Outdoor Weddings in Melbourne: A Planning Guide

You’ve met the love of your life, the one you believe is “the one.” Now you’re engaged, and you’re setting out to arrange the important event of the wedding. You’ve always loved the idea of having it amongst the beauty of nature and could think of nothing more beautiful than photos among the flowers, the gardens and parkland. 

I myself have always dreamed of a wedding, at least the ceremony, being outdoors amongst nature, nevertheless, I am also a Melburnian and hence I am also realistic. 

There are going to be some things that you have to be prepared for with an outdoor wedding in Melbourne, maybe even with a backup in mind, and I don’t just mean dealing with the infamous Melbourne weather forecast. 

Hence, let me guide you on planning an outdoor wedding in Melbourne, from venue location for photos to even how you can be prepared for a rollercoaster weather outlook.

Step One: Have Cover For The Outdoors

When it comes to having a wedding outdoors in Melbourne, using cover, regardless of the weather, can be a beneficial arrangement to both you and your guests. 

One of the best ways to do this is by renting a marquee. By doing this, you can have the wedding celebration while being shaded from the sun to that of a shield from Melbourne’s well-known rain. 

This also allows you to create your own preferred wedding venue, and in a somewhat less expensive way than if you had hired out a specific venue, especially if they want notice of schedule and price. 

So whether it’s a beach or that of your own backyard, a marquee can create a sophisticated look at minimal expense. 

Step Two: Proper Planning And Timing

When you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, the best time to set your wedding and have your photos taken with a professional photographer is between late summer and autumn. 

This makes late February to May, as well as September to November among those of the most opportune times, especially in regards to Melbourne’s seasonal weather. 

You will most likely end up with beautiful vistas and backdrops for your photos in spring and autumn.

Nevertheless, this is why, if you do choose this peak time, it is best that you get your vendors and photographers arranged as early as possible. 

Step Three: Set Your Budget 

Remember what I said about being realistic before? Yeah, well that wasn’t just about the wedding location. 

While I don’t mean to dampen the mood, when it comes to planning your outdoor wedding, it is best to be aware that having them in an outdoor location comes at a cost, just like any other venue.

Before choosing your location, whether for the ceremony itself or just for photos, decide how much you can afford and how you’re going to pay for it all afterwards. 

Because, as much as we all like to celebrate love, the worst thing you can receive after the wedding is a debt hangover. 

Step Four: Create A Checklist To Keep Track

When planning your wedding, there is no doubt that many things need to be considered and kept in check for the main event. 

This can make things stressful when arranging tasks around your normal day to day routine. 

Hence, a great thing to use are wedding planning apps, which can help you to arrange and keep track of tasks that you need to make time for in order to prepare for the main event. 

With everything from booking the flowers to picking out your bridal dress store, these apps can help you keep in control. 

Step Five: Arrange Permits For Photos And The Ceremony

When it comes to arranging photos and the ceremony for an outdoor wedding in Melbourne, it helps to check with the city council, even if you’re not doing it in a courthouse. 

This is particularly notable if you choose to host the wedding ceremony or have any photos taken on public grounds.

Due to this, some applications are required to be completed before you can go ahead with the event. Thus, if you intend to host in a public space, allow time to get these in and the earlier the better.

Step Six: Keep The Reception Cosy And Intimate:

While the reception does call for some bridal party speeches and maybe another photo or two, this is the time for you and your guests to let their hair down, now that the majority of the formalities are out of the way. 

The longer into the evening it goes, use some lanterns or fairy lights around the marquee I suggested earlier or have it at a more intimate location that connects your interests. 

It can be a big and long day, so you don’t want to be worrying about who needs the right appetiser. 


Thus, when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding in Melbourne, prepare for rain but hope for sunny skies. That said, may rain bring you the blessing that you can weather any storm.

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