Groomsmen Style Guide: How To Look Fresh For The Big Day

Your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the more meaningful days in your life. So anybody who is extended the honourable invitation of participating in a wedding party (be they a bridesmaid or a groomsman) should naturally take on this role with absolute dedication. 

Truth be told, your role as a groomsman stretches far beyond simply standing by the altar. You’re also required to be coordinated with your fellow groomsmen, and to appear picture-perfect – just for the sake of capturing all the best wedding photos during the ceremony and candid shots during the reception.

So what do you need to do to make sure that you’re ready for your best mate’s big day? We’ll be answering just this question today by sharing our top style and grooming tips to help groomsmen-to-be nail their wedding day look.

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Freshen Up Your Facial Hair

The best way to make sure you’re picture-perfect is to tidy up your haircut as well as your facial hair. This means paying a visit to your local barber and perhaps even using a cut throat razor at home to help ensure that your beard edges are as crisp as they can be. And if you’ve never used a straight razor or cut throat razor before, remember to hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and move in short, sharp strokes along the grain rather than against the grain. This can reduce your chances of experiencing skin irritation.

Speaking of skin irritation, we also strongly recommend preparing your skin beforehand by having a hot shower or warm towels to soften your skin and open up your pores – a crucial step to ensuring that any beard oils or facial moisturisers used will be able to take full effect. 

And on the topic of products now, it’s a good rule of thumb to splurge on your beard and skincare essentials here too. Choosing the right products can increase your chances of enjoying a clean and comfortable shave without any redness or skin irritation.

If you feel like you may need a little extra guidance with your pre-wedding grooming, then you should consult a barber in the lead-up to the big day. Some barber shops even offer special services specifically for wedding parties, so you may even decide to add a visit to your barber to your pre-wedding weekend activities. Even if you do decide to go see a barber, learning how to use a cut throat razor can help you ensure that your edges stay as neat and tidy as possible before the ceremony takes place.

Dress For The Season

Are you dappering up for a summer or a spring wedding? You may not think it makes much of a difference either way, but you’d be surprised by the positive impacts that considering the season will hold on your wedding day look. Not only will dressing for the season help ensure that you’re comfortable and ready to dance on the big day, but it can also help perfectly complement the wedding photos, once again. 

Think about it – your bride and groom are looking back on their big day a few months down the line. If they were wedded on a warm spring day, then all the open-air shots of the wedding party are sure to be enhanced by the incorporation of springtime blooms into your bouquets or on the lapels of your groomsmen. 

If your bride and groom haven’t paid much mind to how they can pay homage to the season, then why not run some ideas by them? If your bride and groom are planning their wedding with minimal external support, then chances are they’ll appreciate their bridesmaids and groomsmen taking ownership of their wedding day look and sharing their own style ideas.

Coordinate With Your Bridesmaids

Designing the perfect wedding party is all about maintaining balance between your bridesmaids and groomsmen. And this doesn’t simply mean making sure that there is an even number of people either side of the bride and groom during the ceremony. More specifically, it means ensuring that your groomsmen look is coordinated to match what your bridesmaids will be wearing. 

This means maintaining a shared colour scheme between bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits or suit accessories. Are your bridesmaids wearing red? Then you should aim to wear a complementary colour to match, be it another shade of red or perhaps even a darker green, as green is red’s opposite on the colour wheel. On a side note, this example colour scheme is sure to be perfect for a December wedding!

When In Doubt, Stick To The Wedding Theme

Finally, even if your bride and groom are pretty casual when it comes to enforcing a dress code or even designing the wardrobe for their bridal party or for their groomsmen, it’s still essential that you ensure you’re dressed and styled to fit the wider theme of their wedding day. Are they using prominent colours in their wedding decor? Are their tables adorned with colourful bouquets or unique style elements (i.e. mason jars and macrame creations for a rustic theme; gold accents for a luxurious touch)? 

Looking at these finer details can help you determine how best to style your own suit. For instance, you could add a little flower to your lapel or top pocket for weddings with a floral theme. Or if your bride and groom are going for a more regal theme, then you could wear royal blue or purple socks. These little touches will definitely be appreciated by the happy couple.

~If you’ve been able to follow these little tips to a tee, you should know exactly what you’ll be wearing and how best to style yourself for the occasion. Now, all that’s left to focus on is picking out the perfect wedding gift and nailing your speech, if you’re looking to give one!

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