How Postponing Your Wedding Can Play in Your Favour

Life has a way of being unpredictable. Making plans for the future can be challenging at times. When planning a Sydney wedding, it’s important to note that you may be postponing the event for a later date. Although it’s not ideal in most cases, it could play in your favour. After all, wedding planning takes a lot of time and requires a commitment from you that may be taxing to your schedule.

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A New Wedding Date Can Play Out Nicely for You

If you find yourself in a position where you need to delay your ceremony and reception, don’t worry! Many couples find themselves in a similar situation. As long as you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect yourself legally with the vendors you chose to hire, you’ll be fine. A few extra months to plan the event of your life is a blessing in disguise.

Some of the ways that postponing your wedding can play in your favour include:

  • By giving you the opportunity to choose a better venue for your event.  You may face limitations on the options available due to size restrictions. Rather than settle on the next best thing, choose the venue of your choice, knowing that you’ll have no issue having a reception with all of your guest list present. No one will feel left out because you’ll have a place to host your celebration that fits everyone you know comfortably. You’re able to provide plenty of space for your guests to spread out thanks to the better venue options available.

  • By allowing you to invite everyone that you want to include in your wedding day festivities.  There is no limit to who you can have present while you say your vows or cut your cake. Instead, you can rest assured that everyone who wants to attend your ceremony and reception can go without restriction. You don’t need to limit it to an adults-only event because of spacing concerns. Everyone you want to invite can receive an invitation without you giving it a second thought.

  • By helping the vendors of your choice prepare better for your celebration.  With extra time to get ready for your event, the professionals that you hire can acquire everything that you asked them to get for you. They’ll be able to make the extra special groom’s cake you requested and put together a playlist of songs that you know will get people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. Vendors that you may not have been able to hire for your original wedding date are likely to be available on the secondary date you’ve chosen for your celebration.

  • By accounting for delivery delays and supply shortages.  If circumstances that are out of your control occur, it’s nothing worth worrying about long-term. Even if there is a delay in delivery dates or a temporary shortage of supplies, you’ll be able to get past them without issue. A later wedding date gives you more time to collect all the decorations, gifts, and favors that you ordered. You won’t need to settle for something less than spectacular because you’ll have more time to put in special requests and wait for the items to arrive at your home.

  • By allowing you to save more money for your wedding budget.  The longer you wait to tie the knot, the better your financial situation will be. You can afford to spend more on the things that matter to you. You’ll be able to hire a photographer for the entire day instead of for a few hours. All the incredible photographs you hoped to have of your wedding day will be a reality for you because you’ll be able to speak to the professional in advance and work with them to come up with ideas that meet your needs.

  • By providing you with better honeymoon options.  Travel restrictions may limit where you can go after getting married. If you postpone your celebration, however, the situation may have changed. You’ll have more options to choose from, making for a more enjoyable honeymoon for you and your spouse.

If you want to honour your original wedding date, you can have a small ceremony inside your home to have a reception with family and friends at a later date. You can opt to stream the event so people can watch you tie the knot and even have some photos taken by the photographer of your choice that day. If you want to postpone both the ceremony and the reception, you can opt to do so and have the vendors apply your deposit to the new date and time that you book with them.

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You’ll have a new date, and even better weather in some cases, to take photographs outdoors. With a larger guest list in attendance, you won’t miss the precious moments shared with family and friends. You’ll have more time to discuss the type of shots that you want to be taken by the photographer that you hired so that you have an album full of memories that you cherish throughout your lifetime.

There are Distinct Benefits to Delaying Your Ceremony and Reception

It may not have been your first choice in wedding dates, but postponing your wedding to a later date has its advantages. Not only do you have longer to get your plans together, but you’re also able to have as many people as you want in attendance because the threat of the pandemic has gone away. You won’t need to cut your guest list in half to maintain social distancing protocols. You’ll also have an easier time hiring the right wedding planner, caterer, photographer, and DJ because the professionals are open for business without restriction.

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When life hands you a challenge, embrace it! Postponing your wedding could very well be the best choice you’ve made this year. You won’t need to make last-minute decisions that change the feel of your event. Instead, you’ll have more time to make sure that every detail is perfect, and the way you expected it to be on your wedding day.


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