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Candid Wedding Videographer in Melbourne

Are you planning your wedding ceremony in the beautiful city of Melbourne? Wanting to have a garden, farm, or classical closed-hall wedding theme? Then,  it’s not surprising that you choose Melbourne as the venue of your big day. 

With all the picturesque scenery, hiring a Melbourne videographer to cover your special day is highly recommended. Melbourne is rich in historical spots, lush greeneries, and classic backdrops complementing your photos and videos.

Our Recent Wedding Films

Professional Team of Wedding Videographers

Make your wedding day stress-free and fun by partnering with a professional wedding videographer.

We’re a team of skilled, passionate, creative, and, most of the time, hilarious videographers in Melbourne. 

Our desire is to make your wedding day videos remarkable. 

How remarkable? Film it in a way that you would love to watch over and over more than your favorite Hollywood movie. But of course, don’t just take my word for that. Instead, get to know more about our team at Perfect Moment.

Professional Videograhers

No need to elaborate on this further. I am 100 percent confident that we’ve got the best team of videographers in Melbourne. The excellence in delivering what they promise is something that our previous clients talk about.

However, what I admire most about the team is their professionalism in terms of punctuality and respecting our clients. They can adjust to various circumstances if the wedding situation doesn’t become favorable.

Extensive Years of Experience

The professionalism of the team doesn’t come overnight. They have about 10 years of individual videography and photography experience. These years of experience have helped them become excellent at covering event videos and handling clients professionally.

Needless to say, you can definitely trust our team to capture wedding films, corporate videos, live raw footage, or even cinematic effects.

Top of the Line Equipment for Video Shoot

Aside from the excellence of our team, we are also proud to say that we have top-of-the-line equipment. We take time to invest in our cameras, lighting equipment, and audio recorders. That’s the best reason why the video produced by our team resonates in the hearts of our clients.

Therefore, trusting the video coverage of your much-awaited day is safe in the hands of our videography team.

Advanced Skills in Video Edit

We don’t just capture raw footage of your wedding; we make it as cinematic as you wish. Thanks to the outstanding skills of our video editors. Their extensive years of experience make our final product commendable and adored by our clients.

If you’re not okay with that, check out the best wedding videos of the Perfect Moment team.

Why Choose Perfect Moment Wedding Videography in Melbourne

Now, what’s in it for you? Why choose the Perfect Moment as your Melbourne wedding videographer? 

We don’t just have excellent and professional videographers in the team. We also have other perks that you’ll receive once you partner with us. 

Check the list below.

Pre Wedding Consultation

Your wedding, your style. That’s what we always tell our clients. We want to make your wedding videos as excellent as they can be. But that will never happen if we don’t collaborate with our clients.

That’s why we take time to sit down and hear your ideas so we can incorporate them into our work. Don’t have any idea yet? Don’t worry. We would love to show our portfolio so you can get some inspiration.

Specialty in Highlighting Your Love Story

Our team is more than just an event videography Melbourne has to show. We are a proud team of wedding videographers. The difference is that we capture the beauty of the moment more than we capture videos.

Part of our work is highlighting your love story through every video we capture. It’s as if you’ll feel the same love and happiness you felt whenever you watch your wedding films.

Excellent Post Production Videography Services

We walk the talk. When we say remarkable videos, we ensure that it’s really a cinematic one. Our team doesn’t just settle for mediocre output. We always strive for excellence. 

Our passion for videography goes beyond the mile to satisfy our clients.

And, of course, we also deliver post production materials on time. We know you’ve been wanting to watch these videos since your wedding day. So, why delay?

Affordable Videography Service

We know that most engaged couples decide to ditch hiring a wedding videographer because it’s pricey. And we understand that reason. That’s why we decided to make our videography service more affordable for everyone.

Don’t worry about quality. We are committed to delivering exceptional service even at a lower rate than our competitors in Melbourne. This is your big day, and we want to make it memorable.

What our Wedding Videography Service Offers

If you reach this part, I’m sure you are already enticed to know more about our videography service. Our video services come in various wedding videography packages. Each package has different inclusions that will fit your preference. 

We also offer customization upon request. But to give you a preview, here are some of our video service inclusions.

Edited Long Video 

Want a long video with some magic touch? We’ve got you. Our videography service specializes in editing those lengthy videos into engaging masterpieces. With our expertise, rest assured we’ll polish your footage. 

Then, we will add some flair and deliver a final product with everyone hitting replay. We’ll take care of those tear-jerking vows, romantic toast, and epic dance-offs.

Social Reel Video

Excited to share the love story of your wedding day with your friends? Then, include a social reel video in your videography package. You don’t need to wait for the raw videos to craft your reels or shorts. 

We’ll curate all the heartwarming moments from your big day. Then, we make it into a snappy, shareable clip perfect for Instagram, Facebook, or whatever socials you use. At the end of the day, your love story deserves to be shared online

Live Stream Service

Are you having an intimate wedding event wherein you can’t invite all your friends? Worry no more. Our team also caters for a live stream service. You can invite your other friends to watch your wedding celebration online.

With our advanced equipment and skilled team, we can make your online guests feel that they’re in the moment. Forget about the stress of inviting and setting up the live stream; we’ll take excellent care of it on your behalf.

Highlight Video

Another inclusion you should consider is our highlight videos. These videos are like little love stories flash on the screen. But this time, the main character is you and your beloved partner.

Forget about all technicalities and effects. Our team will take care of your cinematic mini-movie. And we’ll cover everything from when you walk down the aisle to your romantic vows to the last dance of the night.

Same-Day Editing Video

Like other wedding videography teams in Melbourne, our service includes same-day edit videos. We believe that you deserve to witness what transpires on your special day.

So, buckle up, have a toast, and relax as you watch a short video summary of your wedding celebration. And oh! Remember to bring your hanky, as this will be awesomely tear-jerking and romantic at the same time.

Drone Video

Now, how about capturing your wedding from a whole new perspective? Let’s say, aerial? Our team is capable of capturing breathtaking aerial shots of your special day. As we soar above the sky, we’ll ensure to take videos of your intimate moments like wedding preparations and walking the aisle.

So, forget about settling your video shot in a traditional way and add our drone video to your package. Let’s take your wedding memories to new heights – quite literally!

Hire a Professional Videographer in Melbourne Today

Let’s capture all the special moments of your wedding day in Melbourne by hiring a professional videographer. Maximize beautiful scenery in Melbourne by making it part of your wedding videos.

Our team believes your special day is one of the most anticipated events for you and your families. Therefore, it should be recorded and reminisced about through videos and films.

At Perfect Moment Videography, we always go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. Your dream wedding should have the best video highlighting your beautiful love story. Book a consultation with us so we can give a custom quote

Together, let’s make your wedding videos stunning, lovely, and remarkable. Because every moment of your day is a perfect moment worth remembering.

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