How to look good and be comfortable/natural in front of a camera?

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Perfect Moment

The perfect wedding photo means the whole world to a lot of people – after all, you’re going to cherish those photos forever. Your wedding day will fly by and what you are left with are those everlasting memories and some stunning photos.

Many brides dread being in front of the camera and not to forget that they are already stricken by the wedding day nerves.canberra wedding photography038

So let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that will make the bride in you comfortable enough to strike a pose with ease.

Take it slowly

The best photos are snapped when you forget you’re being photographed at all. Do not rush through a photo session. Take some time out and let the photographer follow you. Pretend that the photographer is not there and just talk to each other. Once that feeling of being watched is gone, you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera.


It’s easier said than done. Your wedding day can be stressful. And who would want to see a wedding picture with a perplexed look or a high brow. It is a good idea to spend the previous day at a spa and also try to get a good night’s sleep. You’ve spent months preparing for your wedding; so why ruin your wedding day fussing over seating arrangements or cold food? Delegate smaller jobs to your bridesmaids and ushers, so that you do not have to do everything yourself.

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Smile through your eyes

Even though it’s a little tricky, you can practise smiling through your eyes by squinting slightly to create small pillows beneath your eyes. Even when you don’t smile with your mouth, but just with your eyes, you can take a good picture.


Sometimes, when you’re in front of a camera, it’s really hard to smile naturally – and with the photographer demanding you to smile all the time. There is a trick – laugh into the camera – chances are that a genuine smile will follow.

Replicate your favourite poses

Study your favourite pictures and try to replicate those poses. Know your best profile side and face the camera accordingly.

Natural makeup

Hire a make-up artist who specialises in natural looking makeup.  An expert make-up artist will know how a camera will work on a natural skin tone. And fill your brows – this will frame your face and balance out your makeup

No need to look into the camera

20161023 1458Go candid – ask the photographer to go for in between shots. Some of the best shots are taken when you are not posing at all – the ones where you and your guests are talking or joking together, or when you as a couple are caught in a real moment of love. It’s all about being natural and feeling confident the way you are.

Angles work

Never stand facing the camera. You could position your body to one side and tilt your head towards the other to break up the shape. Avoid pointing your elbows and knees directly at the camera.

Be yourself

Don’t let any worries affect your big day. This is your special day, so between getting your hair and makeup done, being ushered from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception, and being snapped all along, it’s hard to find a moment just for yourself. Try to be yourself and soak it all in before you say “I do.”

Now with these tips, hope you will look good and comfortable in front of a camera on your wedding day.