How to write a father of the bride speech

Are you wondering how to write a father of the bride speech? If you are going through the experience of your little girl getting married chances are, you’re in the middle of a very emotional time. But you want to make sure you have a beautiful speech to let everyone know just how special your daughter is to you and how much this day means to you.

How it Happen

Generally, the father of the bride will give his speech before any of the other speeches. While the maid of honour and best man may also speak, as may anyone else who wants to, it is generally the father who thanks everyone for coming, thanks them for their gifts to the couple and starts things off. He may give a happy and uplifting speech. He may offer some advice for the couple or he may share memories and moments from the bride’s family.

When you get ready to deliver your speech you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all, for many people the idea of getting up in front of a large crowd and talking, especially about their feelings and their hopes and dreams, can be daunting. But remember that all of these people are your family and friends (or at least your daughter’s family and friends).

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If you want, you can break the entire thing down into 5 different sections:

1. Introduction

The first thing you want to do let everyone know who you are just in case you haven’t met them yet. You might want to mention how beautiful the day is or share a little joke or happy moment of the day itself to get everyone into your speech.

2. Give a Welcome

Traditionally the father of the bride is the one who is responsible for hosting the reception, which means that this is where you want to welcome everyone to the celebration. You want to mention those who were helpful in putting things together and getting this day running smoothly.

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3. It’s All About Her

Next up is a section to talk about and to your daughter. You can talk about all of the amazing things about her and her great qualities. This is also where you may want to talk about a memory or story that you share. You can tease or you can bring up emotional things but be wary of getting too far into either of these categories.

4. It’s All About the Spouse

In this part you want to mention something good and positive about your daughter’s new spouse. No matter what your feelings may be, this is the time to be happy and uplifting and to talk about them being a great match for your daughter.

5. Give Advice

If you’ve been married for a long time you want to offer some advice to the couple, whether sweet or funny. You get to decide how it goes and whether everyone will be oohing and aahing or laughing into their napkins.

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6. Finish it Of

Finally, invite everyone to raise their glass and toast the couple.

Father of the Bride Speech Tips

Keep it short

You don’t need to talk for 10 minutes and chances are that no one is really going to want you to. Keep your speech short and to the point so you don’t get overwhelmed and neither does anyone else.

Keep it sweet 

This is not the time to air dirty laundry on anyone in the family or to tell jokes at someone else’s expense. Your daughter (and everyone else) wants to be able to remember this day happily and if they remember you making fun of someone or bringing up bad memories that are not going to be the case.

Bring up a memory 

Use a specific memory to really tie your feelings and emotions into something specific. Bring up your favourite memory with your daughter or your favourite memory of your daughter and her new spouse.

Mention how happy you are 

You should always say how happy you are about your daughter finding the perfect match for her. Even if you’re not 100% sure this person is right for her, it’s always a good idea to say you’re happy that she’s happy.

Write it down

Don’t plan to just ‘wing it’ when you get up there because that’s a good way to forget something you really wanted to say or to ramble or get nervous and overwhelmed. This is a once in a lifetime experience, and you definitely don’t want to forget something you wanted to say and may not get another chance to.


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Short Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Example 1

I would like to thank everyone for coming today, to the wedding of (daughter) and (spouse). It’s been a beautiful day and we are all so happy that the two of them have found each other. I still remember the day that (daughter) brought (spouse) home to meet us. The look on her face told me she had found the one. And today I’d like to congratulate them on their wedding and a beautiful life together.

Example 2

There’s nothing quite like the love of two young people, just starting out their lives together. There’s a level of beauty and sweetness that you never find again. But your love will grow into something even more special as time goes on. I look forward to watching the two of you grow in love with one another and so, today, I ask you all to raise your glasses to toast (daughter) and (spouse).

Example 3

I still remember when (daughter) was only four-years-old, coming to me with a scraped knee after playing outside. Or that bashful look she would get when she was sure she’d done something wrong. I remember the moments of pure joy when she would swing higher than ever on the swing set or, as she got older when she would land a spot in the school play. To me, you’ll always be that little girl. But today, you’re stepping into a new part of life and I even though I can’t help but remember you as a little girl again, I also can’t believe the amazing woman you’ve become.

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The father of the bride speech is where the father is able to convey his love and feelings for his daughter as well as his support for the new happy couple. It’s also where he is able to thank everyone for coming and to share some of his memories. It’s a beautiful moment and one that can truly make the entire night if done properly.

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