Pros and Cons of Live Streaming Your Wedding on Facebook

As you plan your wedding, one of the unfortunate events that might happen is that your loved ones will not make it to the celebration. But hey! That is not all doom and gloom. You are living now in a world where everything is possible. If you want your wedding to be intimate only with your closest family and friends, but they are miles away, live streaming your virtual wedding on Facebook is a perfect option. 

Although live streaming your wedding on Facebook sounds like a good idea, there are pros and cons associated with this. Join me and read this article and let me show you the pros and cons of this concept.

Pros of Live Stream on FB

Live Streaming your wedding ceremony has become a new norm in this generation, and no wonder why. This option is a perfect alternative for your guests who can’t make it to your celebration in person. As you go along in this article, you will be able to know the benefits of live streaming weddings on Facebook. 

Easy to Use

Who would not enjoy free services or products? One of the best things about live streaming virtual weddings via Facebook is that it’s free! Aside from being free, live stream weddings are effortless to set up. All you need is a stable internet connection and a working smartphone. 

Familiarity with the Platform

Most of us are familiar with Facebook and how the platform works, so there won’t be much of a learning curve. Since Facebook was launched to the public, this platform has become our primary means of communication and connecting with our loved ones. Your familiarity with this platform and how it works makes the virtual wedding easier to pull off.

Watch It on A Replay

As much as your virtual guests want to celebrate with you, they might have other things to do on the date and time of your wedding. That is the power of live streaming your vitual wedding via Facebook because Facebook creates a copy of the live stream for the guests to watch a replay immediately if they missed it. Replaying the live stream is not only for those guests who missed the ceremony but also for people who want to rewatch the marriage vows.

You can Save a Copy of the Video

After the virtual weddings, Facebook will let you have a copy of the whole ceremony on your Facebook timeline, and you can also download it on your pc or laptop. Copies of the video can be passed around and shared digitally with friends and family that were not in attendance. Instead of watching a replay online, saving a copy of the virtual wedding and watching it offline is much more convenient and without interruption.

Cons of Live Stream on FB

Although there are benefits of live streaming weddings via Facebook, there are also disadvantages of pulling off an event like this. Here are some disadvantages of live streaming your wedding on Facebook.

Live Streaming Might Stop

One of the common downsides of virtual weddings via Facebook is the possibility of Facebook shutting down your live stream if you copyrighted music unless you have obtained appropriate licenses. If found at fault, Facebook may block, mute, or remove sounds on that live stream. If that happens, that may cause disappointment, especially for those guests attending virtually. 

Technical Issues

Although live streaming is practical for important events like weddings, you should consider that technical issues during these events are inevitable. As much as you would like to deliver an appealing and smooth live stream of the event, expect the worst technical difficulties that can cause lagging, blurry videos, distorted sounds, and slowness for the guests that are tuned in.

Live Stream Requires More Bandwidth

Another potential downside of live streaming your wedding via Facebook is the increased bandwidth it requires. Live Streaming requires a substantial amount of bandwidth since videos and audio are transmitted in real time over the internet. With this problem arising, you will need to have sufficient bandwidth for you to be able to live stream and for the guests to have a high-definition experience of the event at home.

Not Everyone has Facebook

Yes, although Facebook is very popular as the primary means of communication and connecting with friends, not everyone has a Facebook page or account. Not only elderly guests but also young individuals do not engage in using Facebook as their social media platform. In line with this, this might prevent some guests from watching or experiencing your virtual wedding. 


Live Streaming your virtual wedding via Facebook may sound easy and practical as this might help you bring those who can’t come onsite. However, it would be best if you also pondered about the cons that might incorporate the convenience of FB Live Streaming. Always balance your planning between comfort, budget, and excellence.

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