How to Elope in Australia: An Essential Guide

How to Elope in Australia: An Essential Guide

While many couples dream of having a grand wedding ceremony and reception for their much-awaited event, it’s not surprising that some prefer elopement. Elopement weddings have become a trend since the pandemic hits. That’s probably because they realized how convenient it is to plan an elopement than a traditional one.

Before we go any further, let’s discuss what an elopement wedding is all about. Elopement weddings are known as rushing a wedding away without telling your family, but this concept has changed. An elopement wedding today means you are marrying and celebrating with only a small group in a casual, more relaxed setting.

Additionally, elopement weddings are commonly referred to as tiny weddings. Let’s now go through the process of how to elope in Australia. We hope this will help you in planning and executing your wedding.

Planning an Elopement in Australia

First things first, planning. Don’t rush things in your soon-to-be elopement wedding without properly planning all the details. Here are some planning guides you need to consider for your wedding.

Create Your Wedding Checklist

It’s essential to start everything with your to-do checklist. Consider this as your guideline in planning your wedding. Include the items, the requirements, and the target month of accomplishment. Creating a list is crucial as it will dictate if your wedding preparation moves according to your desired pace. You may use an Excel sheet, download a note app, or stick with an old-fashioned pen-and-paper approach. 

Set a Budget

Another thing to consider in planning is setting a budget for your wedding. Though this is just an elopement wedding, developing a budget that you and your partner will agree on is still essential. In setting a budget, you must be realistic and practical. Stop raising the bar if you can’t reach it before your wedding day. It’s also vital that the budget should be ready two to three months before your desired wedding day. And, of course, always stick with your budget to avoid inconvenience.

Identify your Venue

Next is choosing the right venue for your elopement wedding. Typically, you would prefer a cafe, restaurant, or a small garden setting since you only have a handful of guests. However, it’s OK to pick a bigger one with a scenic view of either mountains or oceans. Australia offers a diverse range of stunning landscapes, from picturesque beaches to lush rainforests and beautiful mountains. Consider places like the Whitsundays, Byron Bay, Sydney Harbor, Uluru, the Great Ocean Road, and the Daintree Rainforest, among others.

Process Legal Documents

Processing documents is something that most engaged couples overlook in planning their elopement wedding. Imagine everything is ready; the venue is booked, catering is fully paid, and you have already hired a host and organizers, only to find out that you can’t push through with your ceremony because you need specific permits to do so. Therefore, checking the legal requirements on how to elope in Australia is critical. Also, each state may have different specific legal wedding guidelines and documents needed, so ensure you research thoroughly and have all the necessary paperwork in order.

Research Vendors

Regarding wedding vendors and suppliers, you may consider wedding packages offered by the venue or your wedding organizers. Doing that will save you time and energy since they will do all communications and follow-ups. However, this might sound like a massive cut in your budget. Nonetheless, if you’re not getting an elopement package, research and book vendors like a photographer, catering, florist, and any other suppliers you may need. Look for local vendors near your chosen venue with experience in elopements and intimate weddings.

List Your Guests

Now listing your guests is absolutely hard since many names pop into your mind. But you must remember this is an elopement wedding, so you must be more intimate in hand-picking your guests. Otherwise, consider doing the traditional wedding ceremony. In selecting your guests, list first your immediate family members and then include those friends who are significant to you and your partner. You should also inform your guests in advance before the big day, so they can save the date and prepare their outfits.

Tailor Fit Your Program

Elopement weddings are much shorter and more intimate than traditional ones, with only a few agenda in the program. However, that doesn’t mean you must follow the flow and not instill some personal touches in your program. During the ceremony, you may instruct the officiant to shorten the readings to make them more unique. You can also make your vows more intimate since all your guests can relate. For the reception, you may follow the traditional wedding reception timeline or simply have a dinner party at a long table with all your guests beside you. The options are countless; it’s up to you to decide.

Capture the Moment

Though it’s a small wedding celebration, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to hire a professional wedding photographer for your event. Remember, this is one of the best days of your life, so it’s essential to immortalize it with an excellent photo album. There are also lots of wedding photography businesses nowadays that offer a wedding elopement package, making your experience more relaxing and candid. 

Enjoy Your Special Day

On the day of your elopement wedding, stay relaxed, be present, and savor the moment together. This is about celebrating your love intimately and more engagingly. Therefore, maximize the time spent with your perfect one, loved ones, and close friends. Regardless of all the details, your joy, love, and affection to one another is what really matters in your elopement day. 

Choosing the Perfect Location

As mentioned before, many venue options exist for elopement weddings in Australia. But of course, this is your special day, so you deserve to pick the best location that suits both of you. Here are some considerations you must check in booking your wedding venue.

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Check on your Budget

We can’t stress this enough, but please stick with your budget—a lot of a specific amount from your wedding budget to cover the venue. But how much doeTypically your wedding venue cuts 30% to 45% of your overall wedding expenses. If it goes above that, you might need to adjust the budget of some other suppliers. 

Match it with Your Wedding Theme

Ensure that your wedding venue matches the theme you have in mind. You might not want to have a formal wedding theme on a sunny beachfront or a boho outfit during winter garden setup. Elopements usually don’t come with heavy themes, so picking a more vibrant, homey place will do the magic for your big day.

Think about Accessibility

Of course, travel accessibility is vital in looking for your wedding venue. Make sure that the place is easy to navigate by your hand-picked guests. In case you’re having a destination wedding, ensure there are suitable accommodations nearby to make their stay comfortable.

Choose Something Significant

Think about places that hold personal significance for you as a couple. It could be where you first met, had your first date, or shared a special bond together. These locations can add an extra layer of sentimental value to your elopement.

Pick a scenic Location

Australia is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. Consider locations with breathtaking landscapes that resonate with your definition of elopement. Choose a backdrop that reflects your style and story, whether it’s a beautiful beach, lush rainforest, dramatic gardens, or tranquil vineyards.

Ensure that there are nearby Vendors

Last but not the least is ensuring that vendors are available near your chosen venue. However, we highly recommend checking if the venue has its own elopement package you can avail of. This will save you the hassle of communicating with many suppliers. In case you need to add some vendors, research thoroughly and consider those who have great feedback from previous clients.

How to Choose the Right Time for Your Wedding

Timing is essential in planning your wedding. The same is true in organizing your elopement wedding. Whenever we ask how to elope in Australia, the timing always comes to the top of our minds. This ensures everything goes smoothly and aligns with your preferences and circumstances. Here are some tips to help you choose the right time for your elopement.

Come up with Your Desired Dates

If you have a significant date or event that shows meaning to you as a couple, consider eloping on that day. It can add a romantic vibe to your much-awaited celebration. Aside from that, consider checking your and your partner’s work schedules, family commitments, and any other significant events that could impact your elopement date. Also, ensure you have enough time for planning before your chosen date. 

Identify if you want Sunrise or Sunset

This step might sound insignificant, but identifying whether you want sunrise or sunset elopement is essential. Some venues offer a poor ambience during the daytime but have a good sunset view in the afternoon. This will also determine what food you will provide your guests. Sunrise weddings usually serve breakfast meals with complimentary coffee and tea. Meanwhile, sunset weddings offer dinner meals accompanied by juices and alcoholic beverages.

Check for Venue Availability

Of course, the availability of your chosen venue will determine the day and time of your wedding unless you want to stick with your selected date and look for another location. That’s why checking for wedding venues a year or ten months before your wedding day is essential. Plus, you might get a reasonable discount on your venue if you book it way ahead of time.

Capturing Your Special Day – A Photographer’s Role

Your elopement day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love, joy, and cherished moments. It’s essential to have those precious memories beautifully captured to relive and share with loved ones for years to come. Hiring a professional photographer plays a crucial role in preserving the essence and emotions of your wedding. Therefore, we highly recommend partnering with one of Australia’s best wedding photography teams. In case you’re wondering what pro photographers can do to make your wedding day special, here are some notable roles you need to watch out for.


They’re not just photographers; they’re professionals. They value your time and money and always pour out their best with their service. Pro photographers are also reliable in communicating and responding to your queries.


Your elopement is unique, and your love story is exceptional. That’s why it deserves a pro photographer who wouldn’t just capture photos but highlights every detail as if they’re storytelling through pictures.

Wedding Partners

Truth be told. Excellent wedding photographers don’t just treat you as clients but as partners in their craft. They make sure you’re comfortable, happy, and satisfied. They focus on the little things that make your elopement uniquely yours, adding depth and significance to the final photo album.

Make your Elopement Wedding Memorable with Your Loved Ones

Your elopement day will testify to your unfathomable love for each other. The intimate setting will allow you to be present momentarily, reminiscing every emotion and cherishing every smile.

So, let your elopement wedding reflect your love story, an intimate gathering of close people in your lives, and a celebration of the start of your simple yet romantic life together. As you make your elopement wedding memorable with your loved ones, know that the love shared on this day will echo through time, creating a stronger bond that will surely grow in the future. We hope this “How to elope in Australia” guide will help you achieve your dream elopement wedding.

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