Fun Wedding Rituals: How to Plan a Wedding Smoking Ceremony in Australia

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Weddings are also steeped in tradition, from the vows to the other symbols we use. Additionally, different cultures have unique takes on wedding traditions or rituals, making these practices unique to their countries. 

One such unique wedding ritual is the smoking ceremony in Australia. This practice dates back to the time of Aborigines and remains one of the most practiced rituals in Australia. Like New Zealand and other island nations have the Haka, Australia has the smoking ceremony. 

In this article, we will be discussing how to plan a wedding smoking ceremony in Australia. If you want to include this in your wedding ceremony, continue reading until the end. 


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What is a Smoking Ceremony in Australia?

A smoking ceremony is a traditional practice dating back to the time of Aborigines in Australia. This practice is believed to ward off evil spirits, produce healing energies, and ensure a promising future for the people involved. 

It is believed that burning different native plants will produce good energy and will bring about prosperity. Furthermore, this ritual isn’t just limited to weddings; it also has significance in welcoming visitors and other festive events. 

However, you must consult local Aboriginal tribes before conducting this ceremony. Aside from showing respect for their customs and receiving their blessing, they can also recommend which songs and plants to use for your ritual. 

The Proper Steps in Conducting a Smoking Ceremony

Including a smoking ceremony in your wedding shows that you respect tradition. However, you must remember some things to conduct the ritual correctly. Sticking to tradition means you have to do something like your ancestors did. 

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By following these steps, you’re an inch closer to receiving the blessings of the smoking ceremony: 

  1. Select a Suitable Location

It goes without saying that you need to have an outdoor wedding when you plan on including a smoking ceremony. However, not just any outdoor venue will do. There are things you need to consider before you choose the perfect location for your wedding. Some factors are even unique because of the inclusion of an ancient ritual. 

Here are the things you need to know about the perfect location for your wedding smoking ceremony: 

Permission From the Land Owners

Since the ritual involves producing smoke, getting permission from the authorities or the private land owner is necessary. 

Ensure the Venue is Accessible

Like any other event, choosing a place your guests can quickly locate is needed. Since you will have an outdoor wedding, telling your guests months in advance where your ceremony will be conducted will give them time to prepare. 

Pay Homage to The Aborigine Culture

Since you’re essentially welcoming good spirits to aid you on your new milestone in life, choosing a location that means a lot to Aborigines and this type of ceremony is essential.

Try To Be Closer to Nature

The smoking ceremony involves the use of native plants. Having a location where these plants are abundant will make it easier for the people involved to do the ceremony. Some ideal outdoor areas for a smoking ceremony are beaches, parks, or indigenous cultural centers. 

  1. Look for a Guide

There’s no better way to include someone else’s culture in your wedding than by having someone who knows everything about it there. Upon requesting the Aborigine tribe’s permission for the smoking ceremony, you next must look for a guide. 

Here are the things you need to keep in mind when looking for a guide: 

Look For Local Aboriginal Communities

If you’re adamant about including the smoking ceremony in your wedding, looking for local indigenous communities should be among the first things you must do. A quick search will point you in the right direction and show you the nearest indigenous community. 

Cultural Sensitivity

Remember to always respect the culture of the indigenous community. Since you’re asking for permission to utilize their practices, respectful communication is vital to get their blessing. 

Listen Closely To Your Guide

Their guides are there for a reason. Do your best to follow their instructions and try not to deviate from them to show respect. 

Provide Adequate Compensation

Every service deserves equal pay. You should adequately compensate the tribe’s assistance and permission with gifts or a fair fee.

  1. Select the Plants for The Ceremony

Native plants are believed to produce energies that attract positivity and prosperity. That said, selecting the best plants for this task is crucial to getting the most out of it. These are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing plants: 

Utilize Your Guide’s Expertise

Your guide can help you with the ceremony and with the selection of the native plants you’re going to use. They know the lay of the land, so it pays to have them during the planning process. 

Be Mindful of The Season and Location

If you’re targeting a specific plant, you should adjust your wedding day to the season when these plants are more abundant. Additionally, the location of your wedding plays a vital role since it dictates which plant types grow there. 

Go For Plants With Healing Properties 

Your guide will undoubtedly play a huge role in choosing your preferred plants. However, it also helps to know which plants to go for. Native plants such as eucalyptus, wattle, and tea tree are some of the best choices for this occasion. 

  1. Invite Your Desired Guests

While trying to keep the guidelines for making regular invitations in mind, there’s the added responsibility of explaining what a smoking ceremony is in your invitations. Remember that you borrow a practice used for hundreds of years, so great respect is needed. 

Make it a point to educate your guests about the ceremony through your invitation. You should always assume that not everyone knows about these practices. Additionally, if further explanation is needed, you can tell your guests about the ceremony at the venue. 

  1. Prepare the Venue  

After selecting the ceremony’s proper venue, you must ensure that everything follows the rules of the ritual. This includes ensuring that the seating and decorations are according to the standards of the Aborigines. 

Furthermore, the smoking ceremony area should follow the Aborigine practices. This attention to detail regarding the venue ensures a memorable wedding. It shows respect for the culture you’re borrowing the practices from. 

Lastly, part of preparing the venue is picking suitable offerings. Aborigines believe you must give back to the land to reap its rewards. Consulting your guide about the proper offerings will allow you to have a smooth wedding and smoking ceremony. 

  1. Conduct the Ceremony

The smoking ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding. After ensuring the proper preparations are made, you should also look into executing the ritual correctly. Here are things you need to consider when conducting the smoking ceremony: 

Be Respectful of The Culture

Your guide is there for a reason. Follow everything your guide says and have a smooth smoking ceremony. Different cultures have various criteria they have to meet, so consulting with your guide should be your priority while conducting the ceremony. 

Set The Plants Ablaze

Once you’ve gathered the suitable plants for the ceremony, you can begin lighting them up. The key is gradually adding these plants to the fire pit to ensure steady burning. 

Participate in The Smudging Ritual

The smudging process is the act of directing the smoke to you and your guests. This ensures that you’re covered with the healing properties of the native plants. If you’re unsure how to conduct this process correctly, consult your guide for details. 

State Your Intentions Through Prayers

Offering prayers while the ceremony is ongoing ensures that you get the desired effect of the ritual. This is the part where you state your intentions so good fortune will come to you. After the ceremony, remember to show gratitude to your guide for helping you with the process. 

  1. Show Respect and Gratitude

Showing respect and gratitude to your guide and the group where they came from is customary. You must also respect the land by ensuring it is clean after the ritual. Aborigines are one with nature, so by respecting the ground, you also show respect to them. 

Engaging in activities where practices of other cultures are involved is fun. However, you should never forget to appreciate the people you borrow from. Cultural sensitivity should also be practiced when dealing with a different culture. 

Lastly, you can also show respect by giving your guide and their indigenous group your offerings. 

Ignite Your Wedding With a Smoking Ceremony

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, so including something special like the smoking ceremony is guaranteed to make it more memorable. However, you should never forget to respect the culture and rituals correctly. 

If you’re looking for a way to add a deeper meaning to your wedding, maybe a smoking ceremony is what you need. Tying the knot is already a sacred ceremony, but including a smoking ritual will make it even more special.

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