Melbourne Wedding Dress Shops: A Journey Through Elegance & Style

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Melbourne: The Forward-Fashion City

Over the years, Melbourne has developed an excellent reputation for being a dynamic fashion innovation hub. That’s the very reason why they called it “The Forward-Fashion City.” Even though Melbourne is diverse with various cultures and traditions, the fashion industry in this place seamlessly adapts to global trends.

Melbourne’s fashion scene thrives on individual styles, empowering local designers to flourish alongside international brands. The city’s Fashion Week is an annual platform for uniting designers, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts to celebrate local innovations and designs, including the wedding fashion industry.

In this article, we will discuss the beauty of Melbourne’s wedding fashion, including some tips on choosing an outstanding wedding dress supplier and the top wedding dress shops. Summon your inner fashion heart as you plan on getting the best wedding dress for your upcoming big day.

Trending Wedding Dress Styles in Melbourne

First, let’s talk about the trending styles of wedding dresses in Melbourne. This will give you an idea of which design suits your taste and probably the theme of your wedding.

Check out these trending styles on our list.

Aline Style

The Aline style is the go-to style of many brides as it fits any body shape. As the anime suggests, Aline looks like a letter A, starting from the body part and extending towards the hemline.

Wearing this type of wedding dress will help hide prominent hips and waistlines. In addition, this is a good style for those brides who want to have an illusion of height. Typically Aline also comes with a V-neckline to add more highlight to your attire.

Fitted or mermaid style

This next type is for brides who love to show off their curves in fashion on the wedding day. If that’s the kind of bride you are, you would probably love wearing a fitted-style wedding dress on your much-awaited day.

However, as much as you want to wear this glamorous style, fitted or mermaid designs suit those with hourglass body shapes. If your waist is much bigger than your bust and hip, consider another type of dress. Subsequently, You may add some lace overlay to highlight a dramatic silhouette of your attire.

Ballgown Style

Now, if you’re dreaming of a classic fairytale wedding theme, wearing a ballgown dress style will give you that ultimate princess look. This fully layered dress suits an average to tall brides to fully highlight the shape of a ballgown.

Ballgowns are ideal for indoor wedding set-ups like church, chapel, function hall, or ballroom. However, if you really want to use this wedding dress style in an outdoor venue, consider using a cotton hoop petticoat underneath to allow air to circulate.

Boho Style

The last on our trending list of wedding gowns in Melbourne is the Bohemian or free-spirited style. Boho is the perfect design for an outdoor wedding set-up such as a beach, garden, or any nature-related theme.

To add vibrancy to your wedding attire, use a flower crown, some lace patterns, and any free-flowing style of accessories. This is also an excellent opportunity to steer away from the traditional white color of wedding dress as you may select other soft colors like ivory and cream.

How to Choose an Elegant Wedding Dress Shop in Melbourne

We know at this time, you already have a wedding dress in mind. Well, we couldn’t blame you. The trending style list in Melbourne has somehow triggered your inner dream wedding from your younger years.

But don’t just leave yet. Check out these tips first, so you can correctly select the best wedding dress you shouldn’t regret wearing after.

Visualize your Ideal Wedding Attire

The first tip is to visualize your dream wedding dress. With all the styles we discussed above, we’re sure that an idea or two is already lingering in your mind. However, you need to assess carefully if that wedding dress suits your wedding theme.

It will also help if you consult your partner to verify if this style will match his ideal suit. If not, then one must adjust. The most essential pointer here is to create a design you’re comfortable wearing on your special day.

Check the Quality of Materials

The next tip is to know the quality of the materials that a particular dress shop is selling. It will help if you research which type of wedding dress materials will match your chosen style, wedding season, and desired theme. That way, you will become more knowledgeable when you visit their boutique or store.

Know their Craftsmanship

We believe that there’s no better way to scale the craftsmanship of a particular Melbourne wedding dress shop unless you personally check their products. This might also be tricky if you’re not a fashion enthusiast. Fret not, though. We’re here to help you


Here are some questions you can ask the store attendant or seamstress present in the shop.

    1. Are your dresses made in-house or outsourced?

    1. Can you describe the materials you use in your wedding dresses?

    1. Can you walk me through your creation process?

    1. What is the average time to complete a customized wedding dress?

    1. Can you handle any wedding dress style?

    1. How do you handle intricate details like lacework and beading?

    1. Do you offer custom alterations?

    1. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

Read Client Testimonials and Reviews

Another tip you must consider is checking recent client testimonials and reviews of the stores you’re eyeing to buy your wedding gown with. We highly recommend scanning through all the reviews to check if there are complaints or negative feedback. This is a helpful tip to filter out your choices of Melbourne wedding dress shops.

Look for Partner Wedding Brands

The last tip is asking if a wedding dress shop is tied up with another wedding supplier. In our experience, some brands usually partner with other vendors like make-up artists, florists, and photographers. If you find one, ask if their partner brand offers discounts or special rates if you avail of a wedding dress in their store.

Top 10 Melbourne Wedding Dress Shops

Moving to the most exciting part of this article is the list of our top 10 wedding dress shops in Melbourne. We know that it’s a bit overwhelming searching for wedding dress shops, so we decided to curate the best in Melbourne according to some of our client’s suggestions and recommendations.

Luv Bridal 

Having a mission of providing affordable yet glamorous wedding dresses in Australia, Luv Bridal ensures that your satisfaction and joy are the top priorities of their service. With over two decades of serving the Australian market, this wedding dress store manages to produce 800 styles. Their wedding gowns typically cost around $599 – $8,999.

Karen Willis Holmes  

Being at the forefront of bridal fashion designs since 2000, Karen Willis Holmes ensures that their products are beautifully designed and handcrafted according to the client’s request. Not to mention that this brand has already received tons of Australian awards and recognition for its top-of-the-line products.

The brand’s primary focus is to showcase its great artistry mixed with sophistication, flattery, and comfortability that you can even dance your wedding night away. The price of their wedding dresses ranges from $2190 to $13000.

Bluebell Bridal 

If you desire a luxurious wedding dress for your upcoming glorious day, Bluebell Bridal is the perfect wedding shop. Their decade of successful experience paved the way for them to receive numerous applause, including the prestigious City of Melbourne Lord Mayor’s small business achievement award.

Their broad range of designer wedding dresses costs around $899 to $8999.

The Sposa Group 

The next brand on our list is The Sposa Group. This store is not only recognized for its exceptional products but also for its exemplary service. They will assist you in envisioning, designing, and fulfilling your dream wedding gown. The price of their wedding dresses ranges from $1200 to $10000. That’s quite a good deal considering that their boutique has many recommendations and good online reviews.

Raffaele Ciuca 

Known as the home for international designer dresses, Raffaele Ciuca has become Melbourne’s premier wedding dress destination. Their journey started in Italy in 1956. Just like other Italians, Raffaele decided to move to Australia after the Second World War. He was then joined by his dad in officially starting the business on St George’s Road in Fitzroy.

As of today, they already have two locations in Melbourne; Armadale and Brunswick. Typically, their wedding dress starts at $3500.


Featured in various Media brands online, d’Italia is famous for its delicate touch in producing custom-made couture options. Even if you don’t have a particular design in mind, this store will help you develop one with the help of their professional couturiers and designers.

However, you can also check their extensive collections if you need ready-to-wear attire. Their wedding dresses start from $2500 to $3500. Create your dream wedding dress together by scheduling an appointment with them now.

Anna Campbell 

19-year-old Anna Campbell started this brand in 2007 when she decided to quit her fashion degree. For 15 years, Anna put her dedication and expertise into producing top-notch wedding gowns for her clients.

Her passion for making quality and sustainable hand-made dresses helps a lot of brides in having their dream wedding attire. That’s probably a reasonable reason their collections range from $2800 to $8500.

Fairytales Bridal 

Fairytales Bridal is a family-owned wedding shop with over 25 years of successful experience. Their humble beginnings in 1995 have today become one of the best Melbourne wedding dress shops.

Not to mention that they also house beloved Australian bridal labels Jack Sullivan Designs, Cizzy Bridal Australia, and Fox Bridal Group Peter Trends Bridal. Fairytales Bridal should be your first choice if you wish to have a fairytale-like experience with your wedding dress. Check out their collection, which ranges from $1300 to $6500.

Eternal Weddings 

Another exceptional wedding dress store in Melbourne is Eternal Weddings. Nestled in Burke Road, Camberwell, Victoria, this shop values family ties and relationships. That’s the reason why they encourage brides to bring their mom, sister, future mothers-in-law, or bridesmaids to help you choose the best wedding dress.

The typical price of their wedding gowns goes around $2500 to $3999. A reasonable amount for their product and efficient customer service.

Belle et Blanc  

Lastly is the Belle et Blanc. This boutique offers high-quality fabrics, exceptional feminine design, and stunning craftsmanship that will surely satisfy you. Their wedding dresses consist of ball gown wedding dresses, Mermaid, Aline, and even plus-size wedding dresses.

The rate of their dresses starts at $2500. You can check all their finest bridal boutiques’ products online to see how outstanding they are.

Witness Melbourne’s Diverse Bridal Fashion and Trends

Celebrate your much-awaited wedding day by indulging in the beauty of Melbourne’s diverse bridal fashion. Start visualizing your dream gown now so you can easily select the best vendor from our Melbourne wedding dress shops list.

We hope this blog helps you decide on the perfect wedding gown and boutique that will stun your guests. Remember that this is not just a wedding dress; this is an extension of your personality that will add beauty to your big day, especially in your wedding photographs and albums.

Want to capture the elegance of your chosen gown in breathtaking settings? Discover our Melbourne Wedding Photography Services.

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