Dandenong’s Best-Kept Secrets: Top 10 Breathtaking Spots for Your Wedding Photos

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Choosing the Dandenong Ranges?

Choosing your desired location is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Your chosen location will not just give your wedding a place to celebrate. This will also add color and meaningful memories as you reminisce about this important day of your life.

Melbourne will be the correct destination for your big day if you want a stunning wedding venue with classic architecture, treasured pavements, and breathtaking landscapes. One of the most recommended tips for tying the knot in Melbourne is to choose one from any Dandenong Range wedding location.

Now, you might be wondering why you must choose the Dandenong Ranges? Fret not. This article will cover why the Dandenong Range is one of the best destinations in Melbourne. We will also help you choose the right venue by sharing tips and site recommendations from our expert photography and videography team.

How to Spot A Picturesque Wedding Spot?

Let’s start by choosing the perfect picturesque spot for your wedding day. The more you discover and know your chosen venue, the easier it will be for the wedding photographers to know your desired shoots.

Here are some tips to consider.

Start with Research

If you plan to book a wedding venue after checking some ads from your social media feed. I suggest you halt for a while and think carefully. We understand how challenging it is to find a great wedding venue, but settling for a mediocre yet pricey one is even worse.

So, relax, grab a pen, and list all the wedding venues you’ve found online. After listing everything, search for their official website and social media profiles. Note the price range, packages, specific location, amenities offered, and feedback from previous clients.

Part of the research is also checking past wedding albums or pictures from their socials. This step is a great way to filter out those who need to meet your criteria.

Define Your Vision

This might come before the research part, but we prefer to put it this way since some couples have yet to have an ideal theme. Now that you’ve done your research and by checking the previous albums from those venues’ socials, we believe you already have a wedding theme idea or two.

Now try envisioning your ideal wedding set-up from your researched list of Dandenong range wedding photo locations. Consider whether you prefer an indoor or an outdoor wedding experience.

You can also add some popular themes like rustic, classical, or Bohemian to highlight the stunning views of the Dandenong Ranges. Just let both of your imaginations help you envision your dream wedding.

Look for Any Classic Spot

Regardless of your chosen theme or set-up, you could never go wrong with having some shoots in classic or historical spots of your wedding venue. Whether an architecture, historic charm, or aesthetic design, that will all contribute to your wedding album.

This is one of the best ways to maximize your chosen venue. If you’re having difficulty looking for a picturesque spot, consult your photography team since they might already cover a wedding event there.

Knowing those classic spots in advance will help you and your partner prepare for how to pose during your photo shoot.

Check the Best Time for Lighting

We always stick to the golden rule of lighting; to be in front of a natural light source.

Sticking with natural light as your lighting source is the best option during your photoshoot. Therefore, when choosing a wedding venue, always consider if there’s a room for the bride with lightly painted walls, large windows, and enough natural light to pass through.

Also, check if the best lighting time for your ceremony is early morning, during the golden hour, or probably late afternoon. We recommend ensuring your wedding photographers have the proper lighting equipment to maximize the Dandenong range of wedding photo locations.

Consider the Season of Your Wedding Day

Another thing you must consider is the season of your chosen date. Though Dandenong Ranges can cater to almost every season, you still need to watch out if a particular season will affect your desired theme.

If you opt to enjoy the lush green meadows under the hot outdoor sun, then go for the summer months of December, January, & February. On the other hand, if you prefer a cold winter theme for your wedding, then June, July & August are the best time of the year.

Now, if your wedding theme highlights the color of autumn, book your date in March, April, & May. But if you love to include a massive design of flowers on your bouquet and decoration, set your wedding date in either September, October, or November.

Identify if You Need Accessories or Props

Needless to say that props and additional accessories will highlight your celebration. Therefore, it’s necessary to prepare these things before your much-awaited day. Let your creativity flow as you decide which accessories and props to include.

Here are some pointers to help you identify:

    • Are you aiming for a specific theme that requires extensive backdrop design?
    • Are you trying to add depth, context, and story using those accessories?
    • Are you using these props to add cues to your narrative?
    • Will those add or destroy the balance of your designs?
    • Will it affect any photography and videography output? Positively? Negatively?
    • Will the venue allow your desired props and accessories?
    • Do you have enough budget for those designs?

Contact Your Chosen Venue

This pointer is among the most crucial on our list since this will technically answer all your questions regarding your desired venue. Call the venue manager or any dedicated admin on that place before booking.

Do this step before even trying to ocular visit the location. This will save you enough time by asking relevant questions that will make you book or avoid that venue. Subsequently, you can also ask for more photos and albums for your reference.

Check also if your desired package includes all the picturesque spots you wish to have your wedding photoshoot.

Coordinate With your Photography Team

Last on our list is coordinating every venue detail with your photography team. Relay your desired theme, accessories, creative shoots, and specific venue location to them. This will help them tell your story through the power of their lenses.

Aside from those, relaying your exact wedding venue clarifies any extra fees they will ask for, such as parking, additional transportation, and food.

In our experience, the more our clients become open to their desired theme, specific spots in the venue, pose, and motif, the more we can tell their story in our photos. We can also add an idea or two to help them execute those shoots comfortably and excellently.

Top 10 Dandenong’s Best Locations for a Dream Wedding

By checking the tips above, you can easily select which Dandenong range wedding photo locations you desire to tie the knot. However, to help you with your research, we include a list of our personal top 10 venues you can consider.

Check our list here:

Alfred Nicholas Gardens

First on our list is the Alfred Nicholas Gardens. Located on Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke, this portion of aboriginal cultural land of the Wurundjeri People offers a captivating landscape for every visitor.

This venue offers a picturesque lake surrounded by overgrown trees that could dramatically affect your wedding photos. You may also consider taking some shoots at the fascinating sculpture by Mark Stoner. Alfred Nicholas Gardens is a perfect venue all year round, making it the ideal choice for your grand day.

If you plan a wedding ceremony in this beautiful location, ensure you’re not scheduling it during the Holidays. Securing a ceremony and photoshoot permit would be best by referring to the Parks Vitoria official page.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens

Home to the lush fields of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, and daffodils, Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden is known for its cool-climate garden. This place offers stunning views of the Yarra Valley, setting a perfect backdrop for your wedding day.

One notable trivia about this place is that it houses the most extensive collection of special rhododendrons in Australia. In addition, these variants of rhododendrons can never be replaced or re-imported. Imagine having this as your background as you say your vows? Incomparable right?

Just note that this venue has challenging entry paths, so you need to consider your guests before picking this venue. Some portions of these paths are steep and covered with gravel.

George Tindale Gardens

Known for the regular appearance of Crimson Rosella, George Tindale Gardens is the best wedding venue for you if you wish to have some Mountain Ash Trees as your background.

One of the best times to set your wedding date is during autumn when mature tree foliage brings relaxing colors of orange, red, and burgundy. During this season, you can spot some Nerines and Colchicums, adding beauty to your celebration.

This spot has minimal parking space, so avoid holidays or peak seasons. It’s also worth mentioning that George Tindale Gardens is in the central fire district, so ensure to check any forecast regarding bushfire occurrence.

Pirianda Gardens

Famous to many wildlife photographers and bird watchers, Pirianda Gardens has a tranquil view of terraces, ferns, and green grassy fields. This 11-hectare of woodland garden houses exotic plants and shrubs of maples and birch varieties.

If you prefer stunning ever-changing views and colors of lawns as your wedding backdrop, this garden is highly recommended for you. Additionally, if you plan your wedding day during springtime, you’ll see some azaleas, magnolias, camellias, dogwoods, Dove Tree, and spring bulbs scattered around.

Pirianda Gardens is situated in Hacketts Road, Olinda. In accessing the venue, remind your guests to use Olinda-Monbulk Road and avoid routes via Perrins Creek Road since it has highly steep paths only suitable for 4WD vehicles.

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is a few minutes from Melbourne CBD and on the uppermost part of the Dandenong Range. This scenic spot offers a one-of-a-kind view of native forests in either daytime or nighttime.

Aside from the beautiful scenery for photography, SkyHigh can also cater receptions through their restaurant and bistro. Only make sure to secure your bookings so they can accommodate you accordingly.

Their wedding venue has a capacity of 180 seating and 250 cocktails. You can also contact the SkyHigh Mount Dandenong official page if you prefer to have a full-service wedding package.

RJ Hamer Arboretum

Offering 150 species of exotic trees around the area, RJ Hamer Arboretum has always been faithful to the meaning of its name; a place for trees. This place was designed with varying plant species, creating beautiful forestry over the rolling hills.

If you want a more relaxing panoramic view as you tie the knot, this is the proper venue among other Dandenong range wedding photo locations. You may refer to this park guide if you need additional tips on this location.

The site is not as challenging as other spots in the Dandenong Ranges. However, just be mindful that this area does not offer trash bins, so bring your own as you clean up after the photoshoot.

Olinda Falls Picnic Area

Serving as the gateway to the famous Olinda Falls, this picnic area offers a captivating view of the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. This place will surely capture your heart if you love nature and the wild.

Planning a wedding and photoshoot in this place might be challenging, but Olinda Falls Picnic Area is the perfect wedding spot for you if you’re adventurous and ecstatic. This place is also suitable for small or intimate set-ups, so plan ahead.

Cloudehill Gardens & Nursery

Located in the hearts of the Dandenong Ranges, this stunning 5-acre garden provides a classical garden theme that will rekindle your childhood memories. This palace also showcases a tremendous botanical artwork that will surprise your wedding guests.

Cloudehill Gardens offers two wedding venues. The first one is the Green Theater, surrounded by lawns, hedges, and historic trees. On the other hand, the marquee by the Quadrangle Lawn offers a more shady spot.

The best day to book your wedding in this venue is during weekdays to avoid huge crowds. You can also celebrate your reception at Seasons Restaurant with either an indoor or alfresco set-up.

Marybrooke Manor

Next on our list is the Marybrooke Manor. This fantastic wedding venue is in the Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges. This traditional-looking manor can host both intimate and sophisticated large receptions.

To avoid the hassle of wedding preparation, you may opt to choose their all-in wedding package. But what’s more captivating is that you can check all the picturesque spots without visiting the venue through their virtual tour.

Though this venue is more pricey than other Dandenong range wedding photo locations, rest assured that you’ll get what you pay for. Contact them immediately to reserve since they offer limited slots every year.

Glenfern Valley Bushlands

Last on the list is the relaxing 100-acre reserve of Glenfern Valley Bushlands. This relaxing venue is an ideal wedding venue if you’re a wildlife lover. Since most of the spots in this place have sightings of koalas, various species of birds, and butterflies.

The most exciting story of this place is when a number of volunteers joined together and spent thousands of hours rehabilitating the site to become what it is today.

The area has available parking spots, and public transport is not an excellent option for your guests. In addition, there are no available toilets in the area, so this will be challenging for your event.

Book Your Desired Dandenong Ranges Wedding Venue Now

Looking for the perfect wedding venue in the vast Dandenong Range might be challenging, but if you start planning today, you’ll have fewer headaches securing one. We hope that this article will aid you to plan and find the best place to tie the knot along the Dandenong Ranges.

If you find this content appealing and helpful, share it with other engaged couples having difficulty planning their wedding.

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