Love With No Boundaries – Riv & Dan Elopement Wedding

One of the most frustrating impacts of the worldwide health crisis is the cancellation and rescheduling of some important events in our life. One of those events might be your much-anticipated wedding event.

The date is set, the venue has been booked, guests have been invited, and almost every detail is ready for the celebration. Then all of a sudden, the pandemic hits. Everything needs to rearrange, and many negotiations need to be done. The list can go on, but the point is, it’s total chaos and headache.

The love story of Riv and Dan didn’t just thrive against the effect of the health crisis. They literally braced the odds of being on two different continents. Even though they’re miles apart, nothing has stopped them from tying the forever knot of love, covenant, and faithfulness with each other.

Dan was from the United Kingdom, and Riv was from Australia. They got engaged in the Uk when Dan decided to propose during a weekend getaway. It was an intimate moment where they both had a country walk. With a glass of champagne and a friend hiding in the bush, Dan got down on his knees and invited Riv to become part of his life forever. Riv immediately says her sweetest yes to Dan.

As intimate as their serene wedding proposal, the couple also decided to make their wedding intimate for their closest families and friends. In fact, there were only 16 guests on that glorious wedding day.

However, it wasn’t as smooth as they had planned. Due to the travel restrictions in the country, Dan wasn’t able to enter the border. The restrictions were so heightened that they were rejected twice in their appeal. When all hope is lost, the boundaries have suddenly opened, allowing their much-awaited event to proceed.

With the tight schedule and budget, they ensured photography had a spot on their priority list. They believed that their perfect moments during their wedding day were worth remembering in the long run.

The afternoon Jewish wedding they enjoyed was serene, authentic, and utterly adorable. The joy in the couple’s faces and their guests was immeasurable and incomparable. 

They sealed their lovely covenant with some Jewish traditions, romantic vows, and the long-awaited wedding kiss. After their solemn ceremony, the couple, together with their intimate guests, enjoyed a delicious dinner at a long rustic table. Unlike traditional big wedding celebrations, elopement weddings are much more peaceful and sincere.

It was a story unfolding for both of them. A timeless tale they can share with their future children and grandchildren. From now on, they will always have each other’s back whatever the season they might be in, as they have promised during the traditional ring exchange, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Dan and Riv’s love story is a good reminder that love conquers adversities. Whether boundaries or uncertainties, at the end of the day, love will surely win as long as both remain faithful and committed.

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