“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” –John Wooden

We believe that family is one of the most important things in this world. Something that you should always cherish, treasure, and remember, even after many years have passed. Therefore, it’s appropriate to record every single celebration, event, and milestone within the family.

With our success in capturing perfect and happy moments in various wedding events in the country, we are glad to share with everyone that we are now expanding our service to not just wedding events. We also want to be there, witness and capture every happy memory in every family event and celebration. In the same way, as we helped hundreds of happy couples in capturing and recording wonderful memories in their wedding event, it will also be our joy to partner with you in capturing your family events and creating a masterpiece that you can always recall and reminisce about.


Motherhood is a blessing that most women love to experience in their lifetime. Regardless of how many times you undergo this season, it always feels like a fresh, sweet encounter. Would it be so nice to create a compilation or album of your maternity season? With a simple styling, elegant theme, and photography expertise, we can create a wonderful output that you can display at home. Something that will always remind your children of how you have journeyed and endured with them even before they were born. Motherhood is priceless. Pregnancy is a challenging yet beautiful moment. It always deserves to have a gorgeous spot in your family’s memories.

maternity photo2
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Family and Kids

We can all agree that babies are wonderful gifts from above. From their cute little smile to their peaceful sleep, up to even some random positions, they are always cute to watch. Those moments are so precious to every family that it deserves a wonderful spot in your home gallery. However, babies are not the only subject that is good to display, it would be awesome if the whole family had their own portraits at home. Regardless if it’s an individual, group, or even mixed shots of portraits, It all deserves a place at home. Just imagine how nice it would be to reminisce about some good old memories from your childhood whenever you see those portraits that your family has displayed.


It’s inevitable for every family to celebrate special occasions at home. Whether it be holidays or life events such as birthdays, graduation days, or any life milestones in life, every family is always wishing to have a happy celebration. How about capturing those joyous moments where everyone is happy eating together as you celebrate the graduation day of your firstborn child or those times where you are all laughing because of a crazy dance performance during your daughter’s birthday. Those are indeed wonderful times that you will always love to look back on.

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Christening and Baptism

Of course, welcoming every beloved kid in the family to the Christian world is a highly anticipated family event. This will be a wonderful time of gatherings, non-stop bondings, and unending laughter for every member of the family and their closest friends. This milestone is a memorable one that you can always share with your children when they grow up. Those captured moments will be a good family portrait decoration that you will surely love to see hanging on your wall or in your family album, which is always ready to show to your guests.

Make Every Sentimental Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your family is not just some group of people who live with you in your house, they are precious people that will always be there for you when you need them. You might not be living all together forever, but surely there will be happy moments and unforgettable events that you will always recall and laugh about. It will always be great to have something that you can look at to recall some childhood events. Our work is not just capturing worthy images and creating an album. Our goal is to preserve every perfect moment in an album of lifetime memories.