Journeying From Fitness to Forever – The Love Story of Justin & Jessie

Having a couple goals is somehow inevitable to every couple nowadays. Whether travel, food, movie, or technology, every couple has something they both desire to accomplish together. That’s perfectly true for Justin and Jessie as they both journey together in reaching their fitness goals.

Having previously joined F45 before and currently with CrossFit, I can genuinely say that they succeed in nurturing their fitness adventure. Well, if their fitness goals have somehow amazed you, wait until you know their lovely and glorious wedding journey.

To start off, Justin and Jessie first met at a Catholic summer camp in Brisbane way back in their teenage days. At first, they both make it clear to each that they are just friends. Not until they both graduated from high school and started dating. Things get more exciting when Jessie decides to move to Sydney so she can be closer to her future groom.

When talking about what they like about each other, Justin could proudly say that he wants Jessie’s passion and desire to help others, especially her loved ones, and the undeniable fact that she always laughs at his jokes, even the not-so-funny ones.

Meanwhile, Jessie loves Justin’s caring and gentle character. His motivation and discipline to push their relationship to the next level are somehow adorable.

After a couple of years, they both decided to get married. They choose a church that plays a significant part in their relationship. This is the church where Justin got involved for many years, ever since he was a kid. Jessie also had a fair share of experience in that church during her stay in Sydney.

The most exciting thought, though, is that the church is where Justin’s parents tied their knot forever. Which I believe makes everything even more magical for the wedding event.

Another special touch for their most important once-in-a-lifetime event has Fr. Daniel McCaughan, one of the couple’s closest friends, officiated the wedding. It was a traditional nuptial mass attended by some of their most immediate family members and friends.

One of Jessie’s most memorable perfect moments is when they gladly exchanged their lovely wedding vows. For Justin, it’s none other than the bridal walk where he watched Jessie walk down the aisle in white. It was stunning, beautiful, and emotional that he ensured to have his handkerchief close by. 

Every single moment of their event is lovely. It was a favored day since it was awfully raining weeks before their wedding, but suddenly the weather turned out perfectly fine during their glorious ceremony.

With all their families and friends close by, their two adorable fur babies in bow ties, and being officiated by an exceptional friend, Justin and Jessie can’t think of anything more perfect than their wedding day.

The best thing about this lovely couple is they get to invest in having a team who could capture all those special moments and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece of memories. Something they could look back to in their gray hairs and a story they could share with their kids and grandkids.

Justin and Jessie’s goal is not just to get married. They are on the journey to forever, from high school days to both having fitness journey goals, up until this very moment where their forever moments have already started. It was indeed a couple goals worth achieving, together, forever.

Special Thanks to:

Florist: @flowersbykristelamarie

MUA: @blossomhairandmakeup

Hair Stylist: @blossomhairandmakeup

Gown: Luv Bridal and Formal

Bride’s Shoe: Vizzano

Bride’s Veil: Luv Bridal and Formal

Wedding Cake: Sweet Olivia Sugar Arts

Ceremony Officiate: Fr Daniel McCaughan

Ceremony musicians: St Charles-Borromeo Catholic Church Choir

Entertainment: The Baker Boys

Photo Booth: Capture That Photo Booth (flower wall)

Transport: Amore Wedding Cars

Engagement Ring: Wallace Bishop 

Wedding Ring: Wallace Bishop & Michael Hill

Signage: Designed and printed on Zazzle

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