Discover the Magic: The Grounds of Alexandria Wedding Venue

During the preparation for your wedding, one of the most nerve-wracking parts is choosing the perfect location to celebrate love with people dear to your heart. A holistic, wholesome, and minimalistic approach is one of the most appealing wedding venues for modern couples, particularly those who love roastery and sustainable gardens. If you are a couple looking for a unique and enchanting wedding venue, The Grounds of Alexandria is a perfect place to fall in love again and unite people.

The Grounds of Alexandria caters to several types, views, and styles that suit your style. Aside from that, the venue also has beautiful gardens and versatile event spaces that entice everyone. This article will explore The Grounds of Alexandria in-depth and help you fall in love with the innovative sanctuary.

A Glimpse into The Grounds of Alexandria’s History

In the 1920s, The Grounds of Alexandria was an industrial precinct revitalized into a beautiful roaster, sustainable garden, and a home of a wholesome cafe. It is also located in the known old pie factory during the 1900s. The Ground of Alexandria is famous to many as it is a new place in the inner city of Sydney.

The industrial heritage is now revitalized into a fetching coffee roastery, cafe, restaurant, and venue setting. The owner also decided to work with sustainable gardening, making the walls full of creeping vines, hanging plants, and rustic-style plants surrounded by hundreds of fairy lights. The idea of making the lush greenery part of the scenery allows the place to be sustainable and the plants to be part of the memories of every couple.

Enchanting Event Spaces

The Grounds of Alexandria offers an urban sanctuary built with the humble philosophy of bringing people together to enjoy and share great memories. The place is also home to warm wedding vows and intimate moments shared by many couples. The Grounds of Alexandria offers several packages that can highlight your preference in terms of reception.

The Garden is people’s favorite for event spaces because of the hundred fairy lights and overflowing organic Garden with flourishing colorful flowers, fresh herbs, and several flowering fruit trees. On the other hand, if you love to keep the wedding private with light, relaxing, and romantic space, then The Atrium is the perfect space for you to choose. Lastly, if you are a great fan of small spaces and want to share the wedding intimately, a private room surrounded by liquor called The Lock-In is the best place for you and your partner.

Exceptional Catering and Culinary Offerings

Looking for an exceptional catering and culinary offering? They might as well try the catering services offered by The Grounds of Alexandria as the restaurant and events place level up the dining journey of their customers. They don’t only strive as a bustling café but also the wholesome self-produced products that they offer.

The main focus of The Grounds of Alexandria is farm-to-table cuisine which sets the experience of every couple and customer to a higher level. Fresh produce, such as flowers, fragrant herbs, vegetables, and fruits, came from the plants and trees planted around the area. With that, it allows the restaurant to have a customizable menu that is honed according to the dietary preferences of yours or your guest.

The menu offered by the restaurant and event place is versatile. Having these exceptional options is how The Grounds of Alexandria gives a high-quality experience to every newlywed and their guests.

Wedding Planning and Coordination

The Grounds of Alexandria has well-trained and experienced staff in terms of wedding planning. The in-house team will guide you and your partner each step of the way from the event space, foods, florals, and audio and visual equipment. The best catch is the staff can maintain the same vibe and energy whether you are planning an elopement wedding or a grandeur one.

Styling and floral design services are also part of the services offered by The Grounds of Alexandria team. The availability of styling and floral designs are more likely to lean on what you prefer and need on your wedding day for a cohesive wedding aesthetic. The venue, styling, and floral design are just part of the story; one thing is for sure, the team will help execute your wedding according to how you picture it.

Picture-Perfect Photo Opportunities

“We keep this love in a photograph.” – Ed Sheeran, Photograph.

Keep the love alive with pictures on your wedding day and wonderful event spaces from The Ground of Alexandria. There is no room for excuses not to take selfies or pictures as the events places offer an irresistible charm regarding photo spots. The famous arbor, enchanting flower wall, and rustic background will fill your aesthetic dream.

The photo spots can work no matter what the weather is outside. You can also work with your last photo shoot with the flowers and displays inside the venue. Make sure to have fun so that you can share beautiful pictures with your loved ones. To make it even more memorable and excellent, you may opt to hire a Sydney wedding photographer to cover your precious day.

Location and Accessibility

The Grounds of Alexandria is raised and located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. On the way to the location, you will already fall in love with the scenic view that South Wales can offer. And as you reach The Ground of Alexandria, parking spaces are made to accommodate numerous cars — another best thing about it is they are handicap accessible.

The after-party is fine because nearby hotels and suites within the area may appeal to your budget. Transportation is not also a problem if your guest doesn’t have a car as they can ride a bus or train. There are also nearby bus stations and directions available online.

Don’t Miss the Wedding Opportunities that The Grounds of Alexandria is Offering

The Grounds of Alexandria is an enchanting place that offers a light atmosphere that repeatedly makes you fall in love. It provides not only one event space but more which gives you options in choosing the right wedding venue according to your style and aesthetic. The Grounds of Alexandria is bound with the philosophy of bringing people together and sharing precious moments.

The Grounds also strive for exceptional catering and extraordinary culinary experiences. The place is already enchanting, but the sustainable food preparation and style offer a wholesome and panoramic approach that will certainly level up the whole experience. If you are looking for a light, rustic, and magical location on your special day, you will always go right with The Grounds of Alexandria. Save your spot and book today.

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