How Much Does it Cost to Live Stream a Wedding?

Live streaming your wedding is one of the best options if you are worried about your guest who can’t attend the wedding. Typically, live stream weddings might come free if you have enough resources and tools to operate. Simply ask a relative or friend to do it, and you’re off to go. However, if you opt for professionals to do it, you might spend around $400 to $2500. All left for you is to choose what fits your budget and how to share your special day with your loved ones.

How Much Should I Budget for Live Streaming?

Sticking to your budget is one of the most challenging parts of wedding preparation. The live streaming can depend on how much you ought and your budget – to assure you; there are plenty of options. Read more to guide you to the best choices for live streaming your wedding.

Free of Cost

You read it right; you can do your wedding’s live streaming for free. You only need to use a social media platform that offers live streaming, a strong internet connection, and your laptop or phone’s camera and mic to record your tying of the knot. But then, free also means risking quality – imagine low-quality audio or video due to poor internet connection or sudden low battery in the middle of your ceremony.

Free will always be an open option, but it is a formal ceremony. That means it requires a professional touch.

Affordable Package

Still have room on your budget for your wedding day? Say less, as there are affordable packages that cost from $500 to $1500. The affordable package usually includes one camera set-up, an HD live stream, an HD download, and free wedding consultation. Affordable package live streaming also means you will work with professionals on your unforgettable day, so you’ll get a high-quality live stream and make your guests feel they are in the same venue.

Premium Package

Isn’t this one of the best catches for your budget?

If you have enough budget for your wedding, skip to the good part and choose a premium package with more to offer. It has advanced options such as multiple camera set-ups, HD Live Stream, HD download, pre-wedding consultation, ceremony, extensive add-ons, and reception coverage. A premium package is the most reasonable if you plan for elopement or out-of-the-country on your wedding day.

The premium package typically costs around $2000 to $3500, which is a good catch.

Tips for How to Budget Your Live Stream Wedding Cost

Planning the wedding is already a tough job especially considering your close circles who won’t be able to be in the place with you. The best way to make it possible is through live streaming. Of course, I will not leave you empty-handed, especially if it’s about live streaming on your wedding day.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget during your wedding planning is the best way to make things happen. Before picking random, unnecessary things, it is better to plan things out with your partner and talk about what needs to be prioritized and where the money will go. It is better to set a realistic goal and work on that amount from start to finish.

Setting a budget and making it work will leave you debt-free, which is the primary goal of your wedding, aside from being happy and tying the knots.

Look for a Closer Wedding Venue

The venue is something that you need to consider on your wedding day. The closer the venue, the less you will need to pay for your videography team, who will be in charge of your wedding live stream.

If you plan to get married far away, then make sure to discuss with your videography team the budget you have for travel and lodging. If you want picturesque shoots on a tight budget, consider becoming creative with a venue near your place.

Select a Suitable Package for your Wedding Live Stream

In choosing the suitable package for your wedding live stream, selecting the one closest to your budget is better so that you can avoid spending more than what you and your partner have talked about. 

Other than that, make sure to ask for the inclusion of the package that you will choose and if it will genuinely make significant changes on your wedding day. And lastly, ensure that it includes an HD Live stream set-up, HD download, and high-end equipment, which is the essential equipment needed for live streaming your wedding.

Make Your Wedding Live Stream Worth the Cost

Live streaming is an excellent solution for bringing your guests on your wedding day, especially if you plan to get married in a distant place or have family members that cannot join on your special day. There are plenty of options in choosing the best for your budget. Just make sure that it offers the basic things needed for live streaming. 

Make your wedding more magical than ever with albums you can keep forever and share with your loved ones. Those are perfect moments worth remembering.

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