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Wedding Photographer Geelong: Making Your Wedding A Perfect Moment

As you bring your love story 65 km away from Melbourne into Gateway City, get in with the best photography team who will help you seize and capture every second of your dream Geelong Wedding. Your once-in-lifetime vows in Geelong’s stunning multicultural locations and attractions should be eternalized and frozen into perfect portraits. 

Lucky you, your search for the best wedding photographer Geelong has will officially end here. Let me introduce you to Perfect Moment Photography, a group of talented and hardworking individuals who will help you record your unforgettable I do’s.

Some of Perfect Moment Wedding Stories

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Hayley and Brad

City Beach Function Centre Wollongong

Ayman and Maryam 28

Maryam and Ayman

Melbourne University

Jessie and Justin 147


Sydney Rowing Club

Victoria and Lachlan 80


Garden Hill Spa Retreat

Kay and Callum 110


Cockatoo Island

SabinaandTim 50


Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

Hemani and Rumesh day 32 572

Hemani & Rumesh

Oatlands House & The Grounds of Alexandia

Jess and Martin 41


Gledswood Homestead and Winery

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Melanie and Jacob 1369


Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

Kristal and Mat 100


Circa 1876

Riv and Dan 72

Riv & Dan

Wildwood Kangaroo Valley

What to Check in Hiring a Geelong Wedding Photographer?

Selecting a good photography service team for your wedding is vital as they will be the eyes in preserving your intimate and passionate union. Prepare your notes, as I’m here to help you decide on these Five points you should look for in your Geelong Wedding Photographer,

Compare and scan through your Photographer’s Portfolio

When selecting your Geelong wedding photographer, you should look into your photographer’s portfolio. Their portfolio will show their credentials if they are qualified for the job. Aside from this, you can scan through their previous projects and professional history.

Observe your photographer’s shooting style in all environments and check if there are similar pegs on their portfolio that you are aiming for your wedding. Perfect Moment has tons of sample finished output on our website. Feel free to visit and check on our portfolio.

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Assess their package Cost vs. Quality

The photographer’s skills and service should match their fee. The next thing you should check when looking for a Geelong wedding photographer is their available packages. As this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that involves a lot of planning and expense, you surely want to get the best and balance quality over cost.

With the Perfect Moment team, standard packages are affordable and complete for what most couples are looking for in their wedding ceremony. Most importantly, the Perfect Moment team allows package customization if you wish to add or alter some inclusions.


Refer to their previous client’s feedback and testimonials

The best way to learn if a photography service team is good is by reviews and testimonials of those clients who availed of their services. This will give you a level-headed point on how they work with their previous customers and help you assess both positive and negative comments.

Perfect Moment team has a handful of client testimonials and reviews you can check and refer to. We value our clientele’s feedback, whether good or bad, and take these reviews and testimonials as a point of improvement and maintenance on our future works.


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Learn their package process, planning, and timeline

Understanding the standard process and timelines is another vital detail you should consider when selecting your Geelong wedding photographer. Communicate with the team you are eyeing and ask questions. How long does the private shoot usually take? Are they free or packed on the wedding day schedule? How long before you receive the final output shots? 

Questions like this will guide you in choosing, as you wouldn’t want to select a team that will rush you during the ceremony due to a tight schedule. The Perfect Moment team’s timelines are always neatly planned per project. You can expect your ceremony to be focused and considered the priority above all.


Verify their details and make sure they are professionals

When searching for your Geelong wedding photographer, the last and most important thing you should do is confirm all the details, credentials, and projects of your target service provider. Making sure these are all factual is essential to avoid disappointments and inconvenience on your most memorable event of the year.

You wouldn’t want amateurs documenting your wedding ceremony. You’re lucky to have come across the Perfect Moment Team with their verified years of experience and high skills and credentials. You can entrust and rely on us to deliver professional and superior service for your wedding arrangements without missing a second.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Wedding photography packages typically include one photographer and a certain number of hours of shooting covering the ceremony. Basic packages should consist of edited and graded high-res photos delivered in a special gallery. Another service you wish to add can be discussed if you want a special quote.

What are the best wedding places in Geelong?

Geelong is filled with numerous attractions and critical locations to begin with. This is a beautifully diverse city with modern and historical architectural creations. It’s an excellent choice to hold your vows in the gateway city filled with unique stories and complexity. You should see what fits you, your budget, and your love story.

Do I need two photographers for my wedding?

Unavoidable circumstances may occur during your ceremony—for instance, a technical malfunction or a photographer’s dilemma. It would help if you were prepared for this, which is why it is better to have two photographers during your wedding. This will also be great in documenting more angles and perspectives of how you, your family, friends, and guests rejoice and have fun in your union.

Should I hire a Geelong Wedding Photographer?

There is no way you want to miss out on documenting and preserving such beautiful memories and sceneries at your dream Geelong Wedding! You should hire a professional to assist you in capturing your memories in stunning portraits. You cannot rely on self-documentation on your special day, as your focus is to enjoy and savor each second of your beginnings as a newlywed couple.

Does it take long before we receive our wedding photos and gallery?

It should take about 2-4 weeks before your final personalized gallery and album are delivered in polished print. It needs to undergo screening, grading, and editing for it to be a perfect and vivid memento. Any delay in the delivery will be informed to you in advance. Hence at the ideal moment, delivery is always quick and easy. You can expect your wedding remembrance to reach your palms per the stated timeline.

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.

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