Perfect Moment Elopement Wedding Stories

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Wedding Photography Testomnials 

We’ve had the honor to photograph the wedding of many amazing couples through out the years, Their testimonials and gratitude are the fire that pushes us forward with our passion for the art of wedding photography. Read what they thought about working with perfect moment wedding photography & videography.

PM20180818 287

Cassie & Robert

Jeffrey and his team did such an amazing job for our wedding photos and video. From the moment I sent my first email to Jeffrey, the responses were always quick and helpful and made everything so easy. They truly did capture all of our perfect moments from the day and we have memories that we can keep forever. Natural photography that captures what truly counts – I cannot speak highly enough of the team!

Christie and Andrei 1250

Christie & Andrei

Jeff and the team were great to work with from start to finish. Our photographer on the day was John. He was so great to work with and took some amazing shots without being right in our faces. Correspondance and delivery of photos was extremely quick with a very high quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

ArahandMitchell 540

Arah & Mitchell

Jeffrey Wang and team were effortless. My husband and I could hardly tell they were there on the day. They made their work look professional and they made everyone on the day feel so special and most importantly, comfortable. Hands down, the best photography I’ve seen in a while and I’m so glad we made the decision to go with them. I was so happy when I found out that they travel, so it made it so much easier on the decision. No faults whatsoever. They were simply amazing and I’m so happy with our beautiful pictures.

Regine and Matthew 176

Regine & Matthew

My husband and I are so happy with Perfect Moment! We had to book last minute due to changes from our plans as we were affected by the covid restrictions. Jeffrey was so accommodating and so easy to deal with. He responds so quickly which is such a massive help to us. The photos are high quality and our photographer Mico was very good! He made us feel comfortable and was very friendly. He was so knowledgeable around Sydney city area so our photos turned out really well capturing the iconic sights! Great value for the price. Highly recommend. thanks Jeffrey and Mico Xx

Vanessa and Ben 29

Vanessa & Ben

had a prewedding shoot in dec last year! jeffrey and team were very professional throughout the whole process – pre-production to post-production! quick response, punctual, friendly, kind, helpful, generous and great quality 😉 (the photos and video were very very beautiful!) they were also very knowledgeable on photoshoot locations (very handy during that period of time due to the ongoing bushfire incidents) all in all, very thankful to them, my fiance and i were able smile, laugh and enjoy our time together with no worries <3 would definitely recommend them if anyone is in or wants to come to sydney for a photoshoot!

AmyandMitchell 1411

Amy & Mitchell

Jeffrey and the crew, From the bottom of our heart Mitchell and I would like to say thank a big thank you so much for all your beautiful work ,capturing our beautiful day ,The photos and the video & highlight was beyond amazing, My family from around the world love the pictures and the video,I would highly recommend Jeffrey and the crew,they are amazing, And Jeffrey your are such a great man how your greet us with a big smile it’s like you known us long time hehe ,Anyway all the best,Our prayers is that god will continually to bless your business and he will bring more people to you , Bless you Jeffrey and crew,Much love Mitchell & Amy ❤️❤️

AngelicaandMichael 524

Angelica & Michael

Jeffrey, Simon and the whole team was absolutely fantastic. They are very professional and sooo easy to work with. From our pre wedding photo shoot to our wedding day, they made everything smooth and made us feel comfortable. Our same day edit video was mind blowing. It was like a short film. For anyone that doubts or having second thoughts for getting a videographer, definitely do it! It’s worth it! I just want to say thank you again for capturing perfect moments on our wedding! You definitely live up to your name! 👍👍👍

20160826 376

Lorena & Simon

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Jeffrey and his dedicated team. We communicated a lot through email and Jeffrey was always so quick to get back to us, which made my life as a bride a lot easier. You can tell the team love and are passionate about the beautiful product that they presented us with. When we received our engagement shoot photos we were blown away. Then we received our wedding photos we were even more blown away. Like their name they really did capture every perfect moment from our day. We are so thankful and grateful that we went with this amazing company. We were very happy 🙂

NeelPippa 1040

Amy & Mitchell

Can’t recommend Perfect Moment Photography and Video enough! Jeffrey and his team photographed and filmed our wedding in October and they did the most incredible job. We have received our photos back and simply love them – even though my husband and I are not used to taking photos they helped us to relax and assisted us to pose naturally in order to capture stunning photos! They were so easy to work with and managed to get all the important shots without interrupting our day. Communication with the company is second to none – they are very quick to respond via email which was much appreciated during the stressful wedding planning period. Will recommend perfect moment any day! Beautiful photos and video, and prompt professional service.

Most Common Elopement Wedding Photography Questions

What is an Elopement Wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the sacred ceremonies that you’ll have in your life. Promising each other and saying the vows to your significant half is a delightful and sweet moment you can consider in your lifetime. If you’re reading this and you fancy an intimate wedding and want a perfect capture of your special day, keep reading because you are in the right place! 

Compared to a traditional wedding, elopements are often a little more adventurous and laid back, emphasizing the couple and their love more than anything else. They also frequently take place in some epic locales with the help of elopement photographers.

To some, an elopement wedding sounds like the perfect contradiction of a marriage ceremony. Weddings are supposedly big parties with many seating arrangements, flowers everywhere, cake tastings, dress fitting, and other details. However, elopement weddings are also called mini weddings. That means elopements are smaller ceremonies with only a few people.

Additionally, elopement weddings require exquisite photography to capture the special moment. Elopement wedding photography is responsible for producing and capturing the real emotions of the two lovers, telling a love story for eternity through photography.

Why Choose a Mini Wedding?

If you are still undecided if you want to have an intimate and elopement wedding, that’s totally fine. I provide some critical highlights emphasizing the beauty of an elopement wedding.

  • Your Wedding, Your Choice.

When planning a wedding, it is essential to recognize what you and your partner want and what aligns with your fundamental values. Discovering what matters most to you is the main focus of the planning. You don’t have to follow a tradition or act in a certain way because it was prescribed by someone else.

After all, it is about you, your partner, and the vows you want to share with each other for love, care, and faithfulness. Elopement weddings are stress-free since you’ll only plan on what you want from a little perspective.

  • You Want it to be More Intimate

A large wedding celebration with hundreds of guests and a large ballroom venue is something that many aspiring women imagine while arranging their wedding. Well, practicality and intimacy is the new definition of beauty in our modern age.

Still, in favor of being romantic, small-scale weddings are more considerable in this generation. This will give you time to celebrate with only your dearest loved in your most glorious celebration. Many couples choose to buck the norm and have romantic, intimate weddings.

  • You Prefer a Customize Photos from an Elope Photographer

Wedding photographers are in charge of capturing the most special day for couples and showing through photographs the genuine love in their eyes. But to tell you something, an elope photographer can give you more majestic photos on your special day. 

A place that is a little unique, memorable and extraordinary is essential for planning elopements. An elopement photographer will always advise that you try to perform your ceremony and take your portrait shots in the final few hours before sunset. Your images will look better if shot during these times since the light will be softer and more flattering.

  • You Value Health and Safety

To this day, we are still suffering from the worldwide pandemic. Not surprisingly, events like weddings are still affected by this crisis. Even though the restrictions are declining, you can’t ignore the reality that gatherings are still limited.

So planning and having an intimate wedding is a sensible idea in this current situation. With a few witnesses and not a large crowd at your wedding, it is enough and favorable to protect your loved one’s safety and health. 

What are Some Elopement Wedding Qualities You Need to Consider?

If you’re not familiar with an elopement wedding, it might be overwhelming for you to plan for your special day. Fret not. I’ve made a list for you to lessen the frustration and simply enjoy your planning season.

  • Exclusivity

It is essential during the wedding plan to tackle exclusivity, making your wedding more private and intimate. An exclusive wedding allows you as a couple to access the venue for yourselves, guests, and staff only. Even though the wedding is small, keep in mind to invite people dear to both of you to make it more memorable and intimate.

  • Creativity

Truth be told, creativity is vital in planning a wedding. Whether it be the reception, decor, flowers, venue, or even the dress color coding of the guest, just to make the wedding totally unique and aesthetically pleasing. Creativity should still reflect on your wedding day, no matter how small the wedding is. Remember, you don’t want to look at your wedding day photos and feel embarrassed after seeing them. 

  • Memorable

Filming your intimate wedding is one of the best ways to preserve the memories of your special day. It is always lovely to have something to reflect on and show your future kids. In case you’re still in doubt about hiring a professional videography team. This is your sign to invest in elope wedding photography and allow them to capture your precious moments during your special day.

What You Need to Know in Elopement Wedding Packages

Now, I can tell that many questions are running through your mind about the subtle details of having an intimate wedding event. Simply relax and allow me to unravel those details.

Elopement Photography Pricing

The price of elopement photography ranges from $1600 to $6000. It always depends on the coverage time, location, and printed materials after the event. If you’re planning to do it outside the country, you might need to budget more.

Time Coverage

The elopement coverage packages have various prices according to the time frame. The ideal coverage is a minimum of 6 hours to cover the preparation time, ceremony, and reception.

Wedding Venue and Reception

Of course, there will be an additional charge if the wedding venue and reception are too far from what is expected. I highly recommend checking on your elopement wedding photography team if there will be a travel cost in case you’re planning a getaway wedding event.

Additional/Extra Cost

Lastly, an additional cost can be applied according to occurrences that may appear during the photography session. This is more likely to occur if the location or time frame changes. Always remember that there are also other clients that your photography team is working on. So it is always best to adhere to your initial schedule.

Make Your Wedding Exceptionally Intimate and Romantic

This is not just a wedding. It’s your wedding. A much-awaited event that you and your partner are longing to experience. Therefore, you deserve to organize and plan it accordingly.

I hope this blog helps you to plan your dream intimate wedding. From your love for each other and those celebrating with you, to the serene location, to the joyous ceremonies, I bet there’s nothing more romantic than having an intimate wedding.

Sabina and Tim 91

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.