How to Budget for a Micro Wedding

In recent years, intimate weddings have become popular because of the mess the pandemic has made in our schedules. Most couples have conformed to the sensibility of small wedding ceremonies. With its convenience and cheaper approach, a micro wedding is absolutely the nuptial preparation you should consider. But how much should you consider as your micro wedding budget?

If you are someone who plans for your wedding preparation but doesn’t have any idea about micro weddings, then this article is for you.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Consider a micro wedding, a small and intimate gathering of your dearest friends and family members. Everyone is there to rejoice and testify as you and your beloved partner pledge your boundless love. A traditional wedding has a visitor list of more than 100 individuals, and some bigger weddings have 500. A micro wedding guest list may usually only have around 50 or fewer people present for the ceremony and wedding reception.

Is a Micro Wedding Cheaper than a Traditional Wedding?

Truth be told, a micro wedding budget is way cheaper than a traditional wedding. This goes without saying, but fewer guesses will require a smaller budget. Since micro weddings typically have less than 50 guests, I can say that you may save at least 50% compared to a traditional one.

If that benefit is not enough, here are three other reasons you should consider having a micro wedding.

Financial Savings

You may save a lot of money without paying for many guests’ meals and drinks. During this pandemic, couples are challenged to carefully spend their money and keep their financial savings for more important matters. Having a micro wedding budget with fewer guests is a wise and practical decision for your financial case. 

Fewer Decorations

If you have a large venue and reception area, it usually indicates that there is a lot to be decorated. Moreover, an extensive guest list means many tables require centerpieces and other arrangements. Micro weddings suggest working with a significantly smaller venue and fewer tables, chairs, and decorations. You are not required to spend much money to make the venue beautiful and extravagant. 

Cheap and Cheerful Wedding Attire

Although I bet, you have your dream wedding dress to be worn on the big and memorable day of your life. Well, you don’t have to worry! You can still wear an elegant yet more budget-friendly dress for a micro wedding. You can choose a less expensive outfit and save money on suit rentals. Your wedding party, relatives, and visitors can also save money on their dresses.

5 Ways to Budget Your Micro Wedding?

Now the question that’s probably running through your mind is how much you should allocate if you prefer a micro wedding. That depends on many factors, such as the number of guests, venue, and food preference. However, those all boil down to how you carefully set your micro wedding budget.

Here are 5 of the many ways to budget for a micro wedding.

1.Identify the Details of Your Wedding

Micro weddings are excellent for those on a tight budget. This allows you to make your wedding day more personal while saving money and reducing stress while organizing the details of your wedding. 

As much as possible, be specific in planning how many guests you want to invite. The more specific you are, the clearer you can identify the expenses for other details. Also, make sure to take note of the venue and reception price since it will consume most of your budget.

2.Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Since you already identified all the subtle details of your wedding, you may want to trim off some unnecessary things in your plan. That way, you can lessen your budget and switch to a more important detail of your upcoming wedding.

You don’t have to deal with expensive arrangements in a micro wedding set-up. Seating plans are manageable with fewer but quality food choices for your exclusive guests. Ditch those extra expenses and focus on the celebration as it comes.

3.Set a Budget for Each Detail

Setting an accurate budget is essential for the details of your wedding. Allocating your expenses may save you a lot of money. However, you can still have an elegant and beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Always include the most minor details in your list since these things are typically headaches of your expenses. Those small details include the corkage fees, parking fees, and other miscellaneous payments you need to settle. The more specific you can, the better you will manage your micro wedding budget.

4.Track All Your Expenses

If you are personally planning your own wedding, it’s a wise move to track all your expenses during your wedding preparation. A spreadsheet is a practical way to follow your costs and helps you budget the details of your wedding since it allows you to monitor where your money is going.

This may sound repetitive, but I want you to be specific and detailed in tracking. Track the smallest of expenses you have and indicate it in your spreadsheet. This process will remove all your budget headaches during your special day.

5.Use Budgeting Apps

Wedding budgeting can be tricky, but keeping track of your costs to avoid excessive spending is essential. Aside from spreadsheets, you can also maximize some apps to track your wedding budget. I recommend these budgeting tools to remain on top of your wedding plans.

You may create and manage the budget with your partner with this app. Use the smart envelope method to separate your incoming cash and place it in the envelopes you make. You can see exactly how much you spent and how much you saved.

This free tool is one of the best for wedding budgeting applications. You may link your bank accounts and credit cards and set up weekly email reports of your spending. Mint stores all your checking, savings, and credit card transactions in one safe location and automatically updates your expenses. 

This app is an excellent alternative for tracking the costs of short-term financial plans like a wedding budget because of its simplicity of use. The app will guide you through a short set-up process, and you’ll start budgeting in less than 10 minutes. 

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

As a bride and as a couple, you want to have a memorable wedding day. That being said, you certainly want your big day to be exquisite and attended by everyone essential and close to you. Nowadays, mini weddings pave the way because of their great deals and benefits. 

Small does not mean dull! A micro wedding is an excellent method to focus your resources and budget on making a delightful and intimate romantic day.

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