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Wedding ceremonies are relatively expensive, especially if you fail to plan it out from the moment you and your partner get engaged. One of the most troublesome parts for every engaged couple in their wedding planning is looking for the perfect wedding venue. If you’re planning to have your wedding day in Adelaide, you’re on the right avenue as I am about to run through some cheap wedding venues Adelaide has to offer.

10 Tips to Help Your Find an Affordable Wedding Venue in Adelaide

However, before I enumerate those affordable wedding venues, I would like to give you a concrete idea of how to distinguish the best location for your much-awaited wedding day. Your goal should not just be choosing from the list of affordable wedding venues in Adelaide. You also need to determine which one will suit your ideal motif for your wedding day.

Here are the guidelines you can follow before, during, and after finding a beautiful wedding venue.

Settle Your Wedding Date

First, you should talk to your partner regarding your desired wedding date. Remember that this is not just your wedding, so try to be considerate and don’t act impulsively in choosing from the list of best wedding venues.

Another thing to consider is the season. If both of you decide to schedule your wedding day during the winter season, you might need to consider an indoor wedding setup. Having a wedding ceremony and wedding reception in a freezing environment might not be the best idea.

Know Your Wedding Budget

Once you and your partner settle on the date of your wedding day, it’s time to set a realistic budget that both of you can afford. Make sure that the budget is logically attainable and if possible, make a list of all target suppliers to allocate the necessary funding.

In that way, you will already know how much you can spend on a beautiful venue. Again know your budget first before checking the list of Adelaide wedding venues. 

Confirm Your Wedding Guests

The number of your expected guests is also a contributing factor in choosing from a list of wedding venues. No matter how beautiful your wedding ceremony or reception venue is, if your guest is not comfortable due to the crowded place, they will surely not appreciate and enjoy your remarkable wedding day.

This time, RSVP will undoubtedly play a big part in confirming whether your guest is available or not on your desired wedding day. So, send it ahead of time and give them ample time to decide. Kindly indicate that the seat is limited, so you can’t entertain additional guests on their end.

Decide your Wedding Theme

Of course, you might not want to book some large function rooms if your desired wedding ceremony and reception theme is a garden wedding. So, in choosing the right wedding venue in South Australia, always consider your motif or theme. Again, think about the choice of your partner. This is your partner’s wedding too.

If you’re still undecided about the wedding theme, don’t worry, I prepared a list of themes that you can choose from. Just continue reading to know more about it.

Consider Your Wedding Style

Next is considering your wedding venue style. You may opt to hold your wedding ceremony outdoors and let your guests move into some function rooms as your reception venue. Consequently, you may have the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in either an outdoor venue or indoor function rooms.

Well, the choice is yours. Just make sure that everything fits your wedding theme and budget.

Check All Important Considerations

This point is also essential. Take time to assess your guests if they require special arrangements, such as PWD’s spot in your wedding reception. If many elderlies wish to attend your wedding, you might want to consider places near the Adelaide CBD.

Always remember that your guests also matter. They are all part of how your relationship with each other grows. So make the best possible way to acknowledge their commitment and time.

Search on Legit Websites or Pages

After completing all the things I have mentioned from tips 1 to 6, it’s time to actually search for wedding venues in Adelaide. Regardless of whether you’re looking for small wedding venues, locations with a boutique hotel, or even wedding ceremonies with a dance floor, South Australia always has many places to offer.

Luckily, I’ve also created a list in this article where you can check the most affordable wedding venues in Adelaide. If you need to cross-reference everything, make sure you’re looking on a legit website or social media page.

Visit Your Target Wedding Venue

There’s no better way to check your wedding venue than personally dropping by and inspecting the location with your partner and wedding planner. That way, you will have an idea of how you will set up your desired theme.

You may also invite some of your suppliers to join you in your ocular visit. This will give them an idea of how to adjust or improve their operation during your wedding.

Create a Backup Plan

Creating a Plan B seems not a typical idea in planning a wedding since it might need another costing factor on your end. However, in terms of security and comfortability, it always pays off if you have a reserved plan in case something goes wrong.

Imagine if heavy rain suddenly falls or if the outdoor venue suddenly experiences too much heat. I bet your guests, and even both of you, wouldn’t want that issue to hinder your special day.

Request A Wedding Venue Contract

As crucial as securing your wedding ceremony venue is assuring you have a valid wedding venue contract. Verify everything listed on your agreement to know what you’ll have at your wedding.

If you’re not into technicalities, then have your wedding planner check everything. This will undoubtedly save you from some hidden charges that a venue might include.

5 Adelaide Wedding Venue Theme Ideas in

I know you’re excited already to check the list of wedding locations in South Australia, especially those venues near Adelaide. But before that, I want to first share some of the typical wedding themes you can choose if you’re still contemplating your desired motif.


If you love retro concepts such as decorating Victorian style with antiques in the black and white backdrop, then vintage themes are certainly for you. You may opt to use other vintage props which resemble the 20s to 40s era.

In choosing a location, consider a place where historical structures or architectures are present, so you can use those as your wedding background. If you have an ample budget for your venue, you can select some places with an old castle or mansion, making your motif more of a royalty vintage theme. 


You may want to play safe and make everything traditional in your theme. If that’s the case, then choose a classic theme. You may use some classic ribbons, fancy candle lights, elegant color palettes, and bold-colored table decorations.

You can’t simply go wrong by choosing a classic theme as your wedding motif. You can also mix other themes to make it more reminiscent of your beloved guests. You can try classic-retro, classic-boho, or probably classic-modern. Well, it’s always up to you and your partner’s preference.


If you want to have that old-woody accent partnered with a handful of greeneries in your background, a rustic theme is a perfect design for your wedding. South Australia is known for venues that offer this kind of wedding vibes.

This theme gives a relaxing context that gives your guests a serene and romantic feel. Rustic themes will also offer not-so-complicated dress codes such as casual dress and suits. Not to mention the picturesque background that everyone will surely love.


If you’re a garden or greenery type of person, you may choose a garden theme for both the wedding ceremony and reception. This might be one of the easiest to decorate themes as some venues have already prepared a spot for this kind of motif. You can also utilize the gorgeous garden design of a particular venue.

Like the rustic theme, there are also many garden venues that you can find in South Australia. You may refer to the list I created if you prefer a garden wedding ceremony.


Aside from going classic, another safe and traditional theme is just to be romantic. Weddings are indeed romantic events, after all. Simply choose a soft-colored palette and add some delicate lighting and decoration to your venue. You may also opt to scatter some rose petals around the place.

Of course, everything will not be so romantic if you won’t add fresh flowers all over your venue. Just ensure that you will choose seasonal flowers that will fit your color palette. 


Now, if you prefer to have something unique and contemporary, I suggest you go modern. This is one of the most specific indoor wedding themes to organize since everything can be technically available in your chosen venue.

This setup includes minimalist furnishings such as contemporary chairs, long tables, and sofas. The motif of this theme simply revolves around the neutral color palette. However, some couples try to incorporate this theme into other themes, making their wedding celebration unique.


The last on our list is the bohemian theme known as boho. This theme combines the idea of being a bit rustic, vintage, and magically romantic all in one robust setup. You may include some warm, inviting elements in your designs, such as leather books, dream catchers, brooches, and some fresh white flowers.

You can also ask your guest to wear airy dresses with matching flower crowns to make them feel the boho vibes as they witness your romantic vows.

15 Affordable Adelaide Wedding Venues

Now, going to the much-awaited part. I won’t delay you further and introduce my top 15 most affordable wedding venues in Adelaide. Read the description carefully to check which one will fit your desired style and theme.

Adelaide Pavilion

If you’re a big fan of having gorgeous gardens as your background with fairy lights set up all around your venue during your wedding ceremony and reception, I suggest checking out the Adelaide Pavilion. This place has a stunning setting that you can utilize to have one-of-kind wedding photography and videography shots in natural lights.

Some also say you will feel like having a European intimate wedding vibe in this venue, primarily upon witnessing the sunken rose garden and some water features. Adelaide pavilion can cater to up to 200 guests in their spacious event hall.

St Francis Winery Resort

Another great place to hold a garden ceremony is St. Francis Winery Resort. Apparently, this place is considered a historical heritage since this is where the first grapevines were planted in South Australia. This stunning location offers an overlooking view of the tranquil Lake Carew Reynell. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the natural light in your photo ops.

The spacious garden venue can cater to up to 130 guests with enough room for accommodation. You can also check their wedding packages and offers to see which will fit your allocated budget.

The Playford Adelaide, MGallery by Sofitel

Now, if your preference is holding your special day in an indoor spot with function rooms, a function centre, and a few contemporary luxury designs, then The Playford Adelaide, McGallery by Sofitel will surely cater to your needs. This boutique hotel located on the prestigious north terrace offers a romantic blend of elegant classic and modern themes.

The Playford Adelaide can hold up to 250 seating guests, perfect for a large reception venue. This might sound expensive, but if you want to invite a huge crowd to your wedding venue, this place might be perfectly affordable for you.

Sfera’s Park Suites and Convention Centre

Stera’s Park Suites and Convention Centre is a perfect spot for small wedding venues, making an intimate wedding more meaningful and lovely. It has a picturesque garden view, a fine dining setup, and exceptional ballrooms. Each room of this venue offers some draping, water features, and twinkling fairy lights that will surely match your desired theme.

This venue is one of the best convention centres catering to 50 to 100 guests. However, the whole place can accommodate 400 guests when all rooms are used, so you don’t need to worry about the space if you opt to have some big nuptial celebration instead of small weddings. 

Auchendarroch House and Wallis Tavern

As I mentioned before, Adelaide is one of the best places to have a garden wedding since there are many exceptional venues for that theme. One of those best venues is the Auchendarroch House. Surrounded by heritage oak trees, this venue offers a lovely intimate vibe that you will surely love.

So, if you prefer small intimate weddings with roughly less than a hundred guests, I assure you that their intimate reception area will be the perfect location for your special day.

Royal SA Yacht Squadron

Don’t easily get intimidated by the word Yacht. This might look expensive, but if you prefer intimate weddings with panoramic marina views, this place has a deal to offer you. Apparently, RSAYS is one of the best small wedding venues with beautiful natural light for your pictorial.

Depending on your preference, you may opt to have an indoor or outdoor event. You can either use either the Marina Lawn, the Quarterdeck, the Dinghy Shed, or the Flags and Cannon Platform for your ceremony. Then you can hold your reception at the Clubhouse of the venue.

Old Oval Estate

Another excellent place for an outdoor wedding ceremony is holding it in Old Oval Estate. This exclusive private estate is in the heart of the McLaren Vale winery region. It has a 20-acre vineyard with a 450-year-old Gum Tree, perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Old Oval Estate can accommodate a seating capacity of up to 150 guests. They will enjoy a fresh, beautifully designed garden for a photo shoot or simply a wonderful place to unwind while witnessing your lovely vows.

The Summit Function Centre

The Summit Cafe and Function Centre is something you can consider if you prefer an overseeing perfect backdrop view from the top of Mt. Lofty. This venue can cater to both large and small wedding events. Apparently, it has an elegant dining area and spacious plaza that can provide enough space for your guests to roam around.

The function centre can accommodate 100 seating capacity for an indoor ceremony. However, if you prefer a cocktail reception, the venue can cater to 180 guests. 

Golding Wines

Wedding celebrations ignite with a beautiful toast of sweet wines, resembling the romantic seal of the wedding couple. Golding Wines is the right venue for you if you wish to have that kind of wine night at your wedding reception. 

However, more than their wines, Golding also offers wonderful traditional wedding designs, either indoor or outdoor, through their exclusive barn and lawns. Not to mention that you can coordinate with them to set up a private bar for your much-awaited event.

Mount Osmond Golf Club

Situated 15 minutes away from Adelaide CBD, Mount Osmond Golf Club is a perfect destination for weddings without leaving far away from the city. This heritage golf club offers a scenic and beautiful venue that will captivate you and your guests.

You can literally see the majestic view of Mt. Lofty, the coastline, and the busy Adelaide city. With their spacious venue, you can hold your entire wedding in this place. From the ceremony until the very end of your reception program, Mount Osmond will have a flexible package according to your budget.

Glen Ewin Estate

This heritage-listed property in the Adelaide Hills can make your special day more magical and memorable for you and your loved ones. It has a mix of rustic and vintage structures, which can give you a medieval royalty-perfect backdrop. However, the spacious venue can trigger your creativity to develop a romantic atmosphere-type motif.

The Glen Ewin Estate can accommodate both large and small wedding events. It has a capacity that ranges from 60 to 250 guests.

Woodstock Wine Estate

If you prefer to have a small wedding event in a single venue that includes a place for ceremony and reception with complimentary pre dinner drinks and a scenic photoshoot area, the Woodstock Wine Estate is the perfect location for your event.

Subsequently, the venue also offers accommodation for two nights for you and your partner, which will surely satisfy your wedding dreams. 

The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia

If your dream wedding includes having some water features in an elegant-looking venue such as a yacht club spot, you may opt to check the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia. This place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the marina.

This award-winning facility is one of Adelaide’s most recommended waterfront wedding venues. It can cater to significant wedding events with up to 300 guests.

The Grange Golf Club

Another golf course venue that you can consider is The Grange Golf Club in SA. This is a perfect location if you want a complete wedding package that offers an outdoor ceremony, a function centre, and a superb dining experience.

The Grange Golf Club can hold 250 guests within their exclusive function spaces. You can also coordinate with them to create a more affordable and customized wedding package for your special day.

Hilton Adelaide

The last but definitely not the least venue South Australia offers is the Hilton Adelaide. Well, from the name of the venue itself, this primarily caters to those who want to have their special day in Adelaide. Surprisingly, this venue offers all kinds of indoor themes you have in mind. Whether a classic, romantic or even small weddings in rustic motif will surely match their convention centre.

Regardless if you desire to have a large or intimate wedding event, Hilton Adelaide has always a package to offer. Their elegant place can accommodate up to 500 nuptial guests.

Your Love Story Will Always Make a Venue the Perfect One

I’m sure by now that you have a venue or two in mind that you might want to cross-reference on their website. Just a simple reminder to make sure that you will transact on their legit website and not on some random pages. 

Weddings are indeed beautiful when you’re together, but they will be so much more beautiful when you’re together in a romantic, beautiful place. I know you’re so excited to tie the knot with your pair. However, before getting there, make sure to settle every detail first to avoid casualties. Don’t impulsively book. After all, there are many excellent wedding venues Adelaide has to offer.

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