Your wedding is knocking on your door, and several of your inner circles cannot attend, or you are getting married in a far-flung location, worry less as there is the best solution to your problem. Thanks to technology for making things much lighter, you can still have fun with your exciting wedding without your friends and family being physically present by setting up a live stream wedding. 

Thanks to modern technology as live streaming has become famous for many couples. It does not require much as it only needs a camera, a sturdy tripod, and stable internet. Learn more about how to live stream your wedding in this article. 

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Why Choose to Live Stream Your Wedding?

Live streaming is one of the best solutions to a modern-day celebration problem. I’ve listed three essential points below on why you should choose to live stream your wedding.

Schedule a Wedding Destination

If you are planning to exchange vows on the white sand beach or whitewashed with the architectural landscape, then consider live streaming your wedding ceremony. Make people close to your hearts witness your exchange vows with live streaming, even within the comfort of their house.

Celebrate an Elopement

If you are opting for an elopement, live streaming is a perfect way to share your intimate moment, especially if you are still anxious about the never-ending saga of COVID-19 and other diseases. Elopement, with the help of live streaming, permits you to have a personal videographer while interacting with your family and friends. 

A Perfect Alternative for Wedding Video

Live streaming is one of the best solutions if you are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend another hundred to a thousand bucks for professional wedding videographers. Other than that, live streaming captures raw moments, which is a plus point if you are the type of person who treasures raw memories.

5 Expert Tips to a Great Live Stream Wedding

Ready to live stream your wedding and share each moment with people close to your heart? Then consider these five expert tips for a great live stream of your wedding!

1.Pick an Excellent Videography Team

Don’t just leave your friends or relatives, let the expert handle the live streaming. Having a professional team to handle your wedding’s live stream saves you a lot of thinking about falling tripods or voices that cannot be heard due to strong wind as the team can offer you the perfect gadget to prevent such things from happening. 

If you are on a tight budget, a live stream is a perfect way to have your wedding videos. It is much cheaper than drone photography and wedding videography. Furthermore, the professional team prefers the usual live streaming application such as FaceTime, Facebook, and YouTube rather than elaborate apps.

2.Choose a Good Live Streaming Platform

Thinking about spending another dollar on a live streaming application just for a quality video? Choosing the right platform might stress you, but plenty of live streaming apps on the Play Store will help you capture each precious moment of your special day.

Skype is a video chat for free on one gadget, and you can also pay a small amount to upgrade and share your wedding stream with up to 10 more devices. Next is Google Hangouts, which allows more than ten devices and is directly streamed to YouTube, where others can watch too. Lastly, Facebook Live is easy to access, and watchers can react and leave a comment, and the best thing about it is it’s free.

3.Select an Advance Live Stream Equipment

Don’t deprive your wedding with things that you deserve. Whether you have live streaming all by yourself or have a professional team, choose advanced live streaming equipment that can improve the quality of your video or wedding. You can also use a QR code with a QR generator of a live streaming app and share it with your family and friends through an online invitation. 

This makes them feel like an official guest in your virtual wedding venue. Moreover, make sure to print the QR code on high-quality material so the code won’t ruin it. Besides that, you should also check your internet connection to prevent the worst scenario from happening, like buffering or crashing. 

4.Ensure a Great Internet Connection

Then here you are at one of the most crucial steps of live streaming. You must ensure stable internet on your venue and reliable mobile data as a backup plan. The internet connection is the essential thing to maintain a high-quality live stream.

The best way to lessen buffering or crashing is by connecting your device through Ethernet to a network that is not used by any other devices or systems. Before broadcasting your wedding, make sure to check the upload speed of your internet. You can also use sites that review the speed of your internet. 

5.Test Your Live Stream Ahead of Time

Your wedding might be hours or days away, but having a dry run with your equipment will help lessen the stress on your wedding day. Whether you have a professional team behind or you and your partner to officiate the live stream, it is essential to ensure that every piece of equipment, such as a mic, camera, and even the live streaming platform, is working. This is the best way to ensure that everything will work, and all you have to do is to tie the knot and exchange vows while all your family members and friends are watching.

Make it a Moment to Remember

Make your day a moment to remember even without your dearest friends and relatives in your venue. Instead, bring the celebration to them through setting a live stream wedding. Whether your wedding is on a far-flung spot or you want an intimate wedding before a big celebration but still want your family and friends to attend, live streaming answers all your attendance concerns.