How to Get Married Without a Wedding: An Australian Guide to a Low-Key Union

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So, you’ve decided to enter the world of marriage but have the fuss and frills of planning a traditional wedding? Fret not because you can actually get married without having a wedding. Surprising, isn’t it? Now you might be wondering how it could happen. Well, you’re in for a treat because this article will become your ultimate guide in understanding how to get married without a wedding.

Time to throw away those ideas of creating a vast seating chart, building a massive guest list, and buying sophisticated decorations. This guide is about making your marriage genuine and authentic for both of you. So, are you ready to enter the extraordinary journey of marriage in the most low-key and uniquely Australian way possible? Let’s dive in together and make your special day truly unforgettable!

What Does It Mean to Get Married Without a Wedding?

In a nutshell, marriage without a wedding means legally formalizing the union between you and your partner without undergoing the ceremonies, receptions, and other standard programs associated with a traditional wedding. Essentially, it’s a more desirable option to get married in a more low-key, simple, and intimate manner.

In this scenario, you may focus solely on the legal aspect of marriage, opting for a private ceremony with just the two of you and a few witnesses. Typically it will just be in a solemn place with no extravagant decorations and an expensive menu. The emphasis is on the commitment and love between the partners rather than the external trappings of a traditional wedding.

But why do many couples prefer having a marriage without a wedding? If you plan to have this kind of set-up, you can resonate on these reasons.

Budget-Wise Decisions

Whether you believe it or not, hosting a wedding is expensive. Imagine the cost of renting a venue, booking a catering service, and hiring a wedding planner. Not to mention that you need to spend on decorations, florists, and other corkages. If you decide to save resources for other life goals, like buying a house or car, or going on a memorable honeymoon, getting married without a wedding is the right choice.

Intimacy and Privacy

Another reason is because of privacy and intimacy. You might feel that having a grand wedding celebration is not for your liking and prefer a much more intimate set-up. A private wedding celebration gives you that intimate vibe wherein you can celebrate only with your immediate family or closest friends.

Stress-Free Preparation

Wedding planning is stressful and can give you so many headaches along the way. That’s why many couples prefer not having a wedding and opt to legalize their marriage. No stressful meetings, no follow-up calls, no endless bargains, 


The last reason we have here is to get married once again. This reason applies to those who got a divorce and want to get married again. Additionally, it’s for those who lost a loved one before and decided to re-enter marriage. Regardless of your reason, this is your viable option if you want a simple celebration.

Crafting a Personal Ceremony

Since this is a more intimate approach, expect that your ceremony is shorter and more direct to the point compared to the traditional one. You can also forget the classic wedding reception timeline, as you won’t need it for your celebration.

So, how to customize your private wedding? Check out these comprehensive steps.

  1. Make it More Meaningful

Have a glance at your journey down memory lane and rediscover the key milestones of your relationship. Then try to reflect on when you first met, the most exciting adventure you shared, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the growth you’ve had as a couple. Not surprisingly, your love story will be the foundation of your marriage.

In addition, decide on the atmosphere you want to create. Are you fond of a cozy and intimate gathering, a whimsical and fun-filled affair, or just a serene and profound set-up? Knowing your desired atmosphere shapes the elements you incorporate to make your union more wonderful.

  1. Choose an Excellent Location

Though you might be marrying in an office of your officiant or a private room, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate afterwards. Book an excellent cafe or restaurant to dine with your better half and family. If you prefer a little adventure, you may book a trip and travel together as newlyweds. The choice is yours; the only key is to do what you and your partner make you happy.

  1. Buy a Good Attire

This is one of the most important milestones you have as a couple, so why not consider buying a new attire for you and your pair? Encourage him to suit up and buy a pair of shoes. Allow her to buy a lovely dress, pair of sandals, and accessories. This is your glorious day; make sure you’re the most beautiful couple in that place.

  1. Write your Wedding Vow

Well, since you decided to make your marriage more intimate, why not write your wedding vow in a personalized manner? Stop copying famous wedding vows and start writing what your heart desires to say. If you need help crafting, you can check this ultimate wedding vow guide.

  1. Enlist Loved Ones

Enlisting your guests is one of the hardest parts of having this type of marriage celebration. You must filter your list and ensure you only invite who matters most in your relationship. Remember that this is an intimate event, so ensure that everyone at least knows one another. Invite family members to be a part of the celebration. They can contribute through readings, poems, or sharing interesting stories about your relationship. Involving loved ones adds depth and a sense of community to your special day.

Remembering the Day – The Role of a Photographer

In a marriage without a wedding, the role of a photographer becomes even more pivotal since you have chosen a low-key and intimate type of celebration. Therefore, it’s great to say that capturing the essence and emotions of the day becomes paramount to preserving the memories of your big day. 

But who will capture those priceless moments? A family member? Your friends? Well, they could be a good choice, but relying on a professional photographer can make you feel more at ease. Not to mention that your guests can only focus on you rather than on doing any tasks assigned to them. 

If you’re still not convinced to hire a professional wedding photographer, here are some of the notable tasks they can do on your special day:

Documenting the Special Moments

A pro photographer is adept at capturing those fleeting moments that sparkle your day. From the romantic glances to the tender touches, these candid shots will always remind you of the joy you felt during this intimate celebration.

Creating Lasting Memories

Even without having a grand wedding, the day you officially become a married couple is essential. Your wedding photographer will ensure you have high-quality images you can keep and cherish with your loved ones for years to come.

Telling Your Unique Story

Every story is unique, and your professional photographer must narrate that story using their lens. Those images will reflect your personality, the picturesque venue, and the atmosphere you deliberately curated for this special day.

Capturing Intimacy

With a smaller guest list, a sense of closeness and intimacy can be captured beautifully through photographs. Wedding photographers will focus on the interactions between the couple and their loved ones, resulting in a meaningful and touching album of images.

Freeing You from Worry

As mentioned, hiring a professional wedding photographer will make your life easier on your special day. You can relax and fully immerse yourself in the moment without stressing about taking pictures. You can trust the photographer to handle the visual storytelling, allowing you to be present and savor each moment of your special day.

Professional Expertise

They are called professionals for a reason because professional photographers have the skills and experience to work with different lighting conditions, compose artistic shots, and edit the images to perfection. Their expertise ensures you get the best possible results. Not to mention that they also possess professional character in adjusting to your desired output.

Preserving Details

From the rings to the bouquet and other personal touches, your wedding photographer will capture the little details that may go unnoticed during the day’s excitement. These details add depth and significance to your visual narrative.

Post-Ceremony Celebration

If you want a small post-ceremony celebration with family and friends, let your photographer know so they can document this part. Capturing the joy and camaraderie shared with your nearest and dearest people as you dine together will surely make you tear up as you reminisce about this day.

Creating an Heirloom

The photographs from your marriage without a wedding will become an heirloom for your family. They will be a treasured memento of your love story that you can pass on to future generations. Imagine narrating your special day to your kids and grandkids; what a lovely sight!

Embracing an Intimate Union

Embracing a marriage without a wedding allows you to redefine the traditional narrative of matrimony. It’s an intimate path of honoring beauty, simplicity, authenticity, and a profound connection between you and your partner. By choosing this low-key approach, you can focus on what truly matters: your love for each other and the commitment you share as you enter the world of togetherness.

So, let’s toast your decision to enjoy the beauty of intimate union and the boundless love that unites you. Cheers, to love in its most authentic and simple form.

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