Cheap Wedding Venues in Melbourne

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There are many factors that come into play when you choose cheap wedding venues in Melbourne. It is not always easy, but it is possible.

When you only consider the face value of wedding receptions, it is easy to overlook all those little details that make your wedding day extra special. What are some things people might miss out on if they do not take time with their wedding planning? The drink packages and decoration fees will be charged separately from what is included in an hour-long session for example. So, adding these add on prices can really add up.

While there are many affordable wedding venues in Melbourne that you can see on the internet, most lists only include package prices without taking other important factors such as capacity or style into account.

When you are looking for an affordable wedding venue package, your aim is not just to avoid breaking bank but also receive top-quality service and an amazing venue that will bring your dream wedding day alive.

You might be on a budget, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice your dream wedding. There are plenty of affordable wedding venues in Melbourne. If saving money is more important than anything else then these affordable wedding venue choices will suit all types and styles from traditional weddings to intimate weddings. This should help narrow down what would work best based off location alone.

The guide will include affordable Melbourne wedding venues’ package prices and details, as well consider the guest capacity. It also looks at accommodation facilities for convenience along with affordable wedding reception options to decorate your event smoothly.

How Much is a Wedding Venue in Melbourne?

The cost of the wedding venue is often one that couples dedicate an entire budget towards. The average wedding venues expenditure is around 31 percent on the total cost in 2019, with some wedding venues costing more than others depending on their location and amenities they offer.

The venue cost of a Melbourne wedding can vary depending on your needs. The most expensive venue is $300 per head, but some have minimum venue hire prices at $100. However, there are also wedding venue options in Melbourne that are under $100 per person. The following wedding venues offer great value for money, so you will have no problem saving up or making ends meet.

What are the Cheapest Types of Wedding Venues?

We have compiled a list of the stunning wedding venues in Melbourne under $100 per person. These budget-friendly Melbourne wedding venues will give an unforgettable wedding day experience.

Arco Restaurant  – Affordable Wedding Venue Gems starts at $60 per head

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You deserve a romantic and scenic venue for your wedding, why not Arco Restaurant? The glass lunchroom allows you to enjoy the natural beauty outside while celebrating intimate weddings inside. With its blessing with lakeside oasis surrounded by birdlife, this restaurant will make any couple feel like they are on their dream wedding day.

The possibilities of intimate weddings at Arco Restaurant are endless. Whether you want to have dinner or just canapes, this small wedding venue has everything for wedding ceremonies. This cozy, family-owned restaurant can seat up to 120 wedding guests and offers an unbeatable atmosphere. The best part? They have menu items tailored just right so even those who are not big eaters will feel full from start until finish. Plus, the venue hire costs only $60 for a memorable wedding reception like this.

The Arco Restaurant is a place for foodies and wine enthusiasts. It is also the perfect spot to enjoy your bridal party, winery weddings or even cocktail wedding package. The natural light and beautiful view will make it one unforgettable night with family and friends that will not be forgotten anytime soon. If you want to give your wedding venue a more ambient feel, you can acquire some Custom Neon Signs for decoration. You can design the patterns on them the way you want so that it fits your wedding theme perfectly!

De Bortoli Wines Wedding Venue – Melbourne CBD Cheap Wedding Venue starts at $85 per head

Talking about winery weddings, the De Brotoli Wines is one of those all-inclusive wedding packages that you and your partner might be looking for. With a family story of immigrants, De Bortoli Wines is both the restaurant and winery in Dixon’s Creek. It is an hour drive to downtown Melbourne CBD, but it carries great wines that you will enjoy for years with your friends and family.

The scenic views of the vineyards and mountains create a perfect setting for your dream wedding. You can also have wedding pictures taken at the restaurant. There is plenty of space for a hundred people and the natural light will be perfect. Whatever your wedding vision is, wedding venue specialists are available to help you plan every detail of your classic wedding vibes.

This Melbourne wedding venue is perfect for those who loves vineyard view at an affordable price.The venue hire prices tend to be $85 per person for this wedding reception. With beautiful views and delicious wines, the Bortoli Wines will make you feel like royalty on your wedding party.

Bulong Estate Winery Wedding Venue – Yarra Valley Wedding Budget starts at $74 per head


When you get married, the last thing on your mind when it comes to destination wedding is a vineyard. But with stunning views like these in Yarra Valley it would be hard not to fall for this inexpensive wedding venue. The chef will create a menu that is tailored to your requests. From plated meals and canapés, the experience has something available in every category.

Getting married at Bulong Estate Winery is a type of wedding ceremony that you will never forget in Yarra Valley. The wines, beers and ciders come along with your all-inclusive wedding packages, so you can enjoy them during the reception or separately afterward.

Wedding venue specialists will be more than happy to help with your plans. Winery weddings at Bulong Estate Winery wedding reception venue hire costs $74 per person, but do not worry – thatt is just for an appetizer. The winery at Bulong Estate is a gorgeous wedding venue in Yarra Valley. The wedding venue offers an affordable and intimate wedding reception venue.

Jardin Tan – One of Melbourne’s Budget Friendly Wedding Venues starts at $65 per head

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Jardin Tan is a Melbourne-based company that explores organic and locally sourced products. The menu will change seasonally to ensure that the ingredients are always fresh. They have been featured in many publications for their innovative design solutions, which makes it a perfect memorable wedding reception. So, if you and your fiance is looking for a stunning wedding from grand ballroom to winter wedding, you might want to carry out your wedding vision here.

The elegant design of Jardin Tan creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a meal. The glasshouse restaurant features French-Indochina flavors, and it is just a stone’s throw away at Melbourne CBD, so it is easy to get here without too much trouble.

With its minimalist style and colorful decorations, the venue is perfect for a rustic wedding to vogue ballroom wedding celebration. The dedicated team ensures that your day will be unforgettable. Jardin Tan is one of the reasonable priced wedding venues in Melbourne CBD that offers farm-to table dishes. The venue hire costs per person for a memorable wedding reception here start at just $65.

Olinda Tea House – Stunning Wedding Reception Venue starts at $85 per head

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Are you into a stunning wedding or intimate wedding? Why choose if you can have both! Whether it is for a high tea or dinner, Olinda Tea House & Restaurant offers an experience that you will not be able to resist.

A quite getaway surrounded by nature and beautiful scenic views, this intimate venue is perfect for couples looking for a rustic wedding party. Settled in the middle of Dandenong Ranges, which is an hour away from Melbourne CBD.

With floor to ceiling windows, this small wedding venue is perfect for intimate gatherings. The indoor event has a capacity to accommodate 120 wedding guests and can easily be converted into an intimate outdoor courtyard if you want to have your wedding ceremony outside in their vast, open space. The terrace offers a gorgeous wedding venue view of the gardens and bushland, which will boost any wedding guest mood.

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony, you can expect hospitality from the staff. They will work together with you and your partner to make sure everything goes smoothly and beautifully in your special wedding day. The reception venue hire prices at Olinda Tea Hours starts from $85 per person.

As you can see, there are many budget-friendly wedding venues in Melbourne. But that does not mean they have low standards of service. They will make sure your wedding day goes smoothly and give it all to satisfy every need possible on behalf of the newlyweds. If you want to learn more about the cheapest wedding venues, we still have a lot of hassle-free options in Melbourne here.

Lakeside Banquet and Convention Center – Vogue Ballroom Wedding Venue starts at $87 per head

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A beautiful country location, Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre is one of the premier Melbourne wedding venues in western suburbs. This gorgeous wedding venue offers three unique rooms that can accommodate anywhere between 60 to 600 wedding guests. As the name suggests, each room has an incredible lake side view making it one of the best wedding venues for nature lover.

They have an in-house team of wedding planner and event coordinators who will help you set up your wedding reception. With their in-house culinary team, they can provide you with catering services that will make wedding ceremonies stand out. The wait staff is guaranteed to give high-quality service and the best food for all wedding guests at any type of wedding party or bridal party.

Whether you are planning an intimate venue or large wedding reception venue, Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre will never disappoint. If you are planning to have wedding guests from outside Melbourne CBD, do not worry because Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre also has rooms that can be hired. They offer many services that can make your wedding day truly special including the delicious food and elegant hotel wedding venue.

The reception venue hire prices tend at $87 per person, which also includes a lot of benefits such as wedding decorations and others inclusions. The breathtaking locations of the wedding venue will ensure that your wedding photographer get some terrific photos and videos for your wedding day.

Vogue Ballroom – Elegant Wedding Reception Venue starts at $99 per head

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The Vogue Ballroom crew is the best in town when it comes to turning any small wedding venue reception into a truly VIP event. Their accomplishments as a wedding planner who has organised events for more than a thousand married couples cannot be highlighted enough.

The wedding venue is close to Melbourne CBD, you will not be left wanting for anything with its stunning design and expert wedding planner. With their wedding packages that includes award-winning cuisine and renowned service, you will have a memorable wedding reception experience at the Vogue Ballroom.

The Vogue Ballroom is a spectacular space from floor ro ceiling windows, with crystal chandelier in the center that adds an elegant touch, as does each individual carpet on display for viewing pleasure. To top off this amazing wedding venue’s already-stunning design features, there are also crushed silks draperies that line either side if you are looking to make some pre wedding event drinks before heading into tonight’s wedding party.

Their mezzanine balcony provides an excellent view of the entire grand ballroom, making it a perfect space for surprising guests as one enters the ballroom. This is one of exclusive wedding venues in Melbourne and perfect place for small wedding venues that offers elegant wedding reception.

This cheap wedding venue is perfect for hosting any type of event. With 100 to 370 wedding guests able to enter the wedding venue, there are plenty that can be done here. The reception venue hire prices tend at $99 per person, which also includes five hours function, cocktail package and bridal suite usage.

List of Other Cheapest Wedding Venues in Melbourne (Above $100)

RACV City Club – Your Melbourne Skyline Dream Wedding

You will be treated to an impressive Melbourne Skyline view while enjoying your wedding ceremony and reception at one of the stunning wedding venues in Melbourne. If there’s somewhere unique on top priority list, then it would likely involve taking place outside under glass-like conditions with natural light pouring onto your wedding day from windows inside this wedding venue – all without compromising luxury.

Weddings at the RACV City Club are designed to give you and your loved ones an experience like no other. You can have a wedding ceremony in one of four different locations: the Pavilion, Library, the Gallery, or Level 17 Terrace for 50 people while larger groups up to 200 can be accommodated. You and your loved ones can celebrate at one of the four amazing locations, including a big party or small wedding venue event. The RACV City Club offers an unforgettable experience for any type event.

If you are looking for small wedding venues for your wedding celebration, their Club Pavilion offers an exclusive space that can seat about 100 wedding guests. You will enjoy breathtaking views of Melbourne CBD as there’s direct access to one of the outdoor terraces. This is perfect if you want some privacy during your wedding ceremony.

The price per head starts at $110, with 5 hours of functions and drink packages. The sky is the limit when you get married at this rooftop city wedding venue. With lots of options and inclusions to choose from, your special day will be one for all time.

The Park – A Grandeur Lakeside Melbourne Wedding

The Park is a unique wedding venue in Melbourne that offers the best of both worlds – class and nature. With its proximity to city life, this makes it easy for your wedding guests who enjoy having weddings outside but still want some sorta formal event on site. It is definitely one of those hassle-free options in Melbourne.

The Park is designed to bring in a rustic wedding yet a grandeur lakeside Melbourne wedding. Wedding guests are greeted by its tranquil views, extravagant chandeliers and open warehouse interior which offers them an opportunity for relaxation while they enjoy their meal.

The scenic views of the city and its lakeside locations make for great photo opportunities. Your wedding photographer can find many spots that offer beautiful backdrops, making this wedding venue used for something that will never grow old – your memories.

The Park is a timeless space that can accommodate almost 1,000 wedding guests. You have options to hold your reception either indoors or outdoors and the beauty of it all makes for an unforgettable experience. There is no place like a grand ballroom for a timeless event. The tall glass windows of this beautiful space ensure that you are never too far away from its stunning lakeside view, even when indoors.

The price per person is set at $130 and includes 5 hours of function, drink package for your guests as well as cocktail furniture. You will also get access to a VIP bridal suite with two private water view balconies.

This all-inclusive wedding packages venue is the perfect place for you and your guests to celebrate your dream wedding. With its beautiful grounds that have been designed with nature in mind and convenient transport links, it is an easy choice when looking at venues near Melbourne CBD.

The Park offers an extensive range of cocktail furniture and centrepieces for your room with no additional wedding services charge, in addition to not charging venue hire costs like other wedding venues around Melbourne.

Yarra Range Estate – Wedding Venue for Vineyard Lovers

This family-owned wedding venue is tucked away in the Dandenong Ranges, but offers luxurious locations for your wedding ceremony and reception with a wine dining experience that will leave you feeling like royalty. Also, this beautifully renovated and spacious wedding venue is located just an hour away from Melbourne CBD.

They have a team of wedding planner experts to take care of all your wedding needs. The award-winning team will take care of all your wedding planning service needs, making sure that you have an amazing day with no worries or stress.

You will have a wedding ceremony at the Yarra Range Estate for an entire hour free of charge according to the wedding packages of your choice. This factor alone makes this wedding venue highly affordable and luxurious.

With options to choose from various event locations at the Yarra Valley Range Estate – like the vineyard rose pathway, the beautiful sprawling gardens, undercover bine terrace, indoor Bluestone Room chapel, and the romantic gazebo. Your wedding guests will feel transported back in time while they enjoy their meal. The wedding venue offers several spots within its 30-acre property that provide dreamy backgrounds for your wedding photographer.

The cost per person is $155, but this includes five hours of function and drinks. With a deal that you just cannot resist, the overall experience at this wedding venue is one worth having. Whether for 60 or 200 wedding guests and regardless of whether it is daytime or nighttime wedding ceremonies, the options here will leave everyone satisfied.

Tatra Reception – Dandenong Ranges’ Famous Wedding Venue

This stunning and affordable wedding venue is a hidden gem in the Dandenong Ranges. It has been around since 1800 and preserves lush greenery that is over 70 years old, making it one-of-a kind.

If you are looking for a place where nature can be celebrated, then this is one of the perfect wedding venues in Melbourne. The options available range from small weddings with 80 guests up to large events that seat to 250 wedding guests and include an open vogue ballroom.

Tatra Reception is a one-stop destination for all your wedding needs. They offer an unforgettable experience with their luxurious wedding packages that include accommodation, access to the bridal room and lawns as well forests. To get a more formal photo taken by your wedding photographer, you can also visit the Alfred Nicholas memorial garden nearby.

Whatever occasion you are planning, it is hard to beat the beauty and elegance of this historic wedding venue. Choose from a variety for your wedding ceremony or reception with prices that won’t break the bank.

Whether you want to hold your wedding ceremony in an elegant, rustic chapel or go outdoors and enjoy the view of nature from their cupola-topped gazebo, they have all sorts of options for making your wedding party extra special.

Their grand ballroom has an open layout that is perfect for hosting your wedding day. With stunning views of the gardens, it contains chandelier lighting and cozy fireplace amenities to make guests feel at home.

With its natural settings and romantic photo opportunities, you are guaranteed to get some of the most stunning Dandenong range wedding photography anywhere. The backdrop for this event is not only an amazing forest but also provides plenty more spotlights on how perfect your wedding day was in front you.

They have a variety of wedding packages to choose from, starting at $190 per head. The included drink package and master of ceremonies will make your event perfect. 

Want to Save On Your Wedding Budget? Follow These Tips!

A lot of people are looking for an affordable wedding venue, which is why we have prepared these tips. As a wedding photographer, here’s a few wedding budget tips for you to save on your big day!

  • Winter Wedding – This is why you should consider holding your wedding during the winter months. A lot of wedding venues will give big discounts that occurs in winter, because there’s far fewer people attending them compared with other times in year. The indoor versus outdoor difference in price for a wedding is stark, with the winter discounts offered by outdoor wedding venues much higher than those inside.
  • All Inclusive Wedding Packages – You could save on your wedding budget by having a civil wedding ceremony at an all-inclusive wedding venue. You will only need to hire a small wedding venue rather than paying additional wedding services for holding the events separately in different wedding locations, which can be quite costly sometimes.
  • Cocktail Wedding Package – Wedding guests are free to mingle in a more casual atmosphere at cocktail-styled weddings. They can also enjoy food from the grazing table, instead of just sitting down for dinner. You can bring in more wedding guests and serve them with a greater variety of food while avoiding the cost associated with waiting services. It also means that you can still have more budget for wedding breakfasts.
  • Manage Your Wedding Decoration Budget  – When planning your wedding budget, make sure you do not spend more than what is available. This is because it can be difficult to scale back on decorations when they are almost ready.
  • Make sure to check for any hidden cost – Planning your dream wedding can be overwhelming, so it is important that you check the terms and conditions of any wedding venue before signing up. Make sure there are no hidden costs by looking at their invoices carefully or asking questions about pricing ahead of time. Some of the more hidden costs that couples might not expect when planning their dream wedding are corkage fees and cake cutting charges.

Is 30 Guests a Small Wedding?

Weddings are a personal choice, so it is important to consider the wedding venue and size of your wedding guest list before deciding. Weddings can be small, big or in-between. A “very” small wedding is typically less than 20 guests and is celebrated mostly with family and friends, it is also considered as micro wedding. If your wedding guest list consists between 30 to 60 people then the events falls into the small wedding category. There is no set amount that will make a small wedding, but it is up to each couple what they consider “small”.

We recommend an average sized wedding with 75-150 people or larger if you want more than just family members in attendance. However, this can vary depending on different factors such as culture or religion.


Melbourne is a city filled with unique venues that offer something for everyone. For example, there are cafes in Port Phillip Bay and waterfront wedding areas in addition to proximity from regions known as natural environments. If you are looking for Melbourne wedding, then your options become even greater because of how many choices this wonderful metropolis has available.

The list here of affordable wedding venues will help you find the best price-to-quality wedding reception scattered in Melbourne CBD as well its adjacent suburbs. Every destination wedding offers a unique benefit while still keeping their prices reasonable and making them accessible for all couples who want to have an amazing wedding day.

When planning your dream wedding, it is important not only to consider the price but also the number of wedding guests and the wedding venue you need catering for. Bear in mind that this will affect your final costs considerably. Make sure you include the following in planning your wedding ceremony:

  • The date and time of your wedding day.
  • The wedding venue’s functionality. DO you want an all-inclusive wedding package or wedding reception only.
  • The style of your wedding will determine the kind of occasion it is, e.g. rustic wedding in Port Phillip Bay, intimate wedding in Yarra Valley, or classic wedding vibes in Melbourne Skyline. Consider also if you want seated wedding packages or a cocktail wedding package.
  • Wedding decorations are an important aspect of your wedding budget.
  • Again, do not forget to always check and ask your wedding planner about any hidden costs on every contract.

When all five of these rules are taken into account, it will be much easier to find the best affordable wedding venue in Melbourne.

Finally, we know that finding the right wedding photographer is an important decision. Not only does it help create memories for you and your loved ones, but also affects how many people see those moments in life. You do not want to take any chances when choosing such a large expense, so contact Perfect Moment Photography and Video to help make this process as easy on yourself as we offer affordable packages with no hidden fees. Give us a call now!

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