The Best Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items You Need in 2023

Your wedding is one of the much anticipated days of your life. However, it’s also a day filled with unexpected surprises and emergencies. To ensure you’re prepared for any potential mishaps, having a wedding day emergency kit on hand can be a lifesaver. In 2023, there are a variety of essential items that you should consider including in your kit to make sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way. 

Whether it’s a last-minute stain on your dress or a headache from all the excitement, having these essential items on hand will ensure you can enjoy your special day with peace of mind. 

10 Items to Include in Your Emergency Wedding Kit

Here are some items you should consider when preparing your emergency wedding kit.

  1. Safety Pins

Safety pins are the first and best thing you can include on your wedding day kit. They are a flexible and convenient item that can save you, your family, and guests from any emergency situations such as fixing a torn hemline or broken strap.

Aside from that, you can also use it in many ways you imagine, like putting an extra touch on your bridesmaid’s gown, such as pleats or adding a ribbon. Or it can be pinning a loose flower on your guest suit. Safety pins also come in different colors, but silver and gold are the easiest to look for. Imagine how helpful a small safety pin is on your wedding day.

  1. Band-Aids and Antiseptic Cream

Next on our list are band-aids and antiseptic cream, which is pretty handy. Not mentioning some kids might get hurt, so having both on your kit can be helpful. Also, remember that it can help ease pain from any minor cuts, blisters, and injuries you or your guest may experience on your wedding day. 

Both antiseptic cream and band-aids efficiently address minor injuries and are suitable starter packs for your emergency wedding kit. Once the amount is washed, an antiseptic cream can relieve the pain. Meanwhile, a band-aid can cushion and protect the wound from irritation and infection. 

  1. Medicine Pouch or Kit

As much as you wanted the day to stay better and less stressful, headaches and muscle sores might come as an uninvited guest. Painkillers and headache medication are essential items in your emergency wedding kit. These will allow you to relieve the headache and soreness right away and have fun on your special day.

Aside from that, if one of your guests, bridesmaid, or even you might experience menstrual cramps, a painkiller can help relieve the pain and discomfort, allowing you to dance the night away. Headaches are also expected, as it is the first sign of stress, and you will never regret having an aspirin in your medicine pouch. Overall, having a painkiller and headache medication on your emergency wedding kit is a handy idea and offers you time to have fun on your wedding day. 

  1. Handkerchief

Tears are something that you must look ahead to on your wedding day. You don’t want others to see you pulling out a tissue from your pocket, so you might as well pack a handkerchief in your kit. You must note that your soon-to-be husband must have his handkerchief, so you might as well pick something according to your theme or color preference.

It can be handy when you and your husband share a sentimental message in your wedding vows. That way, you can easily wipe away any tears without smudging your beautiful makeup. Aside from that, accidents such as spills and messes are also present, so having a handkerchief minimizes the reason to stand up and look for a napkin. 

  1. Chewing Gums

You should maintain a fresh breath before and after the wedding ceremony. And you can make that possible by simply including a breath mint and chewing gums on your emergency wedding kit. It is also an excellent way to distract yourself if you feel tense or stressed, making you feel confident and comfortable throughout your wedding day.

Chewing gum or breath mints can also help remove the lingering scent of foods and drinks you consume throughout the wedding. If you plan to talk with your guest, you should consider popping some peppermint-flavored gum or mints. You can also have it if you and your partner don’t have enough time for a full-blown brushing or flossing session. 

  1. Body Spray

Sweat is one of the things that you might expect on your wedding day. No matter how refreshed, air-conditioned, and ventilated the venue is, there are still chances that you or your partner will sweat. Consider including a body spray on your emergency wedding kit, mainly if your wedding will be in a warm environment due to the outdoor venue.

Weddings are also expected to be an all-day long celebration. You don’t have enough time to shower or change into more comfortable clothes. A feeling of anxiousness and stress are also present, so sweating has the whole room for him. That is why a deodorant and body spray is a helpful thing for you and your partner to stay fresh and clean. Take note, one spray, and you have all your time to confidently show that ring to everyone!

  1. Tumbler of Water and Snacks

Heat is unbearable, particularly if you share your vows in an open area with the sun and celebrate the wedding in an open space. Aside from that, you only have a little time as you are busy preparing and taking photos. If these two factors are on your list, then this is a perfect opportunity to pack snacks you can eat occasionally and water to freshen yourself up.

Snacks such as nuts, fruits, and cereal can help you feel energized and nourished while preparing for your makeup, dress, and wedding photoshoot. Snacks also keep hunger at bay in the meantime. On the other hand, water can keep you hydrated all the time, avoiding lightheadedness and dizziness. One thing that you need to take note of is to bring a straw for your tumbler to prevent spills and messes.

  1. Retouch Kit for Bride

The wedding can take some time, it might also take a whole day, and with that, you can consider having a retouch makeup kit for you and your bridesmaid. Preparing your wedding day kit is essential to maintain your desired looks throughout the day. 

It is also appealing for touch-ups for smudge and fading makeup due to the long affair of the wedding. Aside from that, it is convenient for fixing makeup mishaps before taking photos. You can also change your look according to the venue and theme of the event, from full-blown makeup to simple, dewy looks. So, ensure you have a retouch makeup kit on your emergency kit on your wedding day to save time and spend the rest of the night having fun.

  1. Charger and Powerbank

Of course, you will only spend part of your day on your phone, but there is no harm in bringing a phone charger and power bank in your emergency wedding kit. This is convenient for most of the wedding, particularly friends who love snapping pictures and taking videos of you at your wedding. A power bank on your wedding kit can help your phone stay charged throughout the day.

Apart from that, you can still use your phone to communicate and stay in touch with your loved ones and the people behind your wedding. You can also keep using your phone and send GPS or the location of the lost guest on their way to the site. And lastly, if you plan to keep personal photos and keep your phone in the entire state, you must consider having a power bank or phone charger near you.

  1. Umbrella

And last on our list is an umbrella or rain poncho, which is essential to include on your emergency wedding kit. This will protect you from unexpected rain or weather conditions. Aside from sunscreen, an umbrella is also perfect if you plan to have your wedding venue in a very sunny location. This allows you to lessen the damage that is brought by the sun to your skin. 

Besides, if you plan a photoshoot outside for a while, bringing an umbrella is the best option, particularly if you travel from one location to another. It is also best to have an umbrella to lessen the damage to your hair and makeup. Aside from that, an extra umbrella can protect your photographer’s equipment from too much heat or rain.

Let Nothing Stop Your Wedding by Keeping an Emergency Wedding Kit

There is no harm in ensuring you have everything covered during your special day — especially if you want to ensure that everyone will have fun on your wedding day. One emergency kit can be a great lifesaver in situations that you don’t expect to come. A small investment in things for your emergency wedding kit can make you feel confident and relaxed on your wedding day.

So, if your wedding day is approaching, going for a wedding emergency kit can make a tremendous difference. So, put these things on your emergency list and dance the night away on your wedding day!

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