Love, Unexpectedly – The Kristal & Mat Love Story

Everybody dreams of a perfect love story with their destined partner in life. Something like rays from heaven slowly falling down and melodious hymns suddenly echoed around whenever they meet the perfect one. However, most of the time, that’s not always the case. There’ll be no rays from heaven, no music, and not even a glimpse of sweetness. Sometimes, love just comes unexpectedly. No signs, no moments, no spoilers, just both of you, meeting at the right place at the right time. 

That’s the story of Kristal and Mat. Unexpectedly, they were paired up for a game of pool one night when Kristal has a girl’s night out with her friends. They didn’t know that those moments will undoubtedly change their lives forever, together.

After having a moment of “getting to know each other,” they both felt comfortable and ended up dancing all night long. That night was the beginning of where they are today.

Eventually, after a couple of days, they meet again. But this time, they know for sure that they both want to be with each other forever. There’s an undeniable mutual feeling that grows stronger as time passes by.

After the deployment of Mat from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), he came home and, without any hesitation, bent a knee and proposed to Kristal. That was a blissful moment that everybody wishes to experience. 

As simple as their relationship, their wedding style is also not that complicated. They just came up with different motifs and designs that they’ve got online. Although simple, you’ll still feel the enchanting and glorious moment of their special day. That only proves to us that weddings don’t have to be that extravagant. It only needs a simple imagination of the things you both love the most. And with the help of excellent suppliers and coordinators, the magical moment will suddenly occur.

It was a memorable moment for the couple. The fun atmosphere, wine stomp, the traditional “Gambler” sing and dance song, and even just seeing every single guest dressed up for the wedding ignites a smile from the couple whenever they recall the event. 

Their simple advice for engaged couples is to always take a breather and remember to enjoy every moment, including the planning stage because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your pair. Challenges will come, but if you’re together, you can overcome them in a strong manner.

In addition, always seek out the best from your partners, such as Mat loving the eyes, smile, resilience, and unique character of Kristal. Meanwhile, Kristal loves Mat for being protective, making the best in every situation, being humorous (he loves telling dad jokes), and his fantastic personality.

Love truly comes unexpectedly, but expectedly we know that you should grab and make the most out of it when it comes. Just like the story of Mat and Kristal, they never knew that a simple meeting in a pool game will become an open door for a beautiful love story.

Special Thanks to all Partners Who Made This Event Possible

Florist: Jade Macintosh

Signage: Jade Macintosh

Hair & Make up Artist: Chic Artistry

Kristal’s Gown: Bonnie

Kristal’s Jewelry: Gattea

Engagement & Wedding Rings: Gattea

Wedding Cake: Cakes by Sophie

Ceremony Officiate: Marney Mcqueen

Ceremony Musicians: Nathan la Monaco

DJ: Kyle

Entertainment: Hunter Valley Resort

Invitations & Stationery: Zazzle

MC: Marney Mcqueen

Transportation: Golf buggies

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