It All Started in a Wedding: Kay & Callum Love Story

When someone mentions a wedding, all you can think about is the big, fabulous church decorated with many flowers and the stunning wedding dress of the bride and bridesmaid. Afterward are the tables and mouth-watering foods waiting for guests and sponsors related to the bride or groom. And for final touch is the loud music for the newlyweds to dance the night away. 

It’s different for Callum and Kay’s wedding, for all they ever wanted was to share every second and minute with the people they cared about the most. Joined by good music and a lovely venue with a beautiful background, everything falls in place. The remaining objective is to create memories they can cherish and pass down to their child. 

Callum and Kay thought that the cozy air combined with warm rays of the sun, the colors of the leaves, and the presence of the fleeting romantic feeling was a perfect day to have an intimate wedding. The mix of a rustic venue, a small number of family and friends to share the precious moment, and lovely music to dance with. No overwhelming number of guests and sponsors, flashing lights, and glorious wedding; just two souls happily knotting ties forever.

Looking back, Callum and Kay think that everything looks like a rom-com movie. They both attended their friend’s wedding. He was running errands for the groom, and she was doing the same thing too. As they met, sparks flew, and everything seemed to fit perfectly. They realized they share the same favorite song, movies, and even lucky numbers! The moment they spent together was not enough. That’s why Callum decided to book a flight to Sydney to see Kay again.

Not only is Callum smitten by Kay with things they have the same, but also her strong will, silly sense of humor, and unexpectedly her bum! Meanwhile, Kay was fond of Callum’s caring personality, comedic personality, and geek side.

And as the two exchange their vows, rings, and kisses, they proceed to take their wedding photos on Cockatoo Island. The setting was spectacular enough because of its beautiful history and industrial buildings. 

Everything was indeed intimate and safe despite the current world crisis.

What makes this couple unique is their chosen song for their first dance, To Be With You by Mr. Big. Surely, after waiting in a line of green and blues, both want to be with one another, and they feel it too!

The heavens created an excellent way for Callum and Kay to meet. It was perfectly handcrafted! By running errands for your friend’s wedding, who would have thought you would meet the person, you will love and cherish forever.

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