Bridal Shower vs. Bachelorette Party: Decoding the Differences for Your Ideal Pre-Wedding Celebration

2023 03 27 0057One of the biggest highlights of the wedding is the pre-wedding celebrations. This allows you and your partner to have fun and give your loved ones a walkthrough on the first part of your love journey before you enter married life. However, in doing a pre-wedding celebration you must have a gist of understanding between bridal shower vs. bachelorette party.

This article will guide you in understanding the difference between the two which offers you a chance to choose what works for you and your partner. While having a bridal shower or bachelorette party with your fiance, note that celebrating it can be a great way to shake off the wedding jitters. Below are the perfect tips and tricks for your pre-wedding party. You must include this guide in your wedding-to-do list.

Bridal Showers: An Overview

A bridal shower is a celebration that started way back in the 16th century in Holland. The story behind it is about a woman who decided to marry a man her father doesn’t like, and the father refused to give her daughter a dowry. However, the townspeople gave the couple a small gift to start her home without his father’s dowry.

The small act of kindness continuously passed by several generations. Today’s modern version of this celebration is the bridal shower, held for the bride with female friends and family members. The central concept of a bridal shower is to hype up the bride for the last days she will spend as a lady and prepare for her wedding, and open, spontaneous gifts. And what makes the party more lively is the activities which will bring out the competitiveness of each, such as:


      • Whose Memory – The guest will write their favorite memory with the bride.

      • Charades: Wedding Movies Edition – Collect wedding movie titles and have two teams to play the game. Put this game where the cocktails kick in to make it more exciting.

      • Paper Bride – With the help of 3-ply tissue, the bride, and creativity, the guest must be able to make a wedding gown for the bride.

    To make the whole bridal shower a time to remember, go heavy with the theme, food, and, most importantly, the drinks.

    Bachelorette Parties: An Overview

    If you are planning to spend your last hurrah as a lady in a different way, then you can go for a bachelorette party. You only need a good destination, one suitcase, and the ladies you want to have fun with. The history of the bachelorette parties started in the ’60s when women’s liberation was celebrated, and they could have fun and step out of the usual bridal shower.

    One thing about bachelorette parties is that the atmosphere is more out-of-the-box fun. Some might go clubbing in Las Vegas or getting drunk in New Orleans for our wild girls out there, but you can also try sailing on the sea, having a swim, and getting that vitamin D. If the bride wants something that is outside the box then art class is good where you can paint, sculpt, and make pottery. Another activity is having a themed photoshoot where you can unleash creativity and fashionista within you and the bride.

    There are more ways to set a great atmosphere for a bachelorette party. Just ensure everyone will participate and, most significantly, have fun.

    Bridal Shower vs. Bachelorette Party: Key Differences

    The difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party is crucial to the pre-wedding celebration. A bridal shower is more of showering the bride-to-be some love, good vibes, and wishes before entering a new chapter of life. On the other hand, a bachelorette party gives a bride-to-be an excuse to party and drink with her best buds.

    Below are differences between the two; if there is something to note about it – it should be the preference of the bride-to-be.

    Purpose and intentions of each event

    The purpose and intention of the chosen pre-wedding celebration must be considered before ordering or booking things. The main point here is to give the bride-to-be a sense of comfort and genuine love and care from people around her. Aside from that, people around the bride must share the same emotions to keep the environment alive.

    One thing to ensure is to keep the intentions clean and the party’s purpose is to have fun and shake the wedding jitters to the bride-to-be.

    Guest list considerations

    Guest lists are one of the crucial parts of any occasion or event. Some brides can afford to have as many guests as they want during their pre-wedding party. But then it is essential to weigh the relationship of one guest to the bride-to-be.

    It’s not about the size of  your guests, what matters is the genuine connection and special moment that the guest shares with the bride-to-be. 

    Location and setting

    You want to avoid spending your bridal shower, especially your bachelorette party, in a usual place where you need to compete with another guest for necessities of the venue. Clubs and bars are overrated, so add some spice to your choice of venue. It would be best to remind yourself of the following things when choosing the perfect venue:


        1. It should be Instagram-worthy.

        1. It must be out-of-the-box.

        1. Have the fun-filled fête that is out of the usual.

      Gifts and party favors

      In modern pre-wedding celebrations, gifts vary on the request of the couple. Some couples ask for money as a gift to avoid receiving the same thing twice or thrice, which is applicable for a bridal shower gift since it is more of an intimate celebration. On the other hand, the bachelorette party is quite flexible in terms of offerings, as each guest can give practical gifts or even funny and crazy ones.

      Activities and themes

      Bridal shower themes can be easily applied to the party as the celebration will be held inside the host’s house. Activities will include more games regarding the guest’s relationship with the bride-to-be. On the other hand, a bachelorette party requires time and effort in planning because there is a timeframe set for each activity.

      Themes are also applied if the bride-to-be asks for them, especially if the set activity is a photo shoot.

      How to Choose Between a Bridal Shower and a Bachelorette Party

      Nowadays, everyone can host a bridal shower and bachelorette party. The bride’s mother can hold the bridal shower since it is more intimate, while the bride’s closest friend might plan a bachelorette party. It is a great battle to know who will hold the epic party!

      Assessing the bride’s preferences and personality

      Knowing the personality and preferences of the bride helps a lot in choosing between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. If the bride is more likely to be family-oriented, loves to be with her friends, and prefers receiving gifts that will help them before and after the wedding, then a bridal shower will work. On the other hand, for brides who love spontaneous trips with their friends, a bachelorette party is an epic idea!

      Considering the guest list and their availability

      Listing down the guests for the party is a significant part, but asking them about their availability on the day given is the most challenging part. The best thing about a bridal shower is that it is a one-day celebration and can be set on the weekend, so everyone on the guest list has a high chance to come. On the other hand, a bachelorette party requires a whole day or even three, as it is more likely to be an out-of-town adventure.

      Budget considerations

      The best thing about a bridal shower is having it inside the host house. You don’t need to spend much, especially if you are creative and innovative. Meanwhile, a bachelorette party is quite expensive, particularly if you have a tight budget. The good thing is that many venues, themes, and activities require little spending.

      Combining elements of both events for a unique pre-wedding celebration

      If you can’t choose between the two, combining them to have a unique pre-wedding celebration might be the answer. This will allow the bride to have double fun – imagine receiving several gifts while on a trip. The bride takes the experience itself as the best pre-wedding gift before getting into married life.

      Tips for Planning a Memorable Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

      Here you are on the most exciting part of planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party. To ease your worries and save time, the tips below can help you pull the most memorable bridal shower and bachelorette party. Take sticky notes and pen and list what you must improve before the party.

      Identify Creative theme ideas

      A creative theme for any of the two alleviates the celebration and challenges the guest in what they will wear and what gift suits the theme the most. It also adds fun to the celebration, making the night more memorable for the bride. And once you are on the theme picking, pick the one that will be remarkable for the bride and the guests.

      Include Fun activities and games

      Add some fun activities and games with your chosen pre-wedding celebration to make things exciting. Add games that can bring out the competitiveness of each lady in the room and add music to excite the mood. Another thing to remember is to ensure there is enough food and cocktails to spice up your celebration.

      Choose the perfect venue and decorations.

      Perfect venues and decorations play a massive role in making an Instagram-worthy picture. When choosing the venue, ensure the location is a reasonable distance from the guest’s home or work. Aside from that, the parking lot plays a massive role for the guest with a personal car.

      Decorations must also be aligned with the theme and color you aim for. With this, you can effortlessly finesse the whole party planning.

      Advice on etiquette and considerations for the host

      Please take note of the etiquette, as it will serve as the driver of the guest’s mood. The party host must be able to send out the invitation early and plan the party well. A personal greeting to every guest and emphasizing the mix and mingle will surely make everyone feel welcome at the party.

      It is not easy to host the party, but once everything is executed graciously, it is a perfect sign that you’re a good host.

      Is it a Bridal Shower or a Bachelorette Party?

      A bridal shower is a traditional party to which all women close to the bride’s heart are invited. It is usually a lunch or dinner with gifts and games – held in the host’s house. There are also light snacks and drinks while the guest and bride have fun.

      On the other hand, a bachelorette party is likely what you can see in the movies, like clubbing and bar hopping. But then, some modern ladies tend to spend it more excitingly, like renting a room in Greece, having a photoshoot, sailing in the sea, or joining a club to make spontaneous memories. Another thing to note about the bachelorette party is that it is projected by the maid of honor, and mostly, the guest pays for the bride.

      But during the planning of the party, make sure to consider the preferences and characteristics of the bride as it is the best way to assure the bride that the party is made according to her taste. In addition, make your party memorable by hiring a talented wedding photographer to cover everything.

      Share your thoughts and experiences with the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and post your recent pictures with friends and families during the pre-wedding celebration.

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