How to Plan a Perfect Wedding Cruise on Sydney Harbour with Captain Cook Cruises

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, it’s best to make it memorable and unique. One of the best ways to do that is by having a wedding cruise on Sydney Harbour. Take your romantic love story on a sensational cruise while saying your vows along the ravishing sails of the Sydney Opera house with Captain Cook Cruises. 

Captain Cook Cruises is an Australian company that offers cruises on Sydney Harbour and Swan River. Surprisingly, they also conduct wedding services on their private vessels. This is an excellent idea if you wish to have stunning views of the rising sun in the morning and glittering city lights at night. They offer an all-inclusive wedding package which includes catering services, entertainment choices, and experienced staff. Apparently, you can also contact them for a customised quotation.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Wedding Cruise on Sydney Harbour

If you’re pondering if you’ll have your wedding on a cruise, you can check these important points. This will definitely give you a clear idea of why a wedding cruise is one of the best options for your special day.

Scenic Views

Sailing your wedding in the iconic and picturesque Sydney Harbour will take your breath away. Aside from its incredible scenic views, it is also the best spot for a photoshoot. Depending on the time of your wedding, whether in the morning with the rising sun or at night with sparkling city lights, rest assured that you will have the perfect photo you can treasure for the rest of your life.

More Intimate

Cherish the moment you shared with your partner and people close to your heart by having a more intimate and private wedding. A wedding on a cruise often has more privacy than the typical weddings you know. Cruise is entirely a secluded location away from others, guaranteeing that no uninvited people will watch your wedding.


One of the best benefits of a cruise wedding is you can fully customise your space. You may personalise your theme wedding by matching it with beautiful and scenic views of Sydney Harbour or collaborating it with your taste and style. 

How to book a wedding cruise with Captain Cook Cruises

If you are considering tying the knot on the dazzling cruise in Sydney Harbour, here is the guide to assist you in booking a wedding cruise with Captain Cook Cruises.

  1. Contact them to Get a Personalised Quote

Upon visiting their website, you’ll see the contact information. Give them a call so you can get a personalised quote. After that, you’ll fill out the necessary details to proceed with the quotation.

  1. Pick a Boat that Suits Your Budget and Guest List

Captain Cook Cruises offers grand or simple wedding and fleet packages depending on your budget. Select the type of fleet that will accommodate your guest lists and, at the same time, fits your budget. You may visit their website to check their gallery and pick whatever may fit your style and preference.

  1. Choose a Menu and Beverage Package

Whether a grand or small wedding, choosing the right menu and beverage package is essential. Of course, your wedding day will never be complete if you don’t have food to serve. So, decide which set of food to order according to your budget and guest count.

  1. Book an Optional Entertainment Addons

Entertainment at a wedding is optional. However, this is one of the main aspects that may set the mood of your guests while sailing on a cruise ship. You may hire a live band or music DJ to break the ice and start your guests to groove and dance with their feet. 

  1. Finalise Your Wedding Plans

After considering all the essential factors of a wedding, it’s time to finalise your plans. Made the final decision regarding the type of fleet and wedding package on Captain Cook Cruises, your menu and beverages, and the entertainment you will add. 

How to Make Your Cruise Wedding Memorable

Start your life together with the rising sun of Sydney Harbour or dance with the sparkling city lights under the Harbour Bridge. Here’s how you can make your cruise wedding more memorable.

  1. Identify Your Desired Theme

Give life to your dream wedding by making it more personal and unique. Choose the perfect theme that you want according to your style and preference. You may go with a complete tropical beach theme, or if you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you may also lean toward this theme. Whatever you want to create to make it unique will be the best wedding theme you will have.  

  1. Decorate the Boat

If you choose a tropical beach theme, you may use seashells and sand to decorate the boat. You can also add mason jars that look great on the tables. Use bright tropical colours to emphasise the tropical beach theme, or go nautical colours like blue and white.

  1. Take Photos and Videos of some Picturesque Scenes

Celebrations that last a lifetime should be preserved in photographs or videos. Celebrating it on a cruise ship with Captain Cook Cruises is something you should cherish forever. Start your life together with the fabulous scenic views and picture-perfect backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Don’t forget to hire a great Sydney photography team to make your shoots outstanding.

  1. Enjoy the Sunset and Fireworks

Say I-do with the breathtaking sunset and sparkling fireworks by Sydney Harbour with Captain Cook Cruises. Nothing beats a great experience than enjoying the magical evening by the horizon of the world’s famous harbour. Your guests will treasure this moment as they witness your union while having peace, love, and comfort on a cruise ship.

  1. Thank Your Guests with a Personalised Gift

To express gratitude to your guests, you can give them a personalised gift that shows how much you appreciate them. You can get them a miniature of the cruise ship or a mason jar with seashells, scented candles, and other cruise-related adorable thank-you gifts.

Captain cook Cruises Alternatives For Your Sydney Cruise Wedding 

Aside from Captain Cook Cruise, there are other wedding cruise services you may choose as an alternative for your wedding. 

Carnival Cruises

Say I do the carnival way with Carnival Cruise. The blue sky background or white sand beach behind you is a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. If you like fine dining, entertainment, exotic locations and comfy staterooms, Carnival Cruise is the ideal wedding cruise ship you could have. Their wedding packages include a wedding ceremony, bouquet, wedding cake, champagne toast, and expert photography services. 

P&O Cruises

Whether it’s a big wedding or an intimate union, getting married onboard is an incredible experience for you and your guests. P&O cruise ships celebrate diversity and love in every form, welcoming all types of marriages onboard. You may comfortably enjoy your day with their proficient and friendly staff that will handle all the little details. P&O offers wedding packages, drink and canape receptions, and professional photo packages.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean has everything you need to make your wedding as beautiful and seamless as possible. They offer a venue and menu with various fantastic choices onboard. They also have customised wedding packages, including cake, flowers, music, and breakfast-in-bed.

Enjoy A Once in a Lifetime Stunning Cruise Wedding

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime day. Now that it is finally happening, make it even more memorable by celebrating it uniquely. Take your love story in the breezy air and stunning views of Sydney Harbour while enjoying the night away with the calm wind, sparkling city lights and glittering fireworks. Whether it is a grand or intimate wedding, celebrating love in every form while onboard a cruise ship is something you will treasure forever.

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