooking harbour offered by The Sebel Harbourside in Kiama, North South Wales. Say ‘yes’ to your partner with the crashing sound of the waves in the background, share your toast in the neverending rolls of greens and have some stunning photos of majestic mountains as a backdrop. The Sebel Hotel caters from intimate weddings to large-scale weddings.

You can have the most beautiful moment with an all-inclusive starting price of $119 per person. You can also choose from their spaces, such as the Quarry Room, with a minimum spend of 11,600—Courtyard Marquee, with a minimum spend of 12,100; and the assembly hall, with a minimum spend of 6,000. Make your dream wedding come to life with The Sebel Harbourside Kiama.

    1. The Imperial Clifton

If you want an indoor wedding overlooking the crystal sea, then The Imperial Clifton is the perfect venue. Perched on the clifftop with its breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, the place is known for couples who are nature loving and strive for a flawless coastal wedding. The Imperial Clifton also offers wedding and food packages that showcase local foods and high-quality drinks.

The place can hold at least 33 to 110 people, and each head has a starting cost of $150 to $250. They also crafted small bazaars that sell different kinds of goods, such as quesadillas, empanadas, flatbreads, and meze.

    1. Athol Hall

Fan of charming refurbished heritage venues and a view of a city with a touch of foreshore? Then say less, as Athol Hall is an ideal wedding venue for you. It has a spectacular view of the Sydney skyline, opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge as a captivating backdrop for your wedding photos.

The hall can hold up to 130 guests for the seated banquet and 200 guests for the cocktail-style wedding reception. Meanwhile, Athol Hall is likelier to have no limit regarding the number of guests. They also offer al-fresco canapés and drinks to entertain guests during the reception and photo booths to share more personalized memories to keep.

    1. Moby Dicks Whale Beach

Are you looking for a venue with plenty of indoor or outdoor choices? Then the modern meets rustic vibes of Moby Dicks Whale Beach can host your dream wedding as you can choose from their five wedding venues. They also have special offers for each forum, charging $25 to $150 per person.

The best thing about Moby Dicks is their exceptional care for their employees. If you hire one from the supplier, there will be an additional fee of $70 per person for their food and drinks. You can download or view their brochures with terms and conditions on their website.

    1. Coolangatta Estate

Whether you are looking for a simple rustic garden wedding, a coastal wedding or a wedding near a river, Coolangatta Estate can cater all at once. The flawless Estate is situated on the foothills of Mt. Coolangatta has an overlooking view of the Pacific Ocean and Shoalhaven River, neighboring the rural landscape, vineyards, and motels. The place has a lot of enchanting spaces to share the sweetest ‘I-do’s’ and vows.

The Coolangatta Estate can hold up to 200 guests and has complete facilities to accommodate your wedding and the comfort of your guest. The price for the day conference starts at $84 per minimum of 10 delegates and $79 for 20 delegates. Overnight stays range from $250 for twin occupancy to $330 for single occupancy.

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    1. Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Make your dream coastal wedding come to life within the event spaces offered by Pullman Magenta Shores Resort. Its high ceilings and outstanding water views make the place versatile in different wedding themes, from luxurious to simple and elegant. The event’s place has natural light coming from the outside, making every candid moment in photos much livelier.

The place also has different spaces for the ceremony and offers other packages for reception, with prices varying according to the number of guests. The high-class facility also has direct access to the secluded shores of Magenta Beach. The newest news is that Pullman Magenta Shore Resorts now offer same-sex marriage.

    1. Merewether Surfhouse

Love a modern approach to your wedding venue? Then Merewether Surfhouse’s place is filled with floor-to-ceiling glasses that allow natural light and crashing waves as background. After the wedding ceremony, the visitors can proceed to the second floor of the Surfhouse for the reception.

The venue has a 270-degree view of the South Pacific Ocean, making it mesmerizing to capture every candid moment. Aside from the mesmerizing view of the South Pacific Ocean, the reception venue has movable soundproof walls that can section the hall of smaller events with 40 guests. The surf house also offers food and beverages from $100 per person for cocktail events to $105 for seated lunch.

    1. The Retreat Port Stephens

The retreat is an ideal wedding venue if you want to sand on your toes and surround yourself with natural bushland. The venue offers an outdoor and indoor reception enclosed by bushes and trees, perfect for an ideal tropical wedding and backdrop for your wedding photos. The Retreat also has a passionate catering team that will make your dream reception come to life according to your theme and budget.

Aside from that, the Retreat can accommodate 70 to 100 seated guests for indoor or outdoor weddings. They also offer cabins, lodges, bungalows, and duplexes, where you can spend your night and your guest if they plan to stay the night. The price ranges also according to the packages and offers that you will take.

    1. Shoal Bay Country Club

Another place that will fill your sand-on-your-toes venue is the Shoal Bay Country Club, a premier coastal location for your dream wedding day. This location is a classic place to showcase the true beauty of nature as a backdrop on your wedding day. It can also cater for 500 guests in the convention center and 300 guests in the newly renovated white-sand reception.

The Shoal Bay Country Club has a catering package that includes cocktails and canapes, exemplary menus, and all-white tables. Wedding packages cost $145 per person and include a 5-hour beverage service. Make the sparkling waters and white sand dunes of Shoal Bay part of your forever.

Capturing Your Beachfront Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions that you will have in your life. Having it captured will allow you to reminisce about the moment you chose to start your journey as husband and wife. Hence, you can also share it with your family and future kids. The perfect amount of sunlight, the natural beauty of mountains and trees, and the crystal water of the ocean are ideal moments to be captured together with smiles, tears, and laughter shared by your loved ones.

Partnering with Perfect Moment photography will help you capture and document every moment of your beachfront wedding that you can revisit every moment forever. Each candid moment will also highlight the beauty of the vast ocean and sky. The peals of laughter and shared glances during receptions are stored in photo albums that you can treasure for life.

This can only happen if you have professional photographers aiming to stress the romance between two people who will start something infinite.

Turning Beachfront Dreams into Reality

The enchanting breeze of the sea, the glittering reflections, and the golden hour that touches your skin are enough reasons to make your dream coastal wedding a reality. The sea is the best place to share the start of something infinite with your partner. With the 17 beachfront wedding venues in NSW that we listed above, there’s always one that suits you in creating memories that reflect your love story.

Can’t stop thinking about beachfront weddings in New South Wales? Share your dream coastal wedding with Perfect Moment to capture every remarkable candid moment of your special day. Right from the unique bridal suite to your kiss under the seaside sun and last dance beneath the thousand stars, we’re here to store the memories you can keep forever.
Get in touch with us for a consultation today! Don’t let this opportunity slip on your hands.

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