Your wedding event is one of the most intimate and glorious occasions that you will ever have in your life. Therefore choosing a suitable wedding venue is most likely advisable for many wedding planners. Brisbane weddings were known for fabulous weddings with a grand ballroom and historic stained glass windows. You might probably wonder if there are affordable wedding venues you find within this city. Well, I suggest you stop worrying and concentrate on your wedding planning since many affordable wedding venues can cater to both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. You might even be surprised knowing how accessible and budget-friendly these not-so-hidden wedding venues are.

When Should You Book Your Wedding Venues

However, before heading to the list of the best affordable wedding venues, it’s highly recommended to know first when you should start looking for those venues. You’ll never know if you’re too early or late for a booking. Ideally, the most advisable time to book your stunning wedding venue is a year to nine months before your romantic wedding day. Typically, the place tends to be an affordable wedding venue whenever it’s a year away from the target date.

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Brisbane

As I mentioned earlier, here are the top 10 affordable wedding venues that you can choose to accommodate your Brisbane wedding event. Your wedding guests will surely love these destinations.

Walkabout Creek

Located in D’Aguilar National Park, Walkabout Creek is an exciting wedding destination that offers a rustic country wedding style with its tranquil rainforest and stunning landscapes as your background. Apparently, it’s a haven of picture-perfect spots which your wedding photographers will surely love. Your guests will also appreciate the nature-centric vibes that this location will offer. Knowing that it’s just a half an hour short drive from Brisbane CBD, I’m confident that everyone can’t miss your special day.

Salt Bar

Now, if you prefer the Gold Coast area but are not too far away from the Brisbane CBD, I highly recommend checking out Salt Bar. This spectacular place offers a beachfront location where you can feel the tropical breeze of the Pacific Ocean. This affordable wedding venue is also known for its cheap wedding packages, including delicious foods, drinks, and top-notch service for your special day. Even if this place is more than an hour away from the central city, I’m sure that your guest will still be eager to come knowing that your wedding has stunning views.

Coolibah Downs Private Estate

Another gold coast wedding venue is the Coolibah Downs Private Estate. This ideal venue is surrounded by trees and manicured gardens, creating a perfect backdrop for your big day. You might also choose a wedding ceremony inside a beautiful chapel that can be in a boho or rustic theme. This affordable wedding venue is roughly 60 minutes away from Brisbane’s CBD, but I can attest that it’s worth the shot to hold your wedding day there.

Regatta Hotel Brisbane

This inexpensive option for your wedding venue offers a space to watch the magnificent Brisbane River. This place is also suitable for intimate wedding events, which can host 80 persons. Even though the place is designed for a formal seated or cocktail-style set-up nearby Brisbane river, you may still opt to coordinate for your ideal arrangement. Their reception venues recommend a customizable package that will fit your wedding budget. Since they’re relatively in the wedding business for a long time, you can expect excellent and world-class service from this Victorian hotel.

The Inchcolm by Ovolo

If you want to have that elegant historic vibes for your venue but can’t afford to travel miles away from Brisbane CBD, then worry no more since The Inchcolm by Ovolo can match your desired style. This unique wedding space has a long room brimming with art decorations that your wedding guests will love. When I say unique wedding venues, I mean having some fairy floss, snow cone machines, and gumball machines as part of the typical catering addons. Surprising, isn’t it? You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a stunning venue like this.

Cherbon Waters

About a half-hour drive in south Brisbane is where the Cherbon Waters is strategically located. This place is one of the many wedding venues which offers a perfect harmony of nature and elegance. The picturesque garden, romantic lake, and gum trees are some of the highlights of this venue. As luxurious as it may seem, this place is totally affordable, especially if you want an outdoor wedding destination with a class. I’m sure that your 25-mile trip is worth the drive.

Customs House

Customs House is one of the most perfect affordable wedding venues Brisbane offers. Not only that, aside from being affordable, this venue will also captivate you and your guests with its panoramic views of the river and classic story bridge. Indeed, your wedding photographers will never run out of ideas upon seeing this venue. Customs House has wedding receptions for both intimate weddings and big ones. The 70-person capacity river room will surely give you an intimate wedding ambiance, while the long room can host up to 200 seating pax.

Victoria Park

If you’re the type who just wants to have a relaxing and not so critical wedding style, try checking out Victoria Park in the heart of Brisbane. Even though it’s a city park, Victoria Park proudly holds the “Brisbane Wedding Venue of the year” in 2019 and 2020 from the LUXLife Global Wedding Awards Program. This place gives relaxing panoramic city views, and a backdrop of the golf course’s green hills. Surprisingly Victoria Park can accommodate 300+ guests at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Brisbane City Hall

Let’s not go that far to enjoy your special day. In fact, you don’t need to get out of Brisbane CBD to have a classic cultural wedding theme. Brisbane City Hall is home to picturesque historical backdrops such as chandeliers, marble staircases, and mosaic-tiled floors. You will also be astonished by how big this wedding venue is. Brisbane City Hall can accommodate 700 seated guests and 2000 cocktail-style guests. Definitely a perfect place for an ample yet affordable wedding space.

Northshore Harbour

Last on our list of best affordable wedding venues in Brisbane is the Northshore Harbour. This venue is another go-to place for intimate weddings. The palace highlights the beautiful view of a river, perfect for a waterfront theme wedding. Northshore Harbour can only accommodate 70 guests in its Park View Room, while the boardroom can cater only up to 14 guests. What a very intimate yet classy way to enjoy your special moment.

Tips on how to Choose an Ideal Yet Affordable Venue in Brisbane

Now that you have a list of possible wedding venues at an affordable price, I can say that you’re pretty ready to explore and check which one fits your budget, schedule, and style. Even so, I would like to extend my help by providing you some tips on how to choose your ideal yet affordable Brisbane wedding venue. Simply answer the 12 questions that I’ve compiled below.

How Much is Your Budget?

Make sure that you and your fiance know how much you’re willing to spend for your wedding venue. If you’re unsure, try consulting a wedding planner to have a rough estimate.

What is Your Desired Theme?

Your venue should fit your desired theme. Make sure that the space can hold your decorations, materials, and background designs before booking it.

What is the Season of Your Desired Wedding schedule?

The season of your wedding date is also crucial in booking the venue. Bear in mind that the better the season, the higher the chance the venue is already jam-packed with bookings. So decide early and book timely.

How Many Guests are Invited?

Of course, your wedding location should cater to the number of guests you invite for your wedding day. No matter how scenic your Brisbane venue is, if it has only a 50-person capacity, you can never create a big wedding event there.

Do You Need an Indoor or Outdoor Venue?

You also need to check this part since this will affect your Brisbane venue criteria. You may opt to use an entire indoor or outdoor event for both ceremony and reception. However, there are some weddings which they choose to hold the ceremony outdoors and the reception indoors. So, make sure to decide accordingly.

Do You Need Nearby Accommodation?

Accommodation is also essential, especially if you prefer places far from Brisbane. Therefore, you need to verify as you check on the venue if they offer room accommodations, especially for the bride.

Is it Accessible to Most of Your Guests?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me if I say that your guests are all critical to you, especially if you’re holding an intimate wedding event. So, I guess it will pay off to verify if they will be able to drive that far if you’re planning a Gold Coast wedding.

Are You Willing to Pay for Your Supplier’s Transportation Charges?

Your wedding vendors might ask you to shoulder some of their transportation expenses if you opt for a wedding event in far south Brisbane. Assess your wedding budget to see if you have that amount to spend.

Are There Corkage Fees Required for Outside Suppliers?

Another small detail that engaged couples usually overlook is the corkage fee that venues will collect once you get a service from outside wedding vendors. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll pay for these corkage fees.

Did you check the reviews?

This goes without saying, but I need to remind you to check the reviews, look for wedding photos, and, if possible, contact married couples who previously had their wedding event in that location.

Are You Capable of Viewing the Venue Before Booking?

The last question you need to answer is your availability to check the wedding venue to personally approve if it suits your style, target guest count, and budget. Apparently, you also need to somehow feel the ambiance and the vibes of your desired venue.

Down the Line

Weddings in Brisbane might be complicated and hard to organize, especially when finding the right location to satisfy your criteria. However, if you plan ahead and coordinate with respective key persons, I assure you that it will be smooth sailing as you imagine. By simply checking the list of affordable wedding places in Brisbane and asking the 12 guideline questions I prepared, I can assure you that you’re just a few steps away from booking the perfect wedding spot in Brisbane.