Five reasons your photographer will be happy you booked a jazz band

Having the right music is a big part of your wedding reception. It sets the mood for the celebration and helps you start your married life off by dancing with your closest friends and family. As such, it’s a prime opportunity for your photographer to capture some carefree candid moments.

If you’ve found yourself torn between booking a fun jazz band and worrying they’ll make too much of a commotion to get those precious photos right, then fear not. A talented jazz band can be a perfect addition to a wedding, adding just the right touch of energy and emotion while also creating the perfect ambience for snapping stunning shots. 

In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why your photographer will be thrilled that you opted for some slick swing tunes courtesy of a jazz band.

Adds motion and energy to photos

Posed, static photos are lovely, and they certainly have their place in your wedding photoshoot. But some of the best images are created in motion, where the energy of the subject is somehow transferred to the photo. A jazz band is sure to get your guests up and dancing with each other, and the resulting photos will be all the better for it.

Some people will simply hire a photographer for the formal shots, and for the big moments like the first dance and cutting the cake. But it’s worth the extra money to get them to stay for the evening, as you’ll get a variety of natural action shots that you and your guests will love.

The perfect background for candid photos

There are always guests in any big group who hate having their photo taken, and get self-conscious and awkward. Especially when you’re dressed in wedding finery, it can be difficult to pose naturally. However, when you’re dancing, it’s easier to let go and just enjoy the moment, creating the perfect chance for a wedding photographer. 

Having a live jazz band is also a good chance to get vibrant group shots too. The variety of coloured outfits on a dancefloor and the expression of the performers will only add to the overall atmosphere of the room, far more than if you just hired a DJ. Even if you have some guests that stay seated, they can still enjoy the show. Seasoned professionals will be able to snap the perfect shot without making their subjects hyper-aware of what they’re doing, resulting in candid shots of everyone enjoying the party.

Creative lighting

As a wedding photographer, one of the most important skills to have is the ability to capture the perfect shot in any lighting situation. Jazz bands will likely use atmospheric lighting to create mood and drama – after all, they’re a musical performance, rather than just background noise. Photographers can lean on this to add depth and dimension to their images, creating shots that truly capture the magic and emotion of the moment.

To get the best results, it’s worth speaking to your performers and venue before the day, so that you can pass information about their plans to your photographer. This way, they’ll come prepared with all the equipment they need to capture the best images.

An original first dance

Many couples choose to slow dance for their first dance, which is classic and romantic, but not hugely exciting for a photographer. The upbeat tempo of a jazz band means they’ll be able to capture some far more original shots of this special moment, and highlight the fun connection between you and your new husband or wife.

They’ll enjoy the music

The final reason your photographer will be happy is that they’ll have a good time! There’s something special about the way that jazz music can captivate an audience, setting a lively and melodic tone for everyone to enjoy, including your suppliers. 

From the smooth sounds of the saxophone to the upbeat rhythm of the drums, a live jazz band can be the perfect touch to create a truly enchanting atmosphere. Whether it’s during the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, live music can bring a touch of sophistication, elegance, and class to any wedding celebration.

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