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Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

Unfold your beautiful journey to your union by the airy fields of the growing wine region of Hunter Valley. Take your love story 120 kilometers north of Sydney to the beautiful highlands and tributaries of the Hunter Valley region. The spectacular mountains and boundless open landscape is a perfect venue for your pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot. 

If you and your partner are dreaming about rustic and country vibes in tying the knot, the Hunter Region is perfect for you. With the help of Perfect Moment Photography, all you need to do is enjoy your wedding as we do our part in capturing all your perfect moments.

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Why is Hunter Valley the Best Location for Your Wedding?

New South Wales has numerous beautiful locations, so why choose the Hunter Valley region? This precious milestone in your partnership must be as personal and intimate as possible. You must select a venue that perfectly fits your needs like a puzzle. Here are three core reasons Hunter Valley is the Best location for your wedding.

Location and Travel Friendly

The first point in selecting a wedding venue, more than its beautiful view and setup, is its location. The Hunter Valley region is located 2 hours away from Sydney and only 45 minutes away from New Castle when driving. Making it accessible and easy to identify by you, your family, loving guests, and the wedding coordinator team. In any case of emergency, as it is only 120 km away from the city of Sydney and 61 km between Newcastle, Hunter Valley is a safe venue for your union.

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Picturesque Perfect Venues

Complete with a fantastic countryside view, panoramic landscapes, and flourishing gardens, Hunter Valley is a dream venue to shoot for all love birds. You will not run out of beautiful places to choose from; it has a bright and well-lit airy area. More than that, Hunter Valley gives a natural and pleasant feel to couples allowing you and your partner to reveal your trueness ultimately. 

Accommodation and Rich Cuisines

Hunter Valley isn’t only rich with the best winery but with gourmet cuisines that will stay stuck in your memory. Overflowing with fantastic restaurants and caterer choices that offer various cocktails, canapés to three or four-course meals for your reception. You can easily customize your menu depending on your requirements and budget. 


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What to Expect From Perfect Moment Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer Team

Perfect Moment is the best wedding photographer Hunter Valley has to offer that will aid you in grasping and treasuring your core memories on your most awaited day. Here are some things that you can expect from Perfect Moment Photography.

Expert Photographers

Our dedicated professional team will provide you with amazing photos and comfortable service. More than that, we love and work hard to reveal and tell your exquisite love story creatively. Show how your eyes sparkle with contentment and excitement as you speak your vows and I do’s. The fun moments and intimacy of your first dances and the rejoicing of your loving guest to see your life entangle to eternity.

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Affordable Packages

Perfect Moment team provides affordable and flexible packages to every couple’s needs. Packages for photography, videography, and even a combination of both. Rate starts at 1150 to 5550 dollars which includes hours of shoot coverage, one photographer or videographer, unlimited high-resolution photos, all edited & color graded, delivered via personalized photo gallery for the photograph package, and 3-5 cinematic highlight videos for the video packages. Other services and inclusions can be discussed with the Perfect Moments team.

Hassle-Free Transaction

Previous Perfect Moment clients can attest to our hassle-free and easy service arrangement.. From selecting your photography or videography package, selecting your theme, and screening ideas to best tell your love tale to be striking, natural, and loving. Intense poses during your union, the Perfect Moment team will be there to guide you. We are excited to be there to help you preserve your new beginnings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Hunter Valley Wedding photographer cost?

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers service usually starts at 3000 dollars and up. Basic packages typically include hours of photography sessions with a professional photographer, albums and tangibles, an online gallery, and equipment usage. Cinematic video and same-day edits can also be added to the package depending on the couple’s preference

How to choose the right wedding photographers in Hunter Valley?

The best way to choose your hunter valley wedding photographer is to request a portfolio of their previous wedding projects. Try to assess and screen through their shot angles and styles. Imagine yourself as their subject and think if you and your partner will both be comfortable with your chosen photographer’s creative ideas for your wedding. Remember, your comfort is important, and a good relationship and communication with your professional team are essential. 

Why is a Hunter Valley wedding photographer expensive?

Hunter Valley wedding photographers are skilled professionals, and their hours, aesthetics, and talent are what a couple will hire for the wedding. You should not compromise the quality of your wedding shots. Hence your preference and budget should be thoroughly discussed with your chosen photography team so that they can align with your expectations. 

Do you need two wedding photographers for your Hunter Valley Wedding?

Yes, having two professionals as your Hunter Valley wedding photographer is ideal. No moments should be missed during your union. This is best to document your elopement properly from different angles fully. And also a significant contingency should any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction occur during your wedding day. 

Should I hire a Hunter Valley Wedding photographer?

Yes, bringing your love story and sealing the deal to the beautiful landscape of Hunter Valley is one thing, but storing the memories is a must! Investing and choosing the best photographer team should be a priority on your wedding list. You can look back on those beautiful photographs and videos filmed and shot by a professional with a warm heart blossoming memory of your beginnings.

Let’s Make Every Perfect Moment an album of Lifetime Memories

Your wedding day is an anticipated and most awaited event for both of you and your families. It might feel like it’s taking forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Therefore, capturing every single moment and transforming it into an album of lifetime memories will help you be reminded of how happy and glorious your wedding day is.

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