Love in Serenity and Simplicity – The Elopement Wedding of Lachlan & Victoria

When thinking about weddings, most people casually imagine elegant venues with stunning motif decorations suitable for hundreds of crowds. Then there will be a long table of food banquet which accommodates all the guests and sponsors. It will be followed by a melodious band harmonizing the background of the glorious wedding event.

As fabulous as it is, that will not always be the case. In fact, this worldwide health crisis makes us realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. Weddings could be beautiful, romantic, and memorable even if the engaged couple decides to make it an elopement.

This was proven by Victoria and Lachlan when they decided to have a small intimate wedding after dating together for the last 3,021 days. Yes, Lachlan has counted it, proving how true his love and intention are for Victoria.

Not only Lachlan’s detailed romantic memory that makes Victoria fall for him. It was also his gentleness and caring affection from the moment they were together until their wonderful day.

Like what Harry Burns said in the movie When Harry Met Sally, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” That is also how Lachlan felt about Victoria. Marrying Victoria, according to Lachlan, is the easiest decision he has ever made in his life. In fact, he’s so excited and can’t wait to start his forever with her.

Victoria thought that love was scary, unstable, and conditional. However, Lachlan has changed her outlook and made her feel differently.

Though there were no huge crowds, large venues, and lavish design, the simplicity of their most precious wedding day has proven to everyone that love is indeed sweet in its sacred form. 

As they seal the day with their vows and kisses, the serenity of the place and the intimate ambiance adds up to their romantic event. Undeniably, it was one of the most endearing elopement wedding events that you could never forget.

From the time the couple prepared to the smiles of their loved ones, and even to the very moment where they walked down the aisle, everything was precious, beautiful, and full of love. Those perfect moments captured in every photographer’s lens are a testament that it was indeed a remarkable moment for the couple.

Weddings are sweet when a couple celebrates them with each other, sweeter when they get to enjoy them with their loved ones, and sweetest when they can look back and reminisce about the glorious day they promised their vows to each other.

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