Jurassic Park Wedding Inspiration

One of the things I love most about modern weddings is how willing everyone is to follow their own style. We see plenty of classic, contemporary, natural, and luxury weddings, but creative themes are also becoming a lot more popular. For one thing, it adds a lot more personality.

At the moment, we’re in a booming dinosaur age, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Jurassic Park was released in the early 90s. If you’re thinking about having your own historically (or pre-historically) epic wedding, here are a few ideas worth noting.

Bringing Jurassic style to the venue

As the blog title suggests, why not get married under a dinosaur? You can rent and buy life-size dinosaur skeleton replicas. This could mean getting married under the ribs of a hulking tyrannosaurus rex, or you could be playful and have velociraptor skeletons on each side holding flowers.

If you prefer something a little more life-like, you can get full dinosaurs made from fiberglass, too. Not only are they incredibly realistic, but they are also perfect for the outdoors since they’re weatherproof and highly resilient. Whether a skeleton or the full thing, a dinosaur at the venue is going to be excellent for the wedding photos, too.

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Add an animatronic guest to the party

If you don’t mind setting aside a place in the budget for it, you can go even more life-like with animatronic dinosaurs of all kinds, like the one manufactured by onlydinosaurs.com. Imagine having the vendors come to the reception area, only to be greeted by an ultra-realistic velociraptor or a stegosaurus. 

They can move, too, turning their heads, swishing their tails, and blinking their eyes. Furthermore, some of the better animatronics out there can make noise, growling, breathing, and roaring to give the guests a fright and delight they won’t soon forget. If you look closely, you can even see their chest moving with each breath.

If you have a few willing members of the wedding party, how about a dinosaur that dances with the guests? We’ve all seen those goofy t-rex costumes that went viral all over the web, but there are really realistic costumes out there as well. If you don’t tell your spouse, it could even make for a really memorable prank.

Set the prehistoric scene

What good is a dinosaur theme unless you’re going to set the scene just right, too? If you want to go for the fun cutesy look, you can do cut-out dinosaur shapes for the walkway, the placemats for the table, and balloons.

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If you want a more realistic and immersive look, then you can recreate the deep prehistoric jungles, instead. This can include artificial leaves hanging from the roof and creating a canopy over the head table. It can also include some funky twists like lamps made of fake amber.

Use some fun dino-props

Wedding photo booths have become extremely popular over the past decade. They give your guests a chance to leave a more creative impression than the standard guest book, and they’re tons of fun. However, if you’re running a theme with your wedding, it’s important to make sure the photo booth includes it!

To that end, how about bringing a life-like dinosaur baby puppet? Your guests can wear it, doing all kinds of fun poses, from snuggling with their little dino friend to being attacked by the terrifying rubber menace. You can include other kinds of props, like explorer hats, fake weapons, and more to complete the scene, too.



Chomp into a dinosaur themed cake

The cake is the perfect place to top off the theme of the wedding, sometimes literally. If you don’t want to go too far into the thematic approach, then you can keep it simple with a couple of cute dino toppers. They can even be decked out in wedding regalia, though I can’t promise that a wedding dress makes a velociraptor any prettier.

If you have no problem going all out, however, I’ve seen some excellent decorative dinosaur cakes out there. From Jurassic Park themed cakes to those that are shaped like a dinosaur. You can get even more creative and have a chocolate cake with a big dino footprint in it, making it look like a well-preserved track. 

Bizarre as they can seem, themed weddings are also extremely fun for everyone involved. From the joy of hanging out with a moving, breathing dinosaur to getting silly with a themed photo booth, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found. I hope the above examples gave you some ideas of your own, too.

*Images in this post are from offbeatbride.com, photographed by M & K Photography.

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